A to Z Blog Challenge 2014

News!  News! News! "Nose for News" Is A Vital Point in Journalism

  Journalism  You must have a Nose for News ! This is the sentence I heard in my first journalism class. What is NEWS? We are flooded with different kinds of news through Radio T V Newspapers, Weeklies, Blogs, Websites and many other internet news medias as well as many other forms of print media. What exactly is News?  A definition says: There are two types :  The first one

A Tribute To Tina Downey – A Beloved Member Of The Group A to Z Blog Challenge & I W S G,Departed to Glory on Aug. 23rd 2014” My September Month’s IWSG Post

A Tribute To Tina Downey A Beloved Member Of The Group A to Z Blog Challenge & IWSG Group Departed to Glory on Aug. 23rd 2014  My September Month’s IWSG Post.   Yet another day to post our worries, fears, doubts along with the suggestions helps etc on every month’s first Wednesday.   The brain child of Alex J. Cavanaugh the Ninja Captain, one of the founding members of the famous A

Different Uses of the letter X - X'Mas, X-Ray Etc....

Different Uses of the letter X………………….   This year’s A to Z blog challenge is fast nearing to the closing down days. Today’s letter X is the Twenty Fourth alphabet. That means the 24th day in A to Z Blog Challenge. Let us see the different use this alphabet or its application in our daily life.   In Mathematics this letter is used to name an independent variable or an unexplained

Prize letter, feedback, letters

Some of my write-ups posted to different newspapers and weeklies (published and unpublished) Some could fetch some prize awards. Last updated on August 2, 2018.  FOLLOW SUIT: A Write-up published in the Sunday Indian Weekly To Read it in the original size please click on the image FOLLOW SUIT Sir, Your Independence Day Special Issue (August 15-21) made our week. The unsung heroes you brought out through TSI’s pages were

V is for Visitors:  Why I am Not Getting Visitors To My Blog Page?

V is for Visitors: Why I am Not Getting Visitors To My Blog Page? Why I am Not Getting Visitors To My Blog Page? This is a question I quite often get from my new fellow bloggers.   Indeed, this is a genuine question.  If we are not getting enough visitors to our page, we surely get frustrated.   And some even quit blogging.   But, Please don’t Quit!  Don’t worry!


Last updated on July 7, 2018. The elections are round the corner let us utilize our franchise wisely India the largest democracy in the world is going for its 16th election.  The election propaganda is on the air and different political parties are making vast arrangements to propagate about their party’s agenda and their candidates’ promises. Each and every party is on a neck to neck activity.  Hate speech is on

6 Essential Tips For Bloggers. The Need Of The Hour!

Bloggers Need to Check These 6 Essential Tips!  Last updated on June 1, 2017 Yes, unless there is no viewers, readers or visitors, what is the use of creating blogs!   This may be one of the reasons why many do not enter into this field, the fear of not getting enough audience or visitors.  Even the professional bloggers too faced this fear in their initial time of blogging.   Here

R is for Report: Do You Want to Know Your Social Media Followers Analytic Report for FREE?

R is for Report: Do you want to know your Social media followers analytic Report for free? Here is a page to get your followers report free. Apply with your blog/web URL  You may get a chance to check out your Followers report of Facebook, Google + twitter, and other social sites. Based on your information in few days’ time they will send you a mail. If you are selected or eligible for

K is for Knowledge: Knowledge Is For Sharing! Why Not Share Our Knowledge?

  In this computer age we can obtain any information by just pressing few buttons on our computer or by just touching on our mobile phones or other devises screen. Lot of knowledge we obtain/learn in this way in our daily life. How are we utilizing those information you learned from people and places? Are we utilizing it just for our selfish end? Or are we sharing those knowledge to

Hard time for Windows XP Users!! Microsoft is shutting down their shop at Windows XP!! Here’s How What to Do Next

Last updated on July 6, 2018 After the long 12 years service to the people around the world, Microsoft company is going to shut down that service shop at window XP! Though the news was going on in the air for quite some time, the company has finally decided to end the support by today. They made an announcement in this regard on their official web page. The report says: