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  Published on: Jul 20, 2018. Updated on March 29, 2019. Videos are mostly the preferred form of entertainment and have taken over the internet by storm so riding this trend is a smart move.  You may be good at creating good Youtube Videos but unless you promote there is no meaning to it and it will not reach to the masses.  In this post, we share 6 ways to Promote

Mahakavi K V Simon Sir's Vedaviharam മഹാകവി കെ.വി. സൈമണ്‍ സാറിന്റെ വേദവിഹാരം മഹാകാവ്യം

Last updated on Feb 22, 2019. മഹാകവി  കെ.വി. സൈമണ്‍ സാറിന്റെ വേദവിഹാരം മഹാകാവ്യം MP3 ഫോര്‍മാറ്റില്‍ “സസ്നേഹം” വെ ബ്ബ് സൈറ്റില്‍: സൈമണ്‍ സാറിനെപ്പറ്റിയുള്ള  ഒരു ചെറു വിവരണത്തോടൊപ്പം കവിതാ പാരായണത്തിനിടയില്‍ കവിതയെപ്പറ്റിയും സംഭവ പരമ്പരകളെ പ്പറ്റിയുള്ള വിവരണവും ഈ വീഡിയോവിലെ എടുത്തു പറയേണ്ട ഒരു പ്രത്യേകത തന്നെ.  ഇത്  വളരെ ഹൃദ്യമായി ‘ജ്യോതിബായ് പരിയാടത്ത്’ ആലപിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു. അതെക്കുറിച്ചറിവാനും അത് കേള്‍ക്കുവാന്‍ താഴെ കൊടുത്തിരിക്കുന്ന ലിങ്കിൽ അമര്‍ത്തുക:   Source: ഇതോടൊപ്പം ‘പൊയ് വരും ഞാന്‍’ എന്ന തന്റെ മറ്റൊരു കവിതയുടെ ആവിഷ്ക്കരണവും ഇവിടെ വായിക്കാം.  Credit: Sasneham +Saj മഹാകവി വള്ളത്തോള്‍ സൈമണ്‍ സാറിന്റെ ‘സോദോം നഗര വര്‍ണ്ണന’യെ (വേദവിഹാരത്തെ)

National Integration day Telangana state

My first YouTube video Few glimpses from the National Integration Festival, And International Kite flying festival organized by the Telangana State Government on the eve of Makar Sankranthi, the harvest festival of Telangana.  It was conducted on 13, 14 and 15th of January 2019 on Parade Ground, Secunderabad. India. I just happened to read a news report published by Hans India, one of the largest circulated news newspapers from Hyderabad

YouTube Video Channel

Last updated on January 07, 2019. 2019 is the year of visual effects.  People are more and more interested in visuals as ever before.  Going through a text material to grasp the thing it may take a lot of time and energy but at the same time if one can easily present thousands of words with few visuals people will prefer that.  We can present this easily by using YouTube

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is one of the most powerful programs in the video formats converting. It is a comprehensive program that allows you to convert all the video formats on your device easily, and although there are a large number of programs that do the same function of the program. This software has powerful features you will not find in any other

How to Capture Videos from a Computer Screen with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

 Movavi Screen Capture can do wonders Chances are you have heard of ‘screen capture’ in the past or at least are aware that it is possible to record videos directly from your computer screen. If you haven’t actually tried it out for yourself, then you’re missing out – especially seeing as it can be used to not only create video guides and other content, but also record online video streams,

Beautiful Day: A Song by Jermaine Edwards

Beautiful Day: A Song by Jermaine Edwards Yet another month is here. Listen this music and get inspired. “Beautiful day” is a song about the negatives and positives we face every day and we thank God for them because they make us who we are today! Wish you all a wonderful, profitable and blessed month ahead. Sincerely Yours for Philipscom   Video Source: Jermaine Edwards

The Story Behind the Christian Song - I Have Decided to Follow Jesus - From the Music Videos of Kaoma Chende

Amazing Christian Music Videos From Kaoma Chende And Team  “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” Anyone remember this chorus? This version Originally done by The Haven Quartet. It’s a song i grow up singing, still do and am so glad to have done this cover version. Blessings! The Story Behind the Song “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” About 150 years ago, there was a great revival in Wales, England.