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How WiFi Networks are Revolutionizing Education?

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What is WiFi Networks? Almost every other person with a basic sense of internet terminologies and its uses is aware of what a Wi-Fi is. It is one of the most useful facilities that allow your internet-operating gadgets e.g. smartphones, laptop, and tablets, etc. to have access to the internet without connecting an Ethernet cable to the device.

The internet has changed from being accessed via a dial phone to wifi networks and it has indeed had a phenomenal impact on the world.

Impact of Wifi networks on the World

WiFi Networks

Since its creation in 1997, Wifi has taken over all mediums of communication and it has become the most important factor of everyone’s life. We have become completely used to having a wifi connection anywhere we go.

Even though wifi networks cannot transfer enormous amounts of data but after switching to the latest and most efficient outdoor cat6 cable, your router will be able to handle any load.

The world has indeed transformed into a virtual network and the chances of having daily communication with your mates or family overseas via apps, have become extremely easier with just a few clicks.

Getting information on any topic has become simpler and you can get access to millions of related images and videos within seconds. Similarly, wifi becoming common in the market has also been able to revolutionize the education system.

Impact of Wi-Fi networks on Education System

Our governments, education systems and families all put emphasis on getting the children a good education. In the early ages, the education system revolved entirely around notebooks, notes, and libraries.

Nowadays, the education system has become extremely flexible allowing the students to have access to the internet, electronic gadgets, ebooks and much more.

In short, we can say that wifi has revolutionized the entire education system. This has been possible only because of the evolution and development of technology.

It has become mandatory even for the teachers and educators to incorporate technology in their teaching methodologies. Hence, it has become necessary for both the pupils and the teachers to stay in touch with the latest tech trends.

This seems interesting. Some of you out there might disagree with the world of the internet based on the reasons that it is too complicated for students, it comes with the potential danger of them getting involved in certain troubling activities or simply proving to be a distraction rather than a productive element.

The answer to this is that everything comes with its set of pros and cons. It is always up to the user how they use it.

Change in the Education System And WiFi Networks

If you compare modern day’s education system with the ones a few years ago, you will be amazed to see the drastic change. Blackboards have been replaced by projectors and slideshow screens and markers have been replaced with laser pens.

Today, we will list down some revolutionary changes that the implementation of a wifi network has caused in the education sector. So, let us begin:

  1. Accessibility to Knowledge

Wif has enabled teachers and students to access any sort of information relevant to their course in a matter of seconds. You can get access to first-rate notes and lectures online which can deem to be more useful and simpler than what the general textbooks in the market offer.

Now, there is no worry about not understanding what is in the syllabus books as students can go through resources available from all over the globe.

  1. Sharing Knowledge over the Cloud

Gone are the days when you had to wait for the weekend to pass so that you could ask your friends for those notes that you missed out on. Now, students can easily transfer or receive the required files within seconds from their friends by simply sharing them on their online drives.

Mobile apps such as Skype and Whatsapp also allow document attachments which makes the process even more hassle-free.

A student can skim through countless GBs of data in hours instead of going through the excruciating process of finding the relevant book at the library and then reading it in search of the required information.

  1. Changes in Teaching Methods

Teachers have also developed methods that are more convenient for them and their students.

  • Examinations can be evaluated and checked online with the help of web apps and desktop software. This method is more accurate as compared to manually checking bundles of examinations.
  • Video-based learning to improve the learning and visualization of a student has also become very common methodology.
  • No job in an education center? No worries! Online education is also becoming more and more common as there are many students across the globe willing to learn things online.
  • Teachers can always find useful yet easy information on how to cater to the basic things their students usually struggle with via resources available.
  1. Enhance and Polish your Skills

Previously, learning from books, graduation with no skills and then practical training was the norm. Nowadays, with the addition of the internet and electronic gadgets in the educational system, it has become easier for the students to polish their skills while they are learning.

Teachers encourage their pupils to explore the basic software and applications for creating their reports, presentations and even design work.

This increases the capability and competence of a student while polishing their skillset. Due to all these learning techniques, we can say that the competition among the young generation has also evolved rapidly and jobs have become more and more demanding when it comes to skills.

Are there any problems associated with tech-based education?

Teaching a child with the latest technology and providing them with the best curriculum can do wonders for their personalities. Also, the younger generations have a very strong grip on new gadgets and gizmos.

It is okay to make the best out of this scenario and enable them to use these facilities positively.

Safety could have been an issue but the rumor about the security of an education center being disrupted over the use of wifi has been declared false. Modern technology allows us to hide personal data from people within and outside the premises.

One thing we are certain is that the world of education has definitely been revolutionized in a positive way indeed.

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    Wireless networks in schools and universities have enabled students and staff access to information across large sites. … Students are able to gain access to learning resources from anywhere – even at home. Staff can share information on portals, ensuring they’re up to date with key news.
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    Plus with covid19, wifi has been important more than ever, social distance is made possible with wifi technology, students won’t have to crowd up the lecture theaters!

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