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Top Pros and Cons of an Online Career

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Last updated on April 19, 2018

The internet has changed how we work. For the first time, a fully online career is becoming a practical option for people around the world. Freelance websites offer short and long-term contracts. Traditional employers are becoming more flexible, allowing people to work from home. Digital storefronts are perfect for the creative among you, who want to sell unique products. Online trading has also become a smart option. It involves speculating on the rising and falling prices of financial assets. These might include stocks or precious metals. It can be profitable, although it’s good to be aware of the risks. There are plenty of online trading brokers available.

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No matter how you want to make money, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of making your livelihood online.



1) No More Commuting

For many people, the worst part of the working day is the time spent stuck in traffic. You don’t get paid to sit in your car and the time lost can be substantial. By avoiding a difficult commute, you can reduce your stress levels and save money on running your car.


2) Enjoy Family Time

Time spent away from your loved ones can never be recovered. Working online allows you to have a home office and stay close to them during the day. You may even be able to travel with your family around the country – or the world – while you work.

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3) Save Money

Forget transportation costs, expensive lunches, and suits and ties for the office. You have the potential to save a lot by avoiding these outlays. If you set up a home office you can even write off some of your expenses against your taxes.


4) Be Yourself

When you work online you can dress in your pyjamas if you feel like it. Your home office can be decorated to look exactly how you want it. If you find the traditional work environment stifling, then an online career gives you the freedom to do it your way. Following dress codes or staring at boring office walls will seem a lifetime away.


5) Increase Productivity

Offices are built for work, but often full of people, noises, and interruptions. Some find that the peace and quiet of working remotely allow them to buckle down and be more productive. A few hours of unbroken concentration can be worth more than a full day of stops and starts.



1) Isolation

Working online can mean working alone. Unless you make an effort to go to regular client meetings and industry conferences, then the lack of social contact might become a problem.


2) Interruptions

It can be nice to be closer to your family during the day, but it sometimes comes at a price. If you are in a home office, family members may interrupt you. Little household chores or Netflix may also prove to be distracting. Willpower is needed if you want to make a full-time digital career work.


3) Self-discipline

This leads to our next point. When you work in a traditional office, you have a schedule, a boss, and a clear idea of how you should spend your time. By choosing an online career, you avoid having someone telling you what to do. But, you must be self-motivated to work hard. If you need someone looking over your shoulder to get anything done, this may not be the lifestyle for you.


4) Lack of stability

Those who choose an online career are often self-employed. Freelancers and day-traders provide two examples. These jobs are potentially very lucrative and offer a lot of flexibility, but you may not get a regular, predictable paycheck. You can expect more ups and downs along the way.


Weigh up the options carefully before jacking in your full-time job. Working online can be wonderful, but it also has downsides. A good way to test it out is by dropping to part-time hours with your company. You’ll retain some security, before leaping headfirst into a digital career.



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  1. NaSyx

    Your views are great regarding the online career. There are pros and cons in every work whether it is offline or online. The alerts noted in this post is worth notable. Tanks for sharing.

    April 18, 2018
  2. Hi Philip,
    I agree with the pros and cons. I am close to retiring as a teacher and weigh what you’ve written here often.
    I once telecommuted. So many interruptions, I returned to working on site.

    April 22, 2018
  3. Stefan Alexander
    Stefan Alexander

    Hi Kim,

    Such a great post. You are 100 percent right on the pros and cons. The interruptions in the office are a nightmare to deal with, but finding the self-discipline to work without being distracted at home, that’s a whole other problem. However, with goals and deadlines in mind, I tend to focus on the work I have to do. It is like making someone my own supervisor, even though I have nothing really to lose. It has worked great so far for me.

    Thank you for sharing this great content!

    May 1, 2018
  4. Qamar

    Hello Kim,
    I found such informative post by you, I want to writ a lot which I got from your post but I have no words, I hope you will post continue posting for our help to learning freely, Thank you!

    May 4, 2018

    Hey Kim,
    It’s really relevant post for people like us who generally believes in freelancing now as by your post i can know the pros and cons of it.This blog post is really very helpful to me.Looking forward to see such more posts in upcoming future.
    Raj Roshan

    May 9, 2018
  6. danish iqbal
    danish iqbal

    thank you so much for this informative article. it really helped me a lot. your blogs are very informative and guide me in a right direction. you are so right. keep up the good work

    May 13, 2018
  7. Manish Ransubhe
    Manish Ransubhe

    Hi Kim

    I Years back I started my online journey as per my experienced you have list probs and corns are 100% Right.

    Thank for Sharing

    May 29, 2018

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