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Google Sent You Cheque. Did You Check Your Spam Mail Today?

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Last updated on June 28, 2020

Spam Mail. Google Sent You A Cheque!

Is this a Spam Mail? What a joy to get such an email in your inbox, right!

Yes, getting a cheque from such a reputed organization like Google is not an ordinary thing.  It surprises and it gives joy to us.

No doubt every online marketer/writer/blogger would like to receive, read, or hear such soothing statements!

In fact, that is natural, but the fact is that this email is nothing but an intimation or an invitation to dupe you in a sweet way by someone or some group from somewhere.  

See the screenshot of one such email I received in my spam inbox.

So Beware of the email message like the above one!

It looks like an amazing mail with the following subject line:

“Can we post your check?”  

or  “Your check arrived” 

“Your check arrived”

“Answer ‘Yes or No”   Can I give your commission.

Google sends you $ …

You’ve made a commission.  These are a few of the many fake emails land in your inbox.

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Spam mail Received in my inbox

Yet another similar bogus mail flashing through the mailbox is about the PayPal company notification.

If you are an account holder with PayPal, then Beware!

Some notifications like the following one will arrive in your inbox.

This screenshot below is the one I received from PayPal (not originally from PayPal but it looks it’s from them).

PayPal Payment Issued:

mail looks like a PayPal notification! But the fact that it is not from PayPal.

I say this firmly because one of my friends’  a neighbor who is an employee of PayPal told me that they never send out such mail to its clients.

The dupers are using our logo to cheat the gullible customers, please do not respond to such emails instead just press the delete button and forget about it. See below, the screenshots of spam mail and the original mail I received:

Spam Mail Received in the name of PayPalSpam mail

Original Mail Notification From PayPal

spam mail
An email notification from PayPal



Spam mail The real story

Spam mail
Image developed by using Canva

It is good to note that Google mail take the utmost care to its users and filter such mail and send it to the spam folders. Even then, sometimes some important emails go into the spam folder.

So check out your spam folder too on a daily basis so that you will not miss any important mail.

Also, be careful when you see such mail and press the delete button at once.  Do not mark it as not spam emails! It is no doubt such emails are spam emails only.

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I very seldom check my spam folders before, but in recent times I found out that some of the important emails from some reputed organizations and blogging friends and community notifications are all going into the spam folders.

I complained about one such non-receipt of their notification to one of my clients and they said: please check your email’s spam folders! And I did and lo most of the emails from that reputed client I could locate in my spam folder.

I informed them about it.  The same thing happened with a few of my other contacts too.

Since then almost every day I check my spam folder too find if any valuable emails landed in that Hell!

I often find some valuable information from friends, forums, and clients.

Another Side Of The Spam Emails Story

We all get a number of suspicious emails in the spam folder.  Though I said to check your spam mails on a daily basis, it is good to be aways from many such suspicious emails offering great lot money or wealth in different formats like the unclaimed insurance bonds, diamond-encrusted safe deposit boxes, close friends marooned in a foreign country, etc.

We often delete such offer mails, but here is an interesting TedTalk video which speaks volume. Check out this video by comedian James Veitch

Today I am so glad to make a shout out by writing about this awkward situation I faced.

Not only this, if you are a blogger, but it is also a must to check your spam folders on a daily basis, you may lose some valuable comments dropped by your readers.

The other day after publishing my latest post I shared the link on my social sites, this I do whenever I post a new post or an updated post.

One of my long-time friends Lisa Sicard re-shared it on twitter and said Philip, I dropped a comment too.

Reading that I rushed to my mailbox but found nothing, then I rushed to my dashboard and low there I found a solid comment by my friend, and I unspammed and saved a precious comment.

So check your spam folders too, as often as you can, this will surely save some important mails.

I am sure this post will make awareness about it to my fellow beings.

I request you to share this information with your fellow bloggers.

The old cheating trick is still flashing on the internet!

This is a popular ad flashing all around on the internet, cheating people in the name of Facebook.

I have published a post about this cheating advertisement sometime back on my blog page.

If you click on the link below you will reach a place exactly like the ad placed on Facebook.

There you can see the convincing picture of Facebook CEO Mark and even Bill Gates picture with a quote:

How sweetly they are continuing their cheating business.

I still wonder! Is not there a law to put such people in the chain!

The old cheating trick is still flashing on the internet! more via Click To Tweet

In recent times, many such bogus advertisements are floating all over the internet.

These types of ads are appearing even on the pages of some of the reputed publications and platforms.


One may wonder, how such ads are appearing in such famous platforms.

But sad to note that, it looks like, to stop such practices there are no rules available!

Or the authorities are keeping a long silence in compliance with such people.

Whatever may be, we need to be more vigilant when encountering such incidents.

Please click on this link here to read the pathetic story of a person who falls victim to one such cheater.   Facebook Pays India Residents ₹15792day-work-home    


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My blog comments in the Spam folder

The latest in line on this subject is another adverse situation in relation to my blog comments!

These days all the comments I make on other friends’ pages are landing directly to their spam folders!

Fed up with this phenomenon I thought of stop posting comments/feedback on fellow bloggers posts. But I never can do that, since blog commenting is my daily routine business and it is in fact diluted in my daily routine!  But that really made me, slow down my comment writing.

Though this is the situation somehow I could not resist doing that and I have decided to post a comment to my fellow blogger’s posts and keep a copy of the same in a separate folder and inform about my comment to the author of the post or the blog owner via private mail via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or skype to check their spam folders.

Most of them found my valuable comments in their spam folders.  This again becomes a tedious job, I reduced my frequency of commenting on other posts.

This is really yet another awkward situation I face now!

To fix this problem I enquired with some of the experts in the technical fields and someone said that if you are not using a gravatar for commenting this may happen.  But that is not the reason since I am already using gravatar.

Few others suggested you must report this to the Admin of Akismet.  But that too did not fetch any result.

Since I could not fix this problem I started doing a kind of research and I found that it may be my long name which is giving this trouble to pick my comment and drop into the spam folder.

And another thing I thought that maybe most often I make long comments,  this may be the reason why my comments are considered as spam comments and straight go to the spam folders.

Is there anybody facing such problems?

Is there anyone facing such problems as their comments on their friends’ pages landing in their spam boxes?

I just heard this today from Chery Schmidt and a few others.

Since this is the case with me I started checking every day in my blog’s spam folders too! Since I know how much pain a fellow blogger will take to post a comment! If that goes into the useless place all their efforts will go in vain.

So I daily check my spam folder in WordPress dashboard and a good number of comments I retrieve from the spam folder and approve and publish.  So dear bloggers please do make it a habit to check your spam folder on a daily basis so that you will not miss any valuable comments.

Why my blog comments land on other's spam folders? Read more @ Click To Tweet

I am writing this note to inform about my fellow bloggers to make aware about this problem and also to check their spam folders on a regular basis, This is not only related to blogging comments but it is very well related to your email spam box too.

Some of your valuable emails may land in that nasty box and you will be losing important information/notifications etc.  So please do check your spam folders on a daily basis.  Of course many may be doing this but for those who are not doing may this note/post be an alert note.

Dear friend, is your web system ok in this aspect?

Or are you facing such problems in your commenting system too?

I would like to hear from you.

And if any techie can help, suggest any remedy for this problem it will be very kind of you and will be much appreciated.

Thanks for your valuable time on my page to read about this nasty situation about my mail system and comment system!!!

May you all have a great and spam less time of blogging and commenting ahead in this year 2018!

Keep sharing.  Keep informed.

On later research, I found out that there a good number of such cheating company’s out there to grab our vital information to dupe us. So be careful about your spam emails.

At the same time have a constant check in your spam folder to see if any important mail landed there or not.  In fact, I lost a few good offers from some clients in this way.

And I really missed some Roundup invitations too in this way, it went into my spam folder.

Apart from these types of emails, there is a flood of emails will land in your spam folders with the request of love proposal and long-term business proposals from gorgeous looking young and middle-aged women.

Beware of such dupes!

Take this post as an alert.

I am sure this will make you alert to check your spam folders, in your email as well as in your blog’s dashboard comments.

If you like this post and want to save someone from such plight please do spread the news!

Share with your fellow bloggers as well as friends to make aware of this negligence many often do.

Please make sure to press the share buttons placed on the side of this post as well as at the bottom of this article.

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Thank you once again for your valuable time on Philipscom.

I appreciate your kind support in spreading this information!

May you have a wonderful time ahead

Sincerely Yours

For Philipscom Associates

Yet another kind of cheating is  the new method of sending mail like the following one, under a catchy subject line “Government Wants To Pay You To Go Solar Today!”

Also, check out some of the emails, and the bogus information appeared in my mailbox. If you click on the links given in the mail it will take you to a soothing video that tells about making millions by using their special system.  

Below given screenshots of such emails will tell you the real story.


spam 2

spam today final

spam todaye spam video fake


While concluding this post, I would like to invite you to share your experience if any you underwent in this regard.

That will be added information to the visitors here.

I request you to share such information in the comment box below. 

It will surely give an alert to the readers here.   

Thanks again for your valuable presence. 

If you like this post, please do share with your friends by using the share button given below. 

Hàve a wonderful spam-free year ahead!


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First Published on: Feb 16, 2017 And updated on September 17, 2018; updated on Dec 5, 2019 

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