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India today letter

Last updated on April 29, 2019 L for Letters: The Letters To The Editor One of my #letters published in India Today weekly with a highlight from my letter Letters and letter writing is disappearing at this age! In fact, it’s almost disappeared from the scene! It’s a fact that a few years back we all used to send letters to our near and dear through postcards or inland letters

Earn money through Blog Comments

K is for Earn Money While You Read Last Updated On February 07, 2017 Make Money While Your Read! EARN MONEY WHILE YOU READ!   Yes, I said that! And it’s true!  You can make money while your read. No Wonder! It’s 100% True! I did it! I experienced it! We all read! Yes, most of the readers here are readers! Some of us are writers, who voraciously read… For

Philipscom Bagged This Year's (IWSG 2013) Contest Prize - International Prize Package

Philipscom  Bagged  This Year’s  IWSG 2013Contest Prize (International Prize Package) Picture Credit: IWSG Group I express my thanks to all the team members of IWSG for this prestigious award.   To read more about the contest announcement and the related articles please click on the following links:                                             IWSG Post Day