Comment Authors At Philipscom In the month of September 2015

Total Comments on this blog in September 2015 Hello, My name is Donna Merrill. I dropped 5 comments. Hello, My name is Erika Mohssen-Beyk. I dropped 4 comments. Hi, My name is Rachel. I made 3 comments. Hello, My name is ikechi. I dropped 3 comments. Hello, My name is Gurunath Nakka. I dropped 3 […] Read More

Withdraw case against Sanal Edamaruku, The Atheist And a Feedback

A Special Story From The Sunday Indian Weekly by JOHN DAYAL, VETERAN JOURNALIST AND MEMBER, NATIONAL INTEGRATION COUNCIL And A Feedback…. Sanal Edamuruku, or for that matter Rationalists International, were not names the Indian Catholic Church was familiar with before it ran into them in Mumbai, triggering an obnoxious controversy that has crossed national borders and is […] Read More

Slips! Slips! Slips! Rejection Slips! Rejection Slips! Don’t Worry! Don’t Give up!!! A Note About The Sunday Indian Weekly – A Magazine In14 Indian Languages

 My Seventh and Last Entry (for Sunday)   In a Series of 7 for “7 Day Blogging Challenge for bloggers” from Jenson Taylor  Rejection Slip! Rejection Slip! Rejection Slip! Don’t Worry! Don’t Give up A Cover page of  The Weekly Magazine The Sunday Indian   Rejection Slips, Don’t Worry, Don’t Give up Yes, “Don’t Give Up”  rejection slip is the […] Read More

P V Ariel’s Letters (Responses to the Current Affairs)

PLAYING WITH GODS, MAYA’S MAYAJAAL, WANTED BRAND GANDHI (Letters to the Editor posted to different publications) Some of my write-ups posted to different newspapers and weeklies (published and unpublished Contents PLAYING WITH GODS MOM’S UNLEARNT LESSONS MAYA’S MAYAJAAL WANTED BRAND GANDHI SUCCESS STORY’ PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED MENTALLY TOUGH YOUR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE (THE SUNDAY INDIAN) lessmore Permanent […] Read More

A Feedback to the Outlook Editor’s Delhi Dairy

Subtitle A feedback to the write-up appeared in the weekly Outlook under the column: “Delhi Dailry” By Vinod Mehta, Chief Editor of the weekly. Contents lessmore Permanent link to this knol: Link Ariel, P V. A Feedback to the Outlook Editor’s Delhi Dairy [Internet]. Version 3. Knol. 2009 Apr 19. Available from: CitationEmailPrintFavoriteCollect this […] Read More

An Editorial and A Response:

It is a dangerous precedence to create more states based just on mere political ambitions! by. Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-chief, The Sunday Indian The untimely demise of Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy could not have happened at a worse time. The sequence of events that happened post his death proved the same. If initially it was a […] Read More

No Butter Chicken–An Edit of Vinod Mehta And A Response.

Summary..A response to Outlook Magazine’s Year end special double issue on its cover story Dear Mr. Mehta this issue the double issue is no doubt a Special New Year gift to your readers. Your selection this year for the feast is really praiseworthy. Though as you said nothing much has happened as bad mews as […] Read More

Global Warming’ A Feedback to a Cover Feature and an Editorial

            The Cover Page Of the Magazine Global Warming’ A Feedback to a Cover Feature and an EditorialA Prize Winning Letter*A Feedback on the cover story and an editorialContents     * For a changed climate The cover story “Global warming… fire?”** and the edit “The UN Copenhagen…”*** (TSI, Dec 14-20) made a serious read. At […] Read More

News You Can Abuse, Please Do not Sell

A Feedback to a Cover Story of Outlook Weekly News Magazine A response to a cover story published in the popular Indian weekly News Magazine about the present trend of some of the media in India. Vinod Mehta the Chief Editor and his team brought out a vital and serious issue prevailing in the Indian […] Read More



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