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Last updated on January 17, 2019. Google Sent You A Cheque! What a joy to get such an email in your inbox, right! Yes, getting a cheque from such a reputed organization like Google is not an ordinary thing.  It surprises and it gives joy to us. No doubt every online marketer/writer/blogger would like to receive, read or hear such soothing statement! In fact, that is natural, but the fact

Google search can do wonders

Last updated on November 25, 2018. We the readers and viewers are flooded with advertisements throughout the day via print and visual media, but most of often we skip those adds or say just ignore. But today while browsing through the internet pages, I found an amazing advertisement. I watched it and found worth watching and worth making a shout out! Thus this post. We all know that Google’s services


Last updated on Feb 13, 2019. Make Money Online – Some Vital Information On This Subject!  How to make money online is one of the most talked about subject these days. Many think that making money online is one of the easiest ways to earn money for their livelihood as well as for future investment!   Let us check is this thinking true! Many on this earth are just living for

online career

The internet has changed how we work. For the first time, a fully online career is becoming a practical option for people around the world. Freelance websites offer short and long-term contracts. Traditional employers are becoming more flexible, allowing people to work from home. Digital storefronts are perfect for the creative among you, who want to sell unique products. Online trading has also become a smart option. It involves speculating

IFTTT applets

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. And IFTTT has a number of applets (also known as recipes) for Amazon’s popular voice assistant gadget- Alexa. Using IFTTT app you can increase Alexa’s user experience and get the maximum out of it. Before getting started, download the free IFTTT App from the Play store on Android or App store on iOS. Best IFTTT Echo recipes We have listed out some of

User Manuals

During their regular course of work, a lot of companies reach the point when they have to give their customers valuable documents that help them go through a certain process, or gives them the knowledge they need to do something that they couldn’t before. User manuals could explain how you can use a product, how to put it together or something else. Good writing skills are quite useful in the

world wide web

Last updated on January 12, 2018 World Wide Web Some important things you didn’t know about WWW, Domain, and Hosting Word Wide Web Or The www World Wide Web is an important subject we all in one way or other involved in our daily life.  But sad to say probably a majority of its users do not know some vital facts about this amazing phenomenon.   In this Infographic the

The Amazing Google And its Activities In One Minute! Are You Addicted to the Internet? How BIG Is Google?

  The Amazing Google And its Activities In One Minute    The people who are having a bit of education or knowledge in computer and internet world, I am sure he or she will be on Google search or other activities like checking or sending emails, watching or uploading videos at YouTube etc. for some time in their daily life. Yes, Google has captured the world attention in such a way

Twitter ’s  Ten Years Of Tremendous Travel

Twitter’s  Ten Years Of Tremendous Travel Twitter Turns Ten Today, Yes,   Today in my mail I received a “Thanks” notification from Twitter! They published an amazing video under the title Twitter Love Though it has passed through different stages in the past 10years the tremendous travel continues! There are many who fall victim to its use, and even some of its users went through great difficult situations due to

How To Get Google AdSense Approved

 Dear All. I am so happy to introduce yet another Guest Author,  a talented young man from the world of internet. He is yet another Punjabi lad from Amritsar, Robin Khokhar. He manages few informative websites as his own and do internet marketing for various other websites, He is an expert in SEO and his blog posts provide lot of latest information about the SEO techniques apart from other tips

Email Inventor Ray Tomlinson Is No More

Email Inventor Ray Tomlinson Is No More The Email Inventor Ray Tomlinson Is No More!  Can you imagine a world without this wonderful facility called email! No it is unimaginable! In fact, it is an essential part or our daily life. Do you know the person who paved way to this amazing invention? He is Ray Tomlinson, yes, the man who invented email is no more today! He passed away

Google The Giant Search Engine Reveals It All!

Last updated on October 12, 2017 Google The Giant Search Engine Reveals It All! Google The Giant Search Engine Reveals It All! Yes, You Read That!  It’s true that  is We all know that What Google is!   Even a little boy in class 4 or 5 will tell what Google is!   There is no doubt about it!   But, there are lots of mysteries behind this wonderful company