An Interview With Sam Hurley: The World’s Friendliest Digital Marketing Influencer

Digi tal Marketing Influencer

Last updated on July 22, 2018.

An Interview With Sam Hurley: The World’s Friendliest Digital Marketing Influencer

I am so glad to present an amazing interview had with Sam Hurley, regarded as the world’s #1 Digital Marketing Influencer. Sam is a lateral-thinking digital marketer holding solid experience in both agency and client-side settings. He is the founder of the much talked about: OPTIM-EYEZ platform.

Sam has achieved success for SMEs and popular global brands through blue-chip organizations while being ranked as the world’s #1 digital influencer by Webinale and #2 most influential digital marketer by Onalytica. He was also commended as one of the top 3 content marketing influencers by ScribbleLive.

An Interview With Sam Hurley: The World's Friendliest Digital Marketing Influencer. via Click To Tweet

It is surprising to note that Sam achieved these levels in the global market even before having a website of his own. But his presence on the pages of several top online platforms is indeed an amazing thing to note. His interaction with his followers in social media as well as through his writings are a rare thing one can find among many of the so-called influencers.

He always responds to each and every person who shares valued feedback on his write-ups with a unique style (using emojis and gifs) that really attracts anybody who interacts with or follows him. If you are a follower of Sam on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Inbound you will surely experience these cordial reactions.

Before becoming a #1 Influencer, he held many different positions in the marketing world such as Head of Search Marketing, Digital Marketing Consultant, Affiliate Manager, Social Media Manager and SEO Manager for both client-side companies through to digital marketing agencies. He has been featured by Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes, IBM, SalesForce, The Next Web, Adobe, Inc, Search Engine Watch and many others.

It is indeed a great privilege and a prestigious thing to note that, I had the rare opportunity to meet this amazing personality in an internet marketing platform and found it very inspiring how our relationship has grown in a tremendous way that we often interact each with other through different means, especially through my comment activities.

In a recent communication, the busiest person agreed to a brief interview for the pages of #Philipscom. I am much honored by his kind acceptance for an interview for my website. I do not want to take much of your time, so here we go with the interview:

Phil:   Hey, Sam, I am so curious to know a bit more about the beginning of your wonderful online journey.  Will you please brief it for my readers?

Sam:  Sure, Phil!

I spent 5 years in employment (specifically Digital Marketing), covering everything from affiliate management through to SEO, Social Media, and PPC — plus everything in between! As soon as I began work in marketing, I knew it was my calling. Nothing excited me more! I’d always been a fan of computers and their power. Combined with my love of connecting with people; it just made perfect sense to pursue this career path.

Marketing is all about tech + deeper understanding of human psychology and emotion.

If that excites you — this line of work is definitely worth considering.

I always knew I would start my own business one day, somehow. Having a boss is very tough to stomach when the entrepreneurial voice is strong within.

The decision to quit employment for good was not taken lightly … I was planning it from the very beginning!

My progression from zero-pay marketing assistance to being my own boss has been an incredible experience.

Each consecutive year I switched companies and worked hard to gain higher positions that demanded greater responsibility. My roles spanned work at brands through to digital agencies, from hands-on tasks to consultancy and managerial positions. This hugely-varied experience proved invaluable on my journey.

I truly saw a massive opportunity when I started building my personal brand presence on Social Media. As the ‘influencer’ achievements and recognition began snowballing, I knew it was time to make ‘the big leap’.

The rest is history!

Now: Aside from delivering results for brands, my mission is to help as many people as possible beat the rat race and make their own creative living — without the many frustrations of employment, we often face.

I’ve been there and done it. I’ve not been born into money or a family business and I’m rarely lucky (I never play the lottery anymore. LOL).

My family has been through many difficulties — we haven’t enjoyed the luxuries that others may experience.

I’m just a normal guy and I’m here for those who are trying to sustain a living and/or exceed in life.

If I’ve done it, others can too.

Helping others succeed is what really makes me happy. Doing this for a living is unbeatable.

Marketing is all about tech + deeper understanding of human psychology and emotion. Says Sam Hurley in an interview with Click To Tweet

Phil:  Having come to know the wonderful strategy you apply to your daily activities I am sure being regarded as the #1 Marketing Influencer, you are one of the busiest persons on earth online.  How do you manage your time on a daily basis or how you spend time with your family in these busy schedules? Are you happy or satisfied with the time you spend with your family? Is your busy schedule a hindrance to your sleep? Does that affect your productivity?

Sam: Thanks, Phil! 😊

It’s not easy, that’s for sure! And this is the reason you need to really love what you do…

If I didn’t enjoy this stuff, I would have given up a long time ago.

When you feel like you haven’t got anything else to give, nothing left in your tank — you must keep going. And that’s tough!

I have adapted my daily schedule a lot over the last couple of years.  I’ve been to the very edge on the brink of insanity, whereas now I have switched up my hours to allow much more leisurely activity.

It’s critical to invest the initial time and energy to get things moving. Nothing happens if you simply wait for it to happen.

My mind is always ‘on’, and it does affect my sleep patterns. But I feel my productivity levels are always high — I just get it done with laser-focus.

Mindset matters. I have an insatious hunger to succeed and nothing can ever drain or take that away.

Phil:   In one of your recent posts, you pointed out about “reciprocity” — a way of life that is neglected by many bloggers, especially the newbie bloggers. Will you please shed a little more light on this subject? Also what advice or suggestions would you like to share with the newbie writers or bloggers?

Sam:  Reciprocity is the mutual process of giving and consequently gaining something back (in any form).

This is the same in blogging, Social Media, business and life in general…

However: Giving to give WITHOUT expecting anything in return is the best way to succeed. This is one of the key behaviors I have expressed to build my business and gain customers.

In blogging terms, never just reach out to people and ask them to share your material, or do you a favour, or send you business…

Why should they?

Never expect anything from anybody. And if you ask them for something, ensure you’ve provided adequate value first!!

(That doesn’t mean retweet and then straight after ask them for the same).

Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. How would you feel..?

Provide all the value you can. You’ll find great surprises begin to come your way … Without the need to make any requests.

You will soon generate widespread love and retain your customers at the same time.

Ultimately: Just be real and be human.

Phil:  One last question, Sam: Do you have any other interests or hobbies apart from your routine job?

 Sam:  Marketing, people, and psychology are massive interests! I love helping others. But I do also really enjoy driving,  wildlife and conspiracy theories 😉

How’s that for a mix!?

Aside from the many connections I make each day, the family is important to me — I stay close to them. We share our experiences and spark lots of wonderful (and humorous) conversations together!

Humour plays a huge part in my life. Never take anything too seriously.

Phil:  Thank you, Sam, for your valuable presence and share with the readers of Philipscom. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Keep going. Keep up the great work of sharing and caring.

Sam:  Phil, it’s an absolute pleasure. If this inspires just one of your readers, I shall be over the moon! :-)

Thanks for being so supportive to all  I’m glad we met in this exciting digital world of blogging!


You can reach Sam via his website as well as through his social media pages:
Website: Optim-eyez


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  1. Hi Sam and Phil,

    Great to learn more about Sam Hurley. I have had the pleasure of interacting with him online and agree that he goes to enormous lengths to be friendly and encouraging. You really do feel that you know him in person.

    Sam’s wealth of experience doesn’t come as a huge surprise to me – I’ve read several of his articles yet they are so well-written as to be accessible even to non-technical people like me.

    Really looking forward to Optim-Eyez. With Sam’s marketing experience I know it’s going to be a winner.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark


    1. Ahhhh, Joy! :-D You are wonderful!!!

      Appreciate your lovely words of support here … I cherish them! Thank you for taking the time to read and engage with this interview <3

      OPTIM-EYEZ is soooo damn close! #HoldOnTight

      It's nice to know my articles are understandable … I'm on a mission to set the content bar much higher — Glad it's doing the trick so far :-))))

      It's a pleasure interacting with you and I am absolutely honoured to have you in my network.

      #BigLove to you and Phil!
      Sam xD


    2. Hi Joy, Thanks a lot for the first comment on this post. Yes, I fully agree with you that Sam is such a personality that once you interrogate with him you feel his real presence with you.

      Yes, is indeed a treasure mine indeed. :-)

      I am sure an encounter with him will really take you to the high knowledge level.

      Wish you all the best.
      Best Regards,
      ~ Phil


  2. You’ve definitely mastered the skill of Digital Marketing and I find this blog quite interesting. Thanks for the great content.


    1. That’s awesome news! Thanks so much for your support and taking the time to comment! <3


  3. Hey, Phil! Thanks for sharing this awesome interview with Sam!
    He is certainly an inspiration for all of us!

    Great Job Fella’s
    Chery :))


    1. Thrilled to be of service, Chery!!! xD

      Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing the love! #MuchAppreciated

      Phil’s the man!
      Sam :-))))


    2. Hi Chery,
      Wooo Hooo!
      What a joy to see you here again. :-)
      Yees, he is indeed an inspiration to many online.
      I appreciate your share.
      Keep visiting,
      Have wonderful week ahead
      ~ Phil


  4. Hey, Sam. Great to see you on

    Thanks for the succinct overlook on your entrepreneur journey, and highlighting the importance of creating a business driven by value. As Jim Carry mentioned, The biggest impact you can make is the influence you have on others life (Yes, in a positive way). People will always remember the helping hand we extended.

    Hello, Philip. Looking forward to see similar interviews on your blog.


    1. Nishant! :-)

      It’s great to see you here too, my friend! And you also just mentioned one of my main inspirations … Jim Carrey is a top guy who I admire :-D

      You are absolutely correct … I feel I have succeeded when I am able to influence others. So rewarding! Anybody can be influential with a little care, attention and drive <3

      "A business driven by value."

      That one line deserves a big pat on the back!


      Thanks buddy!
      Sam :-)


    2. Hi Nishant,
      Thanks for your maiden visit on our page, yes, in this brief note on Sam’s vast entrepreneur journey, some vital things are revealed of Sam.
      I fully agree with Jim Carry, yes, that effect will be no doubt can create a long and lasting engaging journey.
      Thanks for your value added comment here. Sure more similar interviews are on the anvil.
      Keep visiting.
      Keep sharing,
      As I said and do I do reciprocate. :-)
      Season’s Greetings,
      ~ Philip


  5. Hey,Phil,
    That’s indeed an amazing interview!
    You really brought out some vital information from this amazing personality. Thanks Sam for sharing those valuable informations
    I fully agree with you that acknowledgment or reciprocity is a rare phenomenon among many online users. It is high time that we need to think on this serious subject.
    Thanks Sam for sharing those links on the subject.
    Hey Phil, as Sam said you Rock indeed!
    Happy to be, being with you.:-)
    Keep sharing
    Ann Phil
    I found this on the pages of Biz Sugar and dropped this feedback there.
    Ann Phil recently posted…Generation Gap. Too Much Googly Sir…My Profile


    1. Amazing response, Ann! :-D

      So damn true … It’s the mentality of love and kindness that really gets you places, without the need for any hidden agenda!

      It just all happens naturally when you live gunuinely, and that is a wonderful thing <3

      I wish more people in the world felt (or knew of) such a way of life. I'll do my best to make it happen!!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to 1) read this, and 2) leave such a thoughtful reply :-D

      Keep it real!
      Sam :-))))


    2. Wooo Hooo Ann My Love…
      You àre here again! :-) :-) :-)
      I appreciate your lovely words, its indeed soothing!!! :-)
      Keep sharing your precious time,
      Thank God you are with me!! :-)
      ~ Phil


  6. Hi Sam and Philip. Inspiring words. Especially about loving what you do, reciprocity and responding to all queries. I’m going to be in touch with you, Sam. Would like to learn more about your Jedi talents in digital marketing.


    1. Thanks so much, Anand! :-D

      Mega-thrilled you enjoyed this one … You got it!

      Looking forward to engaging, my friend 😎


      Speak later!
      Sam xD



    2. Hi Anand,
      Thanks a lot for your valuable time here again.
      I appreciate your encouraging feedback on Sam’s Interview.Yes, as you noticed Sam is indeed an amazing personality and reciprocity is his trademark!!
      Follow his page via LinkedIn etc you will really enjoy the journey.
      Have a good day,


  7. Phil, I was on GrowthHackers when this post came up and I had to read it. Sam appears almost unhuman at times as he is everywhere 24/7 but beneath it all he is very human :) He just doesn’t need much sleep.
    I’m curious what type of wildlife Sam likes. And what does he drive?

    He really is helping everyone out there, I see it all the time and experienced it my first time asking him about LinkedIn. He responded quickly and I was amazed that he had the time. He just makes the time. That’s the difference. We all make time for what we love and he truly loves what he is doing! He really loves to help other people. You can’t fake that.
    Thanks for the interview Phil and I hope you both have a great day!


    1. Lisa! What a wonderful surprise to see you here with an incredibly thoughtful reply :-D

      I definitely feel unhuman at times, too … HAHA! Matchsticks work wonders on the eyes!

      Oooo I love your extra questions — Here you go:

      – Literally ALL wildlife, but especially parrots and exotic/unusual creatures (the type that makes you laugh!)

      — I own a sporty Ford Focus … And dream of working towards a Lambo one day!! If anybody ‘makes it’ so much that a Lambo becomes affordable (and it’s achieved through genuinely helping others), THAT is my definition of success right there :-)))

      I still remember our LinkedIn convo — The rest is history!

      It’s been a pleasure, Lisa. Thanks for consistently sprinkling magic dust on the world of blogging and human connection <3

      As you say: This stuff cannot be faked … It's either in you or it's not!


      This line was particularly awesome:

      "I was amazed that he had the time. He just makes the time. That’s the difference."

      We all have exactly the same amount of hours in each day as Will Smith, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss!

      Speak to you soon,
      Sam :o)


      1. hi Sam, I have a Ford too. A Ford Escape. Love the Ford -almost 9 years with no major issues. Hope to get a Jeep like vehicle in the next year or so. How old is yours?
        I was hoping to see bears or moose up in Canada as the signs were everywhere to watch out for them but we did no :(
        I always say too that if you are not REAL how would you remember your other self online?
        I am amazed you still remember that LinkedIn conversation Sam. You must get so many questions every day.
        Glad to see Phillip covered you here :)
        Have a good rest of the weekend!


        1. Oh yes!! Very reliable!! Mine’s coming up to 18 years now … Although I’ve only had it a few :-D

          I would love to see moose and bears!!! I’ve never seen a moose in the flesh :-D

          So true about being real … You speak such sense, Lisa! That’s why I respect you big time.

          Of course I remember hehe :o) I think my brain has actually become Social Media now LMAO! LinkedIn and Twitter is programmed into it xD

          Catch you soon!
          Sam :-D

          P.S. 5:30am here … Haven’t been to bed yet! What happened to the weekend?!
          #MaxProductivity ;-)


    1. Hey Shantanu! :o)

      Thanks for the big Friday smiles!

      So happy to serve as inspiration … We are each masters of our own destiny <3

      Cheers for reading and taking the time to respond here! #Appreciated

      Speak to you soon,
      Sam :o)


    1. Edward! Thanks so much for the love :-)))

      I’m really smiling with such amazing response to this interview … Couldn’t have asked for anything more warming!!

      I’ll be sure to make OPTIM-EYEZ a game changer, as much as I possibly can — Great to have you on board :-D

      Looking forward to interacting over on Twitter + FB…

      Speak soon, man!
      Sam :-)))


  8. Interesting Interview, thanks for sharing such a lot of things about this influencer.
    I appreciate you for bringing Sam to your page. This is my maiden visit to your esteemed page.
    Keep sharing.
    Have a great time of sharing such posts.
    ~ Henry Smith


    1. Thanks a bunch for reading, Henry! :o)


      Looking forward to interacting with you soon…

      Sam :-)


  9. Hi Brother Phil and Sam,

    Glad to see such an interesting personality in the field of digital marketing. With his vast experience , I would like to have more interactions with him in future as we will have a lot to study from him. Looking forward to have more interactions in future.


    Reji Stephenson


    1. Hey Reji!

      Honoured to have caught your interest and thanks so much for your kind words :-)))

      It’s been an absolute pleasure taking part in this interview with Phil.

      Looking forward to interacting further … Very soon :o)

      Cheers buddy,
      Sam :-D


  10. Hi Philip, this interview should be a source of inspiration for all the emerging entrepreneurs. Thanks!


  11. Hi Philip Sir,
    I always see new and amazing people on your blog. Indeed you are an encourager as well as an influencer too! This time it’s Sam Hurley, the amazing Digital Marketing Influencer. Thanks for introducing such an influencer to your readers. Will be checking his blog and will subscribe his page just after sharing this comment.
    Keep it up.
    Wish you both a wonderful and profitable weekend. :-)

    Robin Khokhar recently posted…How to increase Alexa Rank of your Website?My Profile


    1. Phil’s a great guy, right Robin!? :o)

      Appreciate you taking the time to read and leave your valued thoughts here … #Respect!

      You certainly made me smile!!!

      Great to have you on board :-D

      Catch you soon,
      Sam :-)


  12. Phil, thank you so much for posting this wonderful interview on The Blogger’s Pit Stop. Thank you, Sam, this interview is inspiring. I keep going off and reading the links that you have put in here.I am particularly interested in what you have said about reciprocity.
    I think I have just found enough reading here to keep me going for a long time :) I want to soak it all up.

    Phil and Sam, The Blogger’s Pit Stop is going to feature this post. Zoom over and take a look next Thursday.

    Thanks again,
    Blogger’s Pit Stop


    1. Oh WOW! That’s awesome news, Kathleen!! :-O

      Thanks for considering this interview for The Blogger’s Pit Stop! :-D

      So happy to have inspired in some way … I’m glad you also found the links of use. I’ll be posting another write-up of my journey soon; now 15 months into this crazy #entrepreneur life! :-)

      You know where I am if you ever have any questions!

      Thanks so much once more to you and Phil,
      Sam :o)


  13. Very insightful and interesting interview. I absolute agree with Sam about marketing being a psychological and emotional venture. You have to learn how to use it to be successful at it. We buy based on our emotions and “What’s in it for me”. So the marketing really has to learn how to attract through the use of words and images.. great interview! And, how exciting for you Philip!
    Lesly Federici recently posted…The Diverse World of Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’My Profile


    1. Nice to know you’re on the same wavelength, Lesly!! :o)

      Emotional intelligence is a HUGE component of marketing. And business overall!

      Get it right, and everything else falls into place. People and relationships are the lifeblood of success.

      Really glad you enjoyed this one! :-D

      Speak to you soon,
      Sam :-)))


  14. It is really a helpful post! I am just glad that I read it. You are a man with a lot of skills.
    Keep sharing and thanks for sharing it Philip.


    1. You + Phil rock, Somia!! Thanks for your time — Super happy you found it useful! :-D

      Catch you soon,
      Sam :o)


    2. You + Phil ROCK, Somia! :o)

      Thanks so much for your time here … Glad you found it useful in some way!! :-D

      Catch you soon,
      Sam :-)))


  15. Hi Phil,

    What an amazing and inspiring talk by Sam! Its so heart warming to know that despite facing so much hardships, coming from a not so rich background, eventually succeeding and yet having such a big heart.
    Ron Pickle recently posted…Common Window Problems in Your HomeMy Profile


    1. Hey Ron! :o)

      This is such a wonderful response … THANK YOU!!! :-)))

      You’ve really made my Tuesday!

      The view must be so awesome from the top when you’ve come all the way from the bottom … I’m gonna keep going until I get there — and bring others along, too! :o) We’re all on this crazy journey together, my friend! :-D

      Sam :-)))


  16. Incredible interview, Philp and Sam. It’s good to see the balance here between the digging in and working hard to get the job done goes hand and hand with family and leisure. Loving what you do is a big plus here and I’m glad that is pointed out.


    1. Absolutely!! Sometimes, you’ve just gotta get it done!! But then other times, it’s important to relax :-D

      Loving your work just makes it an exciting hobby more than anything else! :o)

      And earning a living from it? UNBEATABLE.

      Thanks for reading!!
      Sam :-D


  17. Hey Philip,
    Thanks for posting such a great and inspiring interview!

    It is great to know more about Sam. I’ve heard a lot about him, but this interview added a lot to me, and really inspired me.

    A small question to you Sam, do you have a VA to help you manage your social channels?

    ~ Andrew
    Andrew Steave recently posted…10 Best Cardio Machines (2017) | Buyer’s GuideMy Profile


    1. Andrew! xD

      Thank YOU for leaving such wonderful feedback, my friend :-)

      It really makes my day seeing comments like this; makes it all worthwhile!!!

      Ahaha! I’ve been asked this question many times :-D

      Many others fully outsource their social without much input, and it certainly works to alleviate pressure! I personally like to be highly in-tune with my environment and those who support me.

      My life partner assists with particular aspects :o)

      Speak soon & thanks again!
      Sam :-D


  18. Another great interview with Sam that is difficult to resist not to be read! The comments say it all!

    Thanks Philip for asking great questions and thanks Sam for allowing your readers to get to know you a bit more also from a personal perspective (wildlife, conspiracy theories, life partner – hmm, interesting!).

    Giving without expecting, very well said!
    I learnt it as well… don’t expect anything and you will NEVER be disappointed :-)
    And as it is, KARMA will take care of the rest :-)

    I consider always those people lucky who are able to turn their passion into their job, Sam is surely one of them (considering all those frustrated people in this world who are unhappy at their job….). I’m sure I’m not the only one who can FEEL his excitement in what he does.

    Really looking forward to optim-eyez launch :-)

    Keep up the great (very memorable) work Philip and Sam!

    Thanks again for enriching my Sunday :-) with this interesting read!


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful response, Karin! :o)

      Really glad you enjoyed it … Great questions to answer from Philip!

      I’m honoured to be featured and add value to his awesome audience in some way :-D

      It’s always clear to see passion where it exists — Those who really, really love what they do are often amongst the top performers in their industry because their passion is infectious (and it inspires many). There are plenty who spring to mind in the marketing world alone!!!

      I truly believe anybody can end up doing what they love … It all comes down to determination, direction, dedication (and a little bit of luck).

      Thanks again for reading!
      Sam :-)


        1. Thanks for saying ‘thanks’, Karin! #MuchAppreciated

          You got it!! I try my very best :-D


  19. Hi Sam and Phil,
    I am new to this digital marketing thing and I am finding it more interesting day by day. This blog is so inspiring for me and hope for many other newbies too.
    Thanks Phil, for sharing this experience with us and last but not the least Thanks Sam for inspiring me.

    hoping for better future ahead

    tanvi sharma


    1. Welcome, Tanvi! :-D

      There’s never a dull moment in this world, my friend!!! Get set for an incredible adventure…

      Happy to be here with you on your journey! :o)

      Glad you found this interview useful and inspiring — Keep up the good work and remember: There is no limit to what you can achieve with the right mindset.

      Catch you soon!
      Sam :-D


  20. Thanks a lot for your kind time for us. It is very helpful for us, as I am trying to be a digital marketer. This post indeed brought out some vital points on this subject.
    Keep sharing. Wish both of you a great success.


    1. Thanks so much, Emily! :o)

      Make your journey the best it can be … You know where I am!

      Sam :-D


  21. Hi Sam and Phil,

    Thank you for this wonderful interview. It gives so much motivation to new bloggers like us. Sam’s experience and suggestions shared in this interview is worth millions. There is so much to learn from him.

    Thank you for sharing this post. Have a great day. :)


  22. An intriguing discussion is worth comment. I think that you ought to publish more on this subject matter, it might not be a taboo matter but generally people don’t discuss these issues. To the next! Kind regards!!


  23. wow…. that is really an amazing interview! Thanks, Philip and Sam for this informative piece. In short, Philip, your site fulfill my all requirements..thanks for this amazing information… Will be back soon! Keep sharing.


  24. I follow Sam on Social Media and must say he is one of the best Digital Influencer out there,
    Sam has really good skills to drive market efficiently.


  25. Hey, Sam is really an amazing digital marketing Influencer. Please keep sharing like this!!!


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