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We are so glad to release the list of Philipscom comment authors in April 2019.  This is a monthly series published from the portals of Philipscom every first week of the month. Let us make value-added comments on other blog posts! That make way to get a good response, engagement, and traffic! Like the quote above,  “Our comments on other’s posts can create a lot of things! So let’s be

Negative comments feedback

Negative Comments or Feedback how do you react?  Of course, comments or feedback are a vital part of any business.  But at the same time getting negative feedback from customers is most often unpleasant to take it in the first instance.  But in other sense, it really helps to improve their future business dealings.  Such feedback it is imperative to take it in a serious sense.  If so it really

Philipscom Comment Authors On August 2016

Our Comment Authors In The Month Of August 2016 I am so glad to publish our August Month Comment Authors list. Thank you all for your valuable time spent on  Philipscom. I appreciate your valuable time, This month’s top comment Author is Robin Khokhar of TrickyEnough Thank you, Robin, for your valued support to this blog. We  appreciate your time you spend on these pages. Keep sharing Hello, My name is

News!  News! News! "Nose for News" Is A Vital Point in Journalism

  Journalism  You must have a Nose for News ! This is the sentence I heard in my first journalism class. What is NEWS? We are flooded with different kinds of news through Radio T V Newspapers, Weeklies, Blogs, Websites and many other internet news medias as well as many other forms of print media. What exactly is News?  A definition says: There are two types :  The first one

March Month (2016) Comment Authors Of Philipscom

March Month 2016 Comment Authors Of Philipscom   Greetings to all from  Philipscom. April month starts with a sad note, due to unexpected heavy rain and wind in the summer the total net connection got disrupted. But I cannot stop, but to post this from my mobile! I am so thankful to all my beloved friends who could make their presence on my page in the month of March 2016. 


Last updated on October 2, 2017 BLOGGERS! WRITERS! AND ALL WHO USE COMPUTERS! YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH! PROTECT AND KEEP IT SAFE!  Your Health is your Wealth! Bloggers, Writers! Your Attention Please! Your Health Is Your Wealth Protect It! Yes, I Said It! Protect it, it’s in our hands! We are the only one to take care of it! If health is there, in fact, we

Facebook, Teenagers,  and Self-esteem

Facebook, Teenagers,  and Self-esteem Social Sites are eating away the major time of most of our teenagers.  Here is an alert to all, a Christian perspective on this subject written by Berni Dyment, the CEO of Christianity Works.  Hi Berni,  I am so glad and thankful to you for the kind consent you extended to me to  re-post this esteemed content in my blog.  Keep up the Good Works. Best

A Letter to the Reader's Digest Editor and his reply

Busy editors especially the print media editors never care to send a reply to an ordinary reader’s letter.   This was my assumption all these years.  But here is an exception to that thought.   To my surprise, the other day I received a prompt reply from a world famous editor of Readers Digest. This is indeed an amazing thing to me, a very busy person took the time to reply to

Shall the Meek Inherit the Earth. A Weekly Post and a feedback....

Shall the Meek Inherit the Earth. A Weekly Post and a feedback Apropos the write-up “Shall the meek inherit the earth” (The Sunday Indian News Weekly New Delhi) made a revealing read. I refute the statements made by R L Francis; He said “60 years ago, we converted from Hinduism to Christianity with the expectation of cast discriminate free existence society. But it was not quite the salvation that was