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Interview With Nikola Roza The Affiliate Marketing Wizard

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Last updated on February 27, 2020

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Interview With Nikola Roza: A Post On Philipscom’s Interview series. 

Hi Nik, What a joy to be on board with the readers of Philipscom.  A warm welcome to the portals of I appreciate your valuable time spared with us.  Congrats to the new ventures you are involved in the area of Affiliate Marketing.

My first question to you is, though you are a well-known person to Philipscom readers through your shared contribution in way of Guest Posts, as well as your wonderful comment spree. But many do not know your other online presence, so, will you please share a few things about you and the entry into the online world and how you are now involved in the online world?

Hi Phil, it’s great to be here. A pleasure and honor for sure.

Hi friends,

My name is Nikola Roza and I blog at My blog is mainly about affiliate marketing and SEO and how to build an online business based on free Google traffic.

I got into this business 5 years ago when my mother died and I had no means to support myself. I invested my last dough into basic hosting and WordPress installation and that is how my blog was born

In the beginning, I had no meaningful traffic to speak off so I sustained myself through freelance SEO writing. It was the job that put food on my table but also that forged me into a wordsmith I am today (I’m still improving though).

Interview With Nikola Roza2.  As far as I know, your main niche is Affiliate Marketing and technology, apart from this what genre(s) do you write?

My main niche is affiliate marketing and I have a list of about 100 articles that I want to write and thus answer every question about affiliate marketing there is.

I will write those first because I don’t want to split my attention sideways and because I believe in building my topical authority (around affiliate marketing) in the eyes of Google and the readers.

Later I will expand into SEO, keyword research and a couple of other topics.

My goal is to create a site that’ll be a hub of knowledge total newbies can use to build successful websites.

I feel called to write about that because that’s the situation I started with. 

  • No money;
  • no knowledge;
  • no friends.

My site is called NikolaRoza- SEO for the Poor and Determined.

And there’s the meaning behind that cool name.

Because If you’re determined to succeed, I can teach you the SEO you need to make it happen.

3. You are well versed with SEO and other technology-related subjects, can you tell me who is your source of inspiration in involving in this area?

I started my website with borrowed money from a friend. I knew that SEO is a way to get FREE traffic to the site. That was my motivation back then. Now I’m doing it because I adore SEO.

4. Who are your favorite online writers/authors/marketers who inspired you in the field of online writing? I am sure that may be a big list with you but please answer it with five or more names. How often do you visit their sites?

Out of the big guns I can say:

I’d also like to mention some of my blogging buddies. They have all helped me one way or the other. And I visit their sites almost every day.

And of course you Phil

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5. How long have you been in the field of affiliate marketing or blogging? Do you have any new projects in mind apart from affiliate marketing? 

I’ve been doing this for almost 4 years now. I have several other sites that are just lying around and doing nothing in particular. 

They’re all in different niches and I hadn’t had the time to give them the attention they need to grow.

But that is starting to change and this year I will hopefully operate several successful sites.

6.  Recently I came to know about your YouTube channel that was really interesting and informative, you really got the talent to explain the tech-related subject to the audience. Why did you put a full stop to this hidden talent? Do you have any future plans to enter into the visual media or continue posting videos, as the future ahead is for visual media? What is your take on this?

Those two videos were just a test for me to see if I could speak in English while on camera. I could, but barely. I need to improve.

In other words:

I have great plans for expansion into YouTube I think it’s too valuable a platform to miss on. But to make an impact I need to be professional and that means lots of learning + a bit of financial investment.

If you want to cut a tree in 1 h spend the first 30m sharpening the ax.

7.  I have noticed that you have posted several of your wonderful writings on different high ranking and even some low ranking websites. You are indeed a wonderful guest author, can you share some of your experience in guest writing. 

Thank you for commending my writing, Phil, I’m not perfect but I never skimp on quality, especially when I’m a guest on someone else’s website.

And that’s my first advice- give tremendous value as that will establish a strong blogger bond between you and the webmaster that is hosting you.

My second advice is that you use your guest posts to connect with other bloggers from your niche 

it’s something I call “the link and connect technique” and I wrote about it How to use links.

Basically, you’ll be linking to bloggers you want to connect with and then you’ll be letting them know about it.

8.  As an expert in SEO, what is your opinion about the future of SEO in 2020 and beyond? I mean what major changes do you expect from the present scenario?  

Google is going to introduce new types of schema they support in the SEPRS. This means SEO is going to get a bit more technical. But I suspect there will be dedicated WPplugins to ease the job for us who’re not that technically savvy.

As for SEO, I suspect it’s going to become gradually harder as it will be harder to detect what to do when wanting to rank for certain keywords.

This is because Google is using self-learning AI to rank sites, and no one really knows exactly what to do anymore.

That ambiguity is going to increase further.

But that’s also the fun part about SEO:)

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9. You have published few posts on the subject on wealthy affiliates on your website, as there was a kind of negative propaganda going on in this marketing, will you please shell out some light on this issue?

The problem with Wealthy Affiliate is that it has too many members and many of them are promoting Wealth Affiliate as a get rich scheme. Which of course they’re not. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit program that teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing and how to get free traffic through Google and social media

That’s that and they have plenty of successful members to show off.

Here are some of the inspiring success stories for you.

So the problem does exist but it’s blown way out of proportions by shady marketers who dish on Wealthy Affiliate just so they can promote their stuff. And their stuff is usually garbage.

What can I say, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Don’t trust everything you read.

10.  Apart from Affiliate Marketing, you have posted several technology-related posts on your pages as well as guest posts. Can you share some of the important points you covered in your published posts for the readers here?

My specialty and the topic I like to think about are plugins that help with WordPress SEO. 

You see, most plugins can enhance our WP sites in this and that way, but if you know a bit of SEO then you often get a surge of ideas on how to use those plugins for SEO and how to set them up so they increase your Google rankings.

For example, content tables boost SEO because they give you sitelinks in Google search.

And that, in turn, increases CTR, which is a definite ranking factor.

And the beauty to this is that almost no one is doing this stuff so it’s a big advantage for you.

11. Do you have any other specific subject in which you are more interested in writing apart from Affiliate Marketing and technology?

Yes, I love writing about SEO and it’s estranged brother link building. I say that because link building is seen as the necessary evil for ranking in google but I honestly see it as the most exciting part of the game. 

It’s because building links is the one crucial thing that doesn’t depend solely on you. 

You can do perfect on-page SEO but you won’t rank until you go out into the wide world to make bonds will fellow bloggers. Help them get exposure to be generous with your time and those coveted backlinks will follow.

That’s the process and it works, though at times it seems to be broken. And the exciting and scary part of link building- waiting for the result to appear and while waiting to put in the work

I love it!

12. You are also an expert in link building, what is the best strategy you apply for link building apart from guest blogging? 

Expert roundups. I like them because they’re so easy. You have a guaranteed link as long as you provide value in your answer and since the roundup is about the topic you love, in my case SEO, then it’s easy to give a valuable reply.

Also, expert roundups give you a guaranteed link to the homepage but often it is acceptable to include a link in your answer to one of your posts. That is two links already and totally whitehat as you’re providing good content too.

 13. Traffic is an essential part of blogging, Many new bloggers struggle to get it. How do you get more traffic in your pages, any special tips or strategy to share with your fellow bloggers in this regard?  

The web is saturated with content and more is coming out every day. You need to realize it before going into any niche. But still, it’s very possible to become widely successful online and the key to success is to create content and build links.

Here’s how.

Divide the year into two halves:

  • First 6 months– build content and a few links only (expert roundups, a few guest posts…). The key is to focus on producing content for your site first.
  • Second 6 months– focus on link building and either stop publishing new content or publish at most once per month. The key is to build as many good links as you can, to your site and pages you want to rank the most.

The truth is that it is better to have 40 articles and 100 links at the end of the year than100 articles and a few links only.

In the former case, you will rank for many long-tail queries and then you will be able to expand from there in the second year.

In the latter case, you will be indexed for a tonne of the queries, but you won’t rank for any of them.

You need links to rank in Google and as more content comes out, the value of each link you get will grow.

Telling it as it is.

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14. I have noticed that you do write about the latest technology connected with blogging, what is your opinion in using plugins in our WordPress dashboards to ease our efforts in creating blog posts. Excessive usage of plugins reduces our site loading speed, in this regard what is your suggestion to fix this issue? What is the minimum or the maximum number of plugins one can use in their WP dashboards?

That s easy.

Plugins are great but you should use as many as you need and no more. 

So decide what your blog is going to be like; map out each feature to the plugin that will enable you to have it; use those plugins and ditch the rest. 

15. What is your advice to the new affiliate marketers who wants to enter this field? How they can start a profitable one, what is the essential qualification or requirements to start an affiliate marketing startup? 

  • Be hardworking- affiliate marketing is hard work
  • Be strategic- don’t rush; create a solid plan first
  • Be patient- even the best SEO in the world can’t rank overnight
  • Be persistent- most people who dabble with affiliate marketing do just that. They dabble and then they quit. If you persist you will reach the end of the tunnel.
  • Be ready to learn- always be learning
  • Admit failure- when something doesn’t work, throw it away and find something that does work

Finally- don’t give up. Everything you want you can get. But YOU will have to get it and no one will just hand it over.

This is real life we’re talking about.

16.  Thanks, Nik for sharing such a lot of information about you and your online activities in this brief interview. Thanks also for sharing the valuable advice to the newbies in affiliate marketing. I appreciate your time spared for the readers of Philipscom. My final question is where can our readers connect with you?Interview With Nikola Roza

Thanks, Phil. It’s indeed a great honor for me to be featured on your superb website. Besides my blog (say hi in the comment section on my about page) they can find me on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t be afraid to reach out to me. 

I’m usually very responsive. 

Thanks once again, Phil.  If the readers have any questions, I will be there in the comment section to answer them.

~ Nik

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  1. Hello Philip,

    I hope you are doing great.

    Nikola is an amazing person, who knows to rock online. I am really grateful to him as he keep helping bloggers like me with his knowledge on blogging and SEO.

    I would like to thank you a lot for bringing this Interview and gave the opportunity to know more about him. And thanks to you both for mentioning me, it’s an honor.
    Mudassir recently posted…Interview Series: Meet Nikola Roza! Blogger, Freelancer & Affiliate MarketerMy Profile

    January 21, 2020
    • Hi Mudassir,
      It’s Indeed a great joy to present Nikolas in this interview series।
      Yes, he is an amazing personality who knows how to do link building। Good to know about you too thru Nik।
      Thanks for dropping by।
      Keep sharing।
      All good wishes you and your activities।
      ~ Philip

      February 7, 2020
  2. Hi Mudassir,
    It’s Indeed a great joy to present Nikolas in this interview series।
    Yes, he is an amazing personality who knows how to do link building। Good to know about you too thru Nik।
    Thanks for dropping by।
    Keep sharing।
    All good wishes you and your activities।
    ~ P V

    February 7, 2020
  3. Faith T
    Faith T

    Love this, I’m a firm believer in acquiring skills/learning from people who’ve been there before. It just helps save a lot of time I guess.

    March 12, 2020
  4. Besana Motha
    Besana Motha

    Great interview, I’ve learned a lot from this post, I wish to reach this level and beyond

    July 9, 2020
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