Zorami: A Redemption Song  When Folktales Become History - A Book Review

Last updated on April 17, 2019. Zorami: A redemption song When folktales become history A Book Review I am happy to present a guest post today, a book review by Sam N Jacob of Bangalore, India.  More about him you can read in the Author bio column. The chain reaction from an innocuous-looking act disturbs the peace of a whole village and engulfs it in violence. This is the substance

The Sunday Indian Weekly

Last updated on August 3, 2018 A Review on a unique weekly called “The Sunday Indian” The Sunday Indian. A Weekly in 14 Languages By the publication of 14 different languages, this media group obtained a distinctive position of the world’s first publication comes out every week in 14 different languages.   Content. A UNIQUE WEEKLY FROM INDIA’S CAPITAL TSI’S EDITORIAL A MUCH TALKED ABOUT SUBJECT IN INDIAN MEDIA TSI’S

You Can't Run Away From Problems... A Note From The Book of Ruth...From Warren W. Weirsbe

You Can’t Run Away From Problems By Warren W. Wiersbe (President Back to the Bible International) (Ruth 1:1-5) Two mighty forces are at work in the world today. One force is pulling everything apart, while the other force is seeking to put things back together again. Sin is the destroyer, but Jesus Christ is the builder. Two mighty forces are at work in the world today. One force is pulling

H is for "Hard"  Hard Lessons Learned! (A Page From The History (Life) of Theodore H Epp The Back to the Bible Founder.

Hard Lessons Learned. (A Page From The Life Book  Of Theodore H. Epp—Back to the Bible Founder) On the fifth of July, 1939, during that first year of the ministry, our pantry was empty except for a can of beans and a little bacon. And we had only three cents in the cash box. Our oldest daughter, then six, offered to go to the dairy and get a bottle of

How to write a book

Last updated on Sep 7, 2017 How YOU Can Write A Best Selling Book: 7 Critical Keys    I am so glad to introduce this week’s Guest Author Jaime Buckley.  A bestselling author cartoonist and a prolific fiction writer. He is a loving husband and father of 12 talented, brilliant kids.  He has become the children’s champion and a parent’s best friend. Author, illustrator & popular parenting blogger, he writes

Monsoon Offer From Back to the Bible India

buy now » Must we live ho-hum, hum-drum lives, talking and singing Christianity on Sunday but living the rest of the week in a spiritual desert? Is it possible to live above the average? This collection of true-life stories will not only thrill you to read,but can provoke you-in a good way-“to love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24). These are the accounts of ordinary people who want God to do extraordinary things through


Last updated on July 5, 2018 READ AND SUBSCRIBE  CONFIDENT LIVING MAGAZINE (AN OFFICIAL ORGAN OF BACK TO THE BIBLE INDIA)  TO READ AND TO KNOW MORE ABOUT  CONFIDENT LIVING MAGAZINE  PLEASE CLICK ON THE BELOW LINK CONFIDENT LIVING MAGAZINE   Source: The Good News Broadcasting Society Back to the Bible India. Confident Living Magazine, Secunderabad, India Dear Readers, Your Attention Please! Thank you so much for your valuable time. I

Prize letter, feedback, letters

Some of my write-ups posted to different newspapers and weeklies (published and unpublished) Some could fetch some prize awards. Last updated on August 2, 2018.  FOLLOW SUIT: A Write-up published in the Sunday Indian Weekly To Read it in the original size please click on the image FOLLOW SUIT Sir, Your Independence Day Special Issue (August 15-21) made our week. The unsung heroes you brought out through TSI’s pages were

C is for Confident Living Magazine

C is for Confident Living Magazine The Official Organ of Back to the Bible India A Bi-monthly magazine published from the capital of Andhra Pradesh, India You can have more information about this magazine and read a sample page      by clicking on the below link: CONFIDENT LIVING MAGAZINE   SOME OF THE COVER AND INNER PAGES OF THE MAGAZINE: t      SCANNED COPIES OF SOME OF THE INNER PAGES: (To Read