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Last updated on June 06, 2019. India Is My Country All Indians Are My Brothers And Sisters When I was thinking about the next word for the A to Z Blog Challenge which starts with a big “I”.  My thoughts went on and on with many words, but suddenly it stopped at the word “INDIA” my own nation topped the list. Yes, India is my country, a beautiful country in

Indian Cities boiling

Last updated on June 04, 2019. Indian Cities Are Boiling! How Can We Escape From This? Our State Telangana Touches 48 Degree Celsius Today May 28, 2019) Yes, the Indian cities are reeling under the scorching sun! A report from Telangana’s Mancherial District. Marked 47.8 degree Celsius. And also other 8 districts in Telangana touched the 47+ degree Celsius. See the below report. Read the full report Times of India,

India goes to poll

Last updated on May 11, 2019. The SIXTH PHASE OF POLLING TODAY (MAY 12) VOTE WISELY INDIA The Largest Democratic Nation Goes To Poll Today. Know Your MP India the largest democratic nation goes to poll today. Before going for the voting check out these facts by clicking on the link developed by the Print India News Portal. Everyone at least spends 5 minutes to visit this page to know


Last updated on April 10, 2019. A slightly updated version of the post “A Christian perspective on astrology” first appeared on Confident Living Magazine And Harvest Times For Your Family.  Magazines. Mad Rush Towards Astrology, Soothsayers or Astrologers A write-up on Astrology. A Christian perspective on astrology published on the pages of  “Confident Living” and “Harvest Times for your family” magazines.  The writer brings out certain facts on this subject


Last updated on March 25, 2019. Do Not Fall Into The Trap Of This News! BREAKING NEWS! Facebook Pays India Residents ₹15,792/day To Work From Home Do Not Fall Into The Trap Of  This News! BREAKING NEWS! Facebook Pays India Residents ₹15,792/day To Work From Home.  This looks like facebook ad is really a bogus ad!  It is not from Facebook.   We are living in a world of originals and

sitting disease

Last updated on Mar 20, 2019. Sitting Disease? A Simple Solution is Here… Tired of Sitting? Use a Stand-up Desk – Just Walk And Work.   Continuous sitting  before a computer  table or for that  matter in your office chairs lead to  cardiovascular  diseases, warns a  doctor in Minnesota, U S A.  In short, sitting is killing you Here are a few remedies for this, check out and follow these steps to have a


Yes, Christmas Time Is Here Again!  Yet another Christmas time is fast approaching! Christmas Time is the time to greet each other and also to share our joy and gifts with each other! Yes, no doubt we all love to greet each other on every special occasion and not only that every time we need a new way possible to wish each other. As Christmas is approaching nearer did you planned

Do Plants Have Sensitivity? A Pumpkin Mourned a Death and Similar Other Incidents

Last updated on December 6, 2018. An Open Blog to Share Your Views and Suggestions This knol (post) is about some unbelievable incidents happened a few years back. This is also a call for an open discussion on this subject.  Do plants have feelings? I believe that the community of knol writers here can bring in some solution or answer these questions. Here below I am giving an incident happened

Do You Know The Importance of November? The Horrifying 9/11 Attack And Few Other Things to Remember

Last updated on November 14, 2018. Do You Know The Importance of November?  The Horrifying 9/11 Attack And Few Other Things to Remember   November is considered as the first day of the winter season in many countries. In India, November 1st is the formation day of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala states. Christians especially the Roman Catholics celebrate November 1st as the All Saints day. It falls on just before the day

serious note

Last update on September 5, 2018.   A Serious Note And A Few Lessons To Learn This is a serious note to the readers of Philipscom.   Yes, we just entered into another month and moving fast to the fag end of a year!  Few thoughts and remembrance from the life of A P J Abdul Kalam, the former teacher and President of India on this day called Teachers Day. Just a

Amazing Artists Arifa And Jumana, The Keralites From A Desert Land

Last updated on August 30, 2018. Amazing Art Works by Arifa And Jumana, one of my friends’ daughters. Arifa, Jumana, Your works are amazing !!  Keep it up!  Keep up the good work! We Wish You Both All Success in All Your Endeavors. May God Bless. with Love & Regards. Philip Uncle & Team Secunderabad Telangana State India. Amazing Artists Arifa And Jumana, The Keralites From A Desert Land An Oil Painting