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Best IFTTT recipes for Amazon Alexa

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Last updated on February 3, 2018

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. And IFTTT has a number of applets (also known as recipes) for Amazon’s popular voice assistant gadget- Alexa. Using IFTTT app you can increase Alexa’s user experience and get the maximum out of it.

Before getting started, download the free IFTTT App from the Play store on Android or App store on iOS.

Best IFTTT Echo recipes

We have listed out some of the best IFTTT applets exclusively for Alexa users. Check below the Must have IFTTT Applets for Amazon Echo.

1) Save a Google spreadsheet of the songs you listen to on Alexa

Did you lose your playlist while updating your device? Or you are Running out of storage on your iPhone or Android due to last weekend party pics. Just Easily log all songs you have listened to Google spreadsheet automatically from your Alexa with this applet.

The Best IFTTT recipes for Amazon Alexa. A Guest Post By Pro Blogger Pratyaksh Somani via pvariel Share on X

To use this Applet:

Go to Applet > Click Turn ON> Grant IFTTT to access Alexa > Authorise IFTTT in Alexa> Authorise IFTTT in Google Docs> Click Save

alexa played songs logs

To Authorize IFTTT with Alexa, just log in to associated Amazon account and authorize IFTTT to use information.

This will save ensure you never lose your favorite playlist, as Google Docs will take care of them responsibly.

2) Unsilence your phone with Amazon Alexa

Did you miss an important call just because you forget to deactivate silent profile on your phone? Mostly this happens when you return from office or School/college.

By installing IFTTT and enabling this Applet, you can unsilent your android phone using a command on your Amazon Echo. Your phone volume will increase to full and ringing will be audible. This will work only on Android phones.

To use this Applet:

Go to Applet > Click Turn ON> Set Keyword (by default is “Alexa, trigger unsilence phone“) > Click Save

best IFTTT android recipe

Did you miss an important phone call just because it was in silent mode? No worry here is an Applet to help you via pvariel Share on X

This is by far my favorite IFTTT android recipe, Just set this Applet, as you never know when you can miss an important call on your Android phone. You can change the command using the gear button  in Applet. You can also turn Off Applet running notification for this applet to avoid annoying notifications in notification center.

3) Tell Alexa to call your phone

Make a call on your phone by using voice command on Amazon Alexa using this IFTTT Applet.

To use this Applet:

Go to Applet > Click Turn ON > Grant IFTTT to connect Phone Call > Set Keyword (by default is “Alexa, trigger find my phone”) > Click Save

ifttt applets for echo


This Applet has a limitation. This works currently on in the US. And for the rest of regions, it’s currently unsupported.

By turning on this Applet you may not miss your device under your pillow next time.

4) Add an item to your shopping list, send it to Facebook Messenger

Facebook is used by over 2 billion people around the world! And Facebook Messenger comes free with every Facebook account. You can use Facebook Messenger to save your shopping list.

This Applet will help you in auto-updating your shopping list to Facebook Messenger directly from your Alexa voice command.

Did you lose your playlist while updating? Or are you Running out of storage on your Android or iPhone? No Prob. this App will help you! via pvariel Share on X

To use this Applet:

Go to Applet > Click Turn ON> Grant IFTTT to access your Amazon Alexa and Facebook profile> Authorise IFTTT> Click Save

Shopping list apps

For authorizing Facebook Messenger, you have to ping “Get Started” and confirm the link in the IFTTT registered email


5) Tell Alexa to start the party and put your lights on a color loop

Put your Philips Hue lights on party mode with this IFTTT applet for Alexa.

Using this Applet, just Say “Alexa, trigger party time” and voila, your Smart home will turn into a party house.

To use this Applet:

Go to Applet > Click Turn ON> Grant IFTTT to access your Philips Hue > Click Save

philips hue in party mode

This IFTTT Applet works with Philips Hue lights only, designed Officially by Amazon for IFTTT in association with Philips Hue.

Hue lighting IFTTT Trigger Rainbow Scenes and Loop Colors
Party Mode in Hue with Amazon Echo using IFTTT

We would recommend you to turn Off  Applet running notification for this Applet ;)

6) Keep your Alexa To Do List in sync with your iOS Reminders app

This IFTTT Applet will add your new to-do items to your iOS device reminders automatically. All you have to do is to turn On this applet and tell your next to-do to Alexa.

To use this Applet:

Go to Applet > Click Turn ON> Grant IFTTT to access Google Profile> Authorise IFTTT in Google> Click Save

set reminder on iPhone with echo

TIP: You can tweak this applet as per with some available settings. Click on the Gear icon and add ingredients, change the name of To-Do list created, priority and so on.

IFTTT applets settings

 Turn Off the Applet running notification to avoid annoying notifications in the notification panel.

7) Change the color of your Hue bulb using Amazon Echo

Many people, including me, change the light colors according to the ambiance and the time of the day. If it’s a couple’s casual house party you may put the white light. But if it’s a bachelor’s cocktail party then you may go with some darker shades. And so on.

To use this Applet:

Go to Applet > Click Turn ON> Grant IFTTT to access Philips Hue > Click Save


This IFTTT Applet will save your time and effort to alter Philips hue lights as per the theme. Tell Alexa the color name and the same will change in Philips. You can also use Colour Hex codes for more Light color options.

You can Turn off applet running notifications to avoid daily notification of this activity.

Find more Android Applets on IFTTT for you.

The best part of IFTTT Applets is that they are free and do their job without any impact on your device performance



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  3. Dr. Erica Goodstone
    Dr. Erica Goodstone


    Although Alexa may provide some really useful help, at this point engaging Alexa would just add more stuff to do. When I misplace my phone, I use my home phone to cal it and locate it. When I have left it on silence by mistake, as soon as I realize that I just turn off the silencer.
    And I never program songs because I never spend time listening to songs on my phone. The only time I listen to songs is when I drive in my car – which is every day, a lot. My phone is for phone calls and text messages and checking my emails, although there is a big time delay. Once in a while I use Suri, but she often gets confused and doesn’t understand my question.

    I find many of these “time savers” to actually lead to spending more time.


    Dr. Erica

    December 6, 2017
    • Prat

      Hi Erica,

      I have 100 % compliance with your thought, it’s not all technology advancements that make you move ahead. But Alexa (and other Voice assistants) can be helpful under some circumstances.
      And yes it again also depends on the individual. For some users, iPhone X Augmented Reality is making their business go on the handheld, while for some it’s of no use.


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  4. This is something new for me

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing so much information. Innovative products like these are bringing about a revolution in the truest of sense! Looking forward to using them real soon!

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