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Google Plus the Giant Social Media Platform Is No More! This is in continuation of our previous post on Google Plus’s death.   As predicted months before by Google, the death of Google plus happened on April 2, 2019. Yes, one of the giant social media, a competitor to Facebook, Google plus is now no more.  See the below screenshot a search result of my G+ Account. Our good old activities with Google Plus

My Interview with Sheryl Young

Last updated on February 24, 2019. Intervie  With A Jewish Writer – Sheryl Young. Happy Birthday,  P.V. Ariel – My First International Writing Colleague Sheryl Young,  Yahoo! Contributor Network Happy Birthday to Associated Content Writer P.V. Ariel on Monday, June 22nd! P.V. was the first international friend I made while writing online. Although I’ve been abroad three times, he has given me further insight through his writing into the thoughts of people

spam mail

Last updated on January 17, 2019. Google Sent You A Cheque! What a joy to get such an email in your inbox, right! Yes, getting a cheque from such a reputed organization like Google is not an ordinary thing.  It surprises and it gives joy to us. No doubt every online marketer/writer/blogger would like to receive, read or hear such soothing statement! In fact, that is natural, but the fact


Last updated on on November 14, 2018. Yet Another Death In The Family Of Google.  After the death of Knol and few others in the family of Google, yet another death is going to happen very soon.   Yes, Google has decided to shut its shop of Google+ (A prestigious social media project of Google)  in the next ten months in the wake of a potential data leak. In fact, Google Plus (G+) started


Google Turns Twenty Today The giant search engine Google turns today an Adult!  Though it just entered into the adulthood it has already been doing a tremendous job as an intelligent adult! No doubt about that, the giant search engine doing a great job for the online community since its birth!  We the members of Philipscom wishes this search engine a great success in the days ahead with its various

Google search can do wonders

Last updated on November 25, 2018. We the readers and viewers are flooded with advertisements throughout the day via print and visual media, but most of often we skip those adds or say just ignore. But today while browsing through the internet pages, I found an amazing advertisement. I watched it and found worth watching and worth making a shout out! Thus this post. We all know that Google’s services

Amazing Google Facts

Last updated on October 12, 2017 55 Amazing Google Facts Which You May Not Know Google! What is it? Any internet user or for that matter any school going child can very well answer that! Of course, many of the readers here especially the bloggers know a lot more things about Google and its activities. But at the same time, I am sure many do not know many of the

The Amazing Google And its Activities In One Minute! Are You Addicted to the Internet? How BIG Is Google?

  The Amazing Google And its Activities In One Minute    The people who are having a bit of education or knowledge in computer and internet world, I am sure he or she will be on Google search or other activities like checking or sending emails, watching or uploading videos at YouTube etc. for some time in their daily life. Yes, Google has captured the world attention in such a way

How To Get Google AdSense Approved

 Dear All. I am so happy to introduce yet another Guest Author,  a talented young man from the world of internet. He is yet another Punjabi lad from Amritsar, Robin Khokhar. He manages few informative websites as his own and do internet marketing for various other websites, He is an expert in SEO and his blog posts provide lot of latest information about the SEO techniques apart from other tips

Google The Giant Search Engine Reveals It All!

Last updated on October 12, 2017 Google The Giant Search Engine Reveals It All! Google The Giant Search Engine Reveals It All! Yes, You Read That!  It’s true that  is We all know that What Google is!   Even a little boy in class 4 or 5 will tell what Google is!   There is no doubt about it!   But, there are lots of mysteries behind this wonderful company

Change Is Good But Sometimes Bitter Too! Watch out These Changes...

Change Is Good But Sometimes Bitter Too! Change Is Good But Sometimes Bitter Too! Watch out These Changes.  We the bloggers, for that matter those who are all connected with internet and having their own blog or web pages will eagerly watch the developments happening in and around Google! In the earlier days, people spam a lot and ranked low-quality website on the top. Due to this, there was no

Google Search Algorithm A Look Back

The Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates Of 2015 – A visual representation by The Author Rohan Ayyar describes the major developments happened in GoogleAlgorithm in 2015 A good looking back! Let us hope for more beneficial changes in the coming years! We Wish Them A Wonderful New Year Of Sharing And Caring. Also Philipscom Wishes Its Readers A Happy New Year 2016 for Philipscom Associates Source: Google Search