Beautiful Day: A Song by Jermaine Edwards

Beautiful Day: A Song by Jermaine Edwards Yet another month is here. Listen this music and get inspired. “Beautiful day” is a song about the negatives and positives we face every day and we thank God for them because they make us who we are today! Wish you all a wonderful, profitable and blessed month ahead. Sincerely Yours for Philipscom   Video Source: Jermaine Edwards

The Devil’s Zoo

The Devil’s Zoo Warren W. Wiersbe (Bible Teacher Back to the Bible) Psalm 22: 12-21   Are you an animal lover?   I must confess that, apart from a certain sympathy with cats and a liking for friendly dogs, I don’t really care much for animals.  My wife enjoys going to the zoo, and I dutifully go along, but I would much rather be in the library.    Do you know

Who Put Them There? (Prayer Praise & Promises by Warren W. Wiersbe)

Who Put Them There? Warren W. Wiersbe Read Psalm 75:1-10 Post updated on March 03 2017 In this day people promote themselves and take care of “number one,” it’s good to read verse 7: “But God is the Judge:  He puts down one and exalts another.” This rebukes our pride. Who is the one who allows people to be where they are? God.  John the Baptist said, “A man can