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Sleep And Productivity – Experts Share Their Secrets Part II

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Last updated on May 12, 2020

Dear All,

This is in continuation of our previous roundup post on Sleep and Productivity published on these pages.

Sleep is essential to keep a healthy body. Sleep and Productivity are well connected to each other.  

In this massive (24K+words) roundup post, various experts from around the globe share their sleep and productivity secrets. 






Sleep and Productivity


Joye EMy strap-line is “Blogging After Dark”, so you can probably guess my answer. My most productive time is when “normal” people are already fast asleep in bed.

I can concentrate best when the normal distractions of life – unsolicited marketing calls, off-line clients, family, and friends – are over.

I have always been an “owl” rather than a “lark”. I’m probably rather sleep deprived, and I know it’s not a healthy lifestyle, but if I go to bed before 2am I just tend to lay there awake, so I may as well be up and either working or pursuing one of my hobbies – reading and jigsaw puzzles.

My life is upside-down! Daytime is for my social life and off-line business, but my online business is on the weekends and evenings – probably starting at 8pm and going on until 2am at which time I normally shut down for the night.

I don’t believe anyone who says that making money online is easy and can be done in a few minutes a day!

Looking forward to reading what other part-time home businesses owners do – but for me, this is what works best.

~ Joy ~ Blogging After Dark.


Tom r
There is a law that a select few are aware of and use to their advantage. A law so fundamental and so simple, that it is ignored by a large number of the so-called “elite” on the entrepreneurial world.
It states that:  “You can only work as hard as you rest.”
Therefore, my writing simply reduces in quality with each and every hour that I sleep less than 8. Because as we know, you can only work as hard, as your rest. 
That said, my BEST time for writing occurs at any time during the day, yet only if I have had my 8 long hours of sleep.
~ Tom Hunt ~ TomHunt


Manidipa Profile

Sleep – one of the most important yet most understated elements of productivity.  I have slowly started to realize how crucial it is to get a good night’s sleep. You will find many data over the web, which shows the productivity effect of good sleep – or rather a deficiency of it. But without the stats also we can understand, how the lack of proper sleep can damage our efficiency.

Like many of my online peers, I too tend to work late nights, as I find that time totally chaos-free. But as you know, work is never-ending and hence end up compromising my sleeping time. Being a full-time mom, I don’t have the luxury to cover up the time in the morning too :-)  As a result, I used to lose a few days in a month because of dizziness.

Gradually I am exploring other options like – working early mornings. I now allow my writings before starting the daily chores and keep other associated tasks like commenting, promoting etc. for the later hours. And to my delight, this is being demonstrated as my best productive time. Everyone may not have the same flexibility. However, we can surely mix and match our work time to give full respect to the Sleep Monster.   ~Manidipa Bhaumik  ~ WpBlogging360



This age-old debate warrants the simple answer; it depends on.

It depends on the person’s determination and work ethic.

It depends on the person’s sleep schedule.

I’m an early riser. 4:20am every day. I workout, read, write, and plan my day before 7am. But I’m also asleep by 10pm each night. Most people couldn’t wake at that time to save their lives, but they can stay up till midnight or 1am.

I can run at full-throttle on 5-6 hours of sleep. Any less and I’m groggy. Any more and I feel lazy like I’ve slept the day away. The morning gives me a serene, quiet time to focus on my writing, as well as fitness, learning, and planning.

You’ve probably heard ‘you need 8 hours of sleep each night to be fully productive.’ I call shenanigans. Show me an extremely successful entrepreneur who gets that and maybe, just maybe I’ll hit snooze!    ~ Josh Coffy  ~ flightmedia


Sherman Smith rTime is limited for a lot of us. Especially those who work full-time jobs and/or have families.As for me, I have a full-time job and yes I have to squeeze time into my blog and affiliate marketing. So with that said, this year I decided to work smarter and not harder.

Last year I focused more on publishing a blog once a week, but this year I focused more on branding and promotion. I put more effort in engaging in social media groups, blogging communities, and quora which are a Q&A site. I still blog, but I only publish 1 or 2 blogs a month.

With this plan, I’ve been getting about the same amount of traffic, but more email subscriptions. So yes, I’ve been doing the 80/20 approach which is focusing on promotion and branding 80% of the time and publish valuable blog posts 20% of the time.

This gives me more time to do productive tasks as well as have a life at the same time!   ~ Sherman Smith ~ ShermamSmithBlog


cutmypicLack of sleep greatly affects my productivity. My concentration slightly decreased accordingly. I hate that feeling. So, no matter how busy I am, I took the time to sleep at least 6 hours / day.

I write when I want to write. So, I don’t really have the best time to write. When I decided to write, then I’ll start writing. But, one thing is for sure, I never write at night (unless there is a particular interest).

Writing at night is not too productive for me. Since I’ve been thinking about a lot of things before.

So, I used the time to write in the morning and noon, in the late afternoon most of the time I use to work out, and at night, I use for final settlement of my previous work.   ~ Nanda Rahmanius ~  OsoSimpleTechnologies


cutmypic(88)Lack of adequate rest or sleep during the night hours does affect my productivity negatively during the daytime, especially if I had to go out the next day to return home at night.
If I can’t get my head in the best of shape, is hard for me to concentrate on marketing activities and even sit down in front of the computer to write. Adequate sleep is one of those things that get my brain in the right mode and refresh it for another task ahead.  A t the moment, I write most of the contents as a draft and save on my iPad during the ddaytimebecause it allows me to move around and still have my writing materials with me as I walk around the room.
My best time of writing is when everyone is either not at home or in bed sleeping. So I prefer writing when the home is quite and there is less disturbance.  ~ Shamsudeen Adeshokan   Cybernaira


Susane 3
We kid ourselves that we can do without sleep and flourish on 4 hours a night. This is a rare human and I worry that they will suffer from GO-GO-FLOP syndrome. I find that I need to turn off technology 1-2 hours minimum before sleep and get at least 6.5 hours to pull through the day with less collateral damage due to fragile mood. I’m freshest in the morning when it’s quiet. That’s when I write – I like the big thinking tasks first thing after a good stretch when I’m fresh. By 3-4 pm I’m a bit distracted and resort to mundane maintenance tasks for my clients and myself. If I’m traveling for business alone, PLANES and hotel rooms are a great time to write and write – new venue sparks creativity.   ~ Susan Finch ~ SusanFinch

cutmypic (24)In the past few months, I have had to change my sleep schedule. My challenge now is to get into a new habit of going to sleep earlier so that I can wake up earlier. I know 8 hours of sleep is critical to my health and performance throughout the day. I may think I am being more productive by staying up later and getting more done, the reality is that I am doing more harm than good for myself.

I have found the best time for me to write is in the morning. Everyday, I wake up a little before 5. I ride my bike for 5 miles, about 20 minutes to get the blood flowing. I come back and make some coffee and sit down to write. It has been my experience that writing at this time of day gives me the best ideas so I can have a positive impact on the lives of those around me.

Let me know your thoughts. Happy to answer any questions for you. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you.

~ Gerald Rhodes  ~GeraldRhodes


cutmypic(11)Good quality deep sleep makes me well rested and rejuvenates my productivity. I feel happy and energetic – rating to go when I wake up. Lack of sleep makes me groggy and slow and eats into productivity. My best creative and productive time is early in the mornings – as early as 3am sometimes. With nothing else to disturb me at the time, ideas flow freely, the focus is highest and I can complete an article from start to finish.

~ Sharad Verma ~  iSharad


Vinton Samms rIn running a business and certainly for me, blogging is a business, in the course of a regular day, it is always difficult to keep up with all the activities to be done and then find time to do research and write. At the end of the day, I am exhausted and Sleep for me is a very important activity. Depending on the topic I am writing on, the research can take a long time. I tend to do this in the early mornings because trying to do it at the end of the day will put me to sleep over the computer. My most productive time in terms of writing is early mornings between 3:00 a.m – 7:00 .m.

~Vinton   ~  1SureProfits


Sleep is key for me. My brain remains in a foggy state all day if I don’t get at least 7 hours a night, preferably 8 hours. Even more would be nice, but that’s always hard to manage, especially if you are a writer. Because, here’s the thing: writers write even in their sleep! We are always searching for the next topic, the next chapter, or a new twist on something we are in the process of creating. And, many times I have woken up from a sound sleep because I know, I just know in my heart-of-hearts, that I won’t remember whatever it is the morning; so I force myself awake! Bet many of the other writers in this round-up have done this, too!
As relates to productivity, I learned long ago to keep “office hours.” What I mean by this is that I work on writing a minimum of 4 days a week (5 if I can squeeze it in) for 8 hours a day. I’m on my computer, honing my craft from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Then, I turn off my computer and walk away. But, even though my computer is down from 5:00 p.m. at night until 9:00 a.m. the next morning, I always have a pad of paper and a pen at hand for those spurts of inspiration.
So, my best time for writing is 4 days a week from 9 to 5. The other 3 days I work hard at having a life to write about!
~ Carole ~ Toot Sweet 4 Two


cutmypic (14)
If I don’t get enough sleep in I can’t blog effectively. A simple 20-minute task will end up taking me 2 hours and my work becomes sloppy. When I started blogging I was so overwhelmed that I slept for 4 hours a night for a week straight. I eventually got sick and had to rest. Since then, I sleep 6-7 hours a night and nap when I can during the day (benefit of being a stay at home mom and getting up 3 times a night).
More sleep equals better ideas and more productivity for me.   ~ Suzi Whitford ~ StartaMomBlog


Sleep is a vital part of my productivity. I used to wear it as a badge of honor “only slept 4-5 hours last night etc” but after 5 years of that, I started getting sick often, lethargic, the flu 2x per year and generally feeling like crap. I wouldn’t be productive and it would affect my work and my bottom line. Get some rest! At the very least, 6 hours is what I need.  Yes, there are some nights when you can crank out an all-nighter on a few hours of sleep, but that must be the exception, not the norm.   ~Patrick Coombe ~  EliteStrtegies


I need at last 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night to be at my peak – and at least, a 30-minute power nap during the day to stay sane!
Anything less is simply not enough to get me to function even at half capacity…slightly more, I’m dull, a little lazy and generally, desire more – at the detriment of my work (freelancing, blogging, and authoring of amazing books and eBooks).
As for writing, the best time I pen down my thoughts is first thing in the morning…or first thing after jumping up from my power nap.   The reason is simple: the best ideas come to me after I have adequately rested.  ~ Akaahan Terungwa ~  NoToPoverty

ETWTG “Getting enough sleep is so important for my focus, and I do by best work in the morning when I am well rested. However, I have to admit that I do get a lot of work done late at night after my kids have gone to bed and there are no interruptions. When I’ve been up late, I make sure that I get some sort of a cat nap in during the middle of the day. Sometimes you can’t always have the perfect day, and you just have to make adjustments!

~ Mary Fernandes ~ MaryFernandez


Being an engineering student, I face a lot of difficulties managing time for my blogs as well as my engineering assignments and other college events. But in the long run, I have learned to manage both the things and so far my results have been good.

After my college hours, I am left with only a few hours on working days, while I am free most of the time during Saturdays and Sundays. I still don’t feel the freshness and activeness in me to write a blog post. While on holidays, I go for heavier tasks and use my morning hours for writing. I am very much into writing detailed articles with lots of facts and images so it does take a whole day to finish writing the post. Sometimes it even takes more than a day to finish a single article.

One thing, which I experience a lot, is, productivity decreases at a very high rate as the day passes by or also when I miss my sleep. Writing quality posts need a good amount of concentration and most of the time if I feel sleepy or inactive I fail to produce good content.

As bloggers, many of us compromise a lot on health and sleeping is something that most of us usually don’t care about. So my humble suggestion is, get a good sleep on a regular basis and always try to write posts/articles in the morning hours rather than going for late night hours.

~ Iftekhar Ahmed  ~  IftiSEO


Fortunately, lack of sleep doesn’t affect me too much these days – unless I have a night where I get barely any sleep at all, that is. I have a toddler (who’s two-years-old), so in recent years,  I’ve adapted to getting less sleep than I was previously used to. If I have a really bad night’s sleep or if I’ve had a stressful day then admittedly I might give blogging a miss until I’m feeling a little more productive and motivated – the last thing I’d want to do is to force it.
As I’m a freelance SEO consultant in my day-job, and I like to try and work as “9 to 5” as possible, I usually blog and write during weekday evenings. I don’t like doing client work during those times as my brain’s winding down for the day, but I often find that it’s the perfect time to blog – I treat blogging as a hobby anyway (even though I usually blog about work-related topics), so I enjoy it. Throw in a glass of wine and an episode of a good TV show on Netflix in the background and it’s the perfect way to end off the day. :-)
~Steve Morgan ~ SEOno


cutmypicThe doctors suggest that we need to get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours sleep  a day for a healthy body.  But in today’s stressful life, where we are always running about on our toes, it is impossible to get a daily 8 hours sleep every day. Now is this an excuse or is it really true? The contemporary generation is always running around, trying to grow in life and in turn sacrificing their good night’s sleep. And it is not only with us. It is with teenagers who are either glued to the computers or studying the whole night or a professional who is slogging hard to get the next promotion or a housewife who is trying to complete all her house old chores for the next day.

The same happens with me as well as a digital marketing executive by day and a blogger by night.  It sometimes does happen that there are deadlines to meet and too many articles that I have to complete in time. This affects sleep as well; after which I find myself to be lethargic and tired. My brain stops working and my productivity goes for a toss. It is very necessary to get a good night’s sleep every day for your brain to work well.

The best time for me to write is the early morning when I am fresh after a good night’s sleep. My humble suggestion to everyone is to keep in half your night task with early morning time to sharp end on your job !!   ~ Karthik Sabini  ~  Wipsen


Sleep (or lack of it) makes a huge difference in my ability to be productive. When I don’t get enough sleep, I am sluggish and unable to do my best work. When I am well rested, I am able to do creative work – and I find that I also come up with new ideas to expand my blog and business. Luckily, I work for myself, and because of it, I am able to get enough sleep every single night. (One of the big perks of being an entrepreneur.)
When it comes to my post productive time to blog, I do my best work in the morning, right after I have breakfast and my glass of cold brew coffee. By the time it gets later, my creative juices aren’t quite flowing as much as they should be to write great content.
~ Daniela Uslan ~ DanielaUslan.Com


Sleep is important. On average, a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day is sufficient to keep me being productive the entire day. Any lesser and I will feel a huge slowdown! You can reduce nearly everything in life but when it comes to sleep, there is no replacement for that.

As for writing, my best time for writing is when I am in the mood! In this case, I would be on the high side usually between 9 to 11 am and 8 to 10 pm.   ~ Reginald Chan ~  ReginaldChan


Lack of sleep profoundly affects the way I function. It affects the way I think to an extent that I can’t think at all. Also, creativity, innovation and the energy to do something new always come in when my eyes have rested enough and my mind is open to observation.
Now, I do recommend rest but the time or number of hours are not really important for me. While on a busy day 3 hours of sleep freshens me up and on a weekend, I might sleep for eight long hours, only when I can afford that kind of luxury.
And about the best time for writing, it is entirely not in my control. In most of the situations, best ideas come in when I am in the bathroom, and sometimes they flood in when I am doing something important, and I am not supposed to think about ideas. But I do roll in with a cup of coffee and love to write in early mornings or late nights. They are to me the most exciting and inspiring times.    ~ Vinay Singhal ~ WittyFeed

cutmypic(67)Lack of sleep keeps me on edge; fueled up on caffeine and wrapped up in loungewear will keep me focused for hours. But only when I have a deadline. At this point, when my eyes are dry and my neck is weary, the only good hours for my writing are (very) early morning. It does two things for me; it gives me time to reorganize my head before the day and lets me establish a clearer message in my writing. During the day is the worst time – chances are my schedule is busier, fatigue has set in and time dedicated to writing, amongst the other lines on the to-do list, never get my full attention.

Flip that on its side; when I’m stocked up on good sleep, midday is the best time for me. Here, a fresh-faced me takes a lot less time to create a good piece of writing than me that’s running on three hours kip. So if I had to choose? It would definitely be the latter,  I’m more productive, my work is better and I can correct the errors in the words I wrote whilst lacking in sleep.Lack of sleep keeps me on edge; fueled up on caffeine and wrapped up in lounge-wear will keep me focused for hours. But only when I have a deadline. At this point, when my eyes are dry and my neck is weary, the only good hours for my writing are (very) early morning. It does two things for me; it gives me time to reorganize my head before the day and lets me establish a clearer message in my writing. During the day is the worst time – chances are my schedule is busier, fatigue has set in and time dedicated to writing, amongst the other lines on the to-do list, never get my full attention.

Flip that on its side; when I’m stocked up on good sleep, midday is the best time for me. Here, a fresh-faced me takes a lot less time to create a good piece of writing than me that’s running on three hours kip. So if I had to choose? It would definitely be the latter,  I’m more productive, my work is better and I can correct the errors in the words I wrote whilst lacking in sleep.    ~ Dominique Croft ~ DominiqueCroft


cutmypic(92)I’m generally much more productive after a good night’s sleep. Not sleeping enough or going to bed late definitely affects the amount of work I do during the day.If I’m already tired after working too much without a good rest (and although I try not to abuse it), I find that an espresso can really boost my energy and get me back on track.

Due to how well (or bad) I sleep and to how I tired I am, I spend almost all whole day just being lazy… only to feel much more awake and energetic when the day is ending — it usually happens when I get fed up with all the laziness.

At night, when all is quiet and calm, I tend to focus much more easily and my productivity rate  reaches its peak. That’s the best time to write for me. There are no distractions, words start flowing naturally and I get my work (finally) done. (That’s one of the reasons I go to bed late…)    ~ Louie Luc ~ Buzz Nitrous


cutmypic(76)There is no doubt that more and lack of sleeping affects our productivity as well as health also. And sometimes people face very serious problems also.In my case, I take proper sleep since If I don’t sleep well, I can’t focus on my work and without focus doing work doesn’t add any value to the work. And I feel pain in my body also. So I take 7 – 8 hours’ sleep daily So that I could do my work properly with full focus.   Every blogger should do exercise daily since we people have been sitting whole day and sometimes a whole day and night in front of the computer, which can affect our health badly.   We all know very well “Health is wealth.”

I feel fresh after sleeping; it doesn’t matter it is morning or night. Yes, my sleeping time is not fixed. Sometimes, I sleep in the day or sometimes in the night.
Time after waking up is the best time for me that I use for writing or any other work which need more focused and fresh mind. Mostly, I prefer morning times if I have slept in the night.   ~ Jyoti Chauhan ~ UpdateLand


Sleep and productivityA study suggests that 8 hours of sleep at night + a half hour of a nap in the afternoon increases productivity, performance, and well-being.   I try to have a 7-hour sleep and a half hour of a nap in the afternoon, that helps me to perform at my best throughout the day.

I enjoy writing either very early in the morning around 6:00 A.M. or in the evening around 7:00 P.M.

As  bloggers, we are expected to write emails, blog posts, social media updates, etc.   Throughout my day I end up writing something, but when it comes to writing my blog posts I always either write it in the morning or in the evening. That is when best ideas float in my mind.    ~  Rohan Chaubey  ~ RohanChaubey


cutmypic (7)Getting not just good sleep but great sleep has been very important for my productivity levels. Lack of sleep often results in a foggy mind and short temper.

It is a must that you understand how important the Quality of your Sleep is. If you want to wake up with a lot of energy, then you should really make sure you are getting high-quality sleep.

For me; my best time to get the most creative writing juices flowing would be right after a great night of high-quality sleep followed by a nice shower and healthy breakfast.

If I’m sleepy, I would feel really tired, and if I feel really tired, then I would experience low energy levels throughout my body and mind. At this point, I would have a very hard time focusing and it would easy for me to get annoyed by the smallest things.

High-quality sleep is such an important thing to have in order to experience high levels of productivity. This is tremendously important for every writer and content creator, to understand and implement.

~ Freddy Gandarilla ~  InternetMarketingBlog101


cutmypic (12)
Sleep plays a very important role in improving my productivity. I cannot work efficiently when I have not slept well, at least for 6 hours of time. Sometimes, I am forced to take a nap, between work so as to get the concentration back. The best time for me to write is – evening hours when there are coolness and calmness.
~ Dr. JV Hebbar ~


jasbinder round
Sleep is a beautiful, precious and highly treasured part of my life including power naps! In my younger years, I did not see the point of sleep thinking I could be just as productive and efficient with limited sleep. Wrong! It is a myth as our productivity plummets and sleeps deprivation over time has disastrous consequences. Neuroscience is now proving the significant and critical role of sleep in learning, memory encoding, and our moods. Anecdotally too, we have known about the benefits of sleep in our decision-making, “Let me sleep on it!” And as per Mahatma Gandhi – “ Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn”. My best time for writing is the morning when I am most fresh.   ~Jasbindar Singh ~


James McAllister“Having suffered from insomnia my whole life, it’s clear to me that the amount of sleep you get can have a huge effect on productivity and the quality of work you can accomplish.After a night of little sleep, I find myself less motivated, less creative, and more impatient. Needless to say, it requires a lot more mental strength to get the same amount of work done.

I try to combat this by structuring my work so I’m doing the most intensive, creative work during the times of the day where I’m most awake and alert, and saving the monotonous work that doesn’t require much thought for right before bed, or right after I wake up.

By doing this, I’m able to be sure my best work is put out where it’s needed most, and everything else still gets done as it’s supposed to.”

~ James McAllister ~ HelpStartMySite


I seem to have found a simple solution to all the sleep deprivation caused due to blogging. I blog lesser, but I blog better. I write only when there is a strong urge making me want to write on a topic, and don’t write just because one needs to write. This automatically gives me more time to sleep better, even if it means that some of these blog posts might come much after regular sleeping time.
~ Prateek Shah ~ DigitalDefynd


Sleep and productivityI’m definitely less productive when I’ve not had enough sleep. If I have one bad night, it doesn’t seem to have an effect — but several nights of 5 – 6 hours sleep in a row is tough. (I do best on about 7.5 – 8 hours sleep.) At some points in my life, this hasn’t been a problem at all — I just slept later in the mornings if I’d gone to bed late or slept badly. These days, with two small children, it’s a lot tougher to get enough sleep! I’m trying to get into the habit of going to bed earlier.
I can write at almost any time of day — whatever is available. I’m at my creative best in the mornings, but afternoons work okay too (and I typically work on my fiction writing between 5.15pm and 5.45pm, when my husband takes care of the kids). The one time of day that really doesn’t work for me is the evening: I struggle to focus from 7 pm onwards, and I try to use these hours to read, to relax and to catch up with housework rather than using them to write.    ~ Ali Luke ~  Aliventures


yousuff R“Retiring to bed later than 10 pm for two days or more drastically affects my productivity several days later.

Knowing I had a bit of struggle with insomnia a couple of months in 2015, while also struggling to get some good writings done every day, I hustled to maintain a healthy sleeping habit; namely, retiring as early as 9 pm to bed.

That keeps me fresh and ready to tackle my creative work the next morning.

As a result, my favorite writing time is usually the wee hours of the morning (4 am) up until some few minutes past noon.   ~  Yusuff Busayo ~  Starttiny


Mairaj rWell because of blogging activity I don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is, in fact, the most significant thing for every blogger since it directly impacts on our health and it leads to less productivity and performance.

The major health issue which I am facing is a headache and burning sensation of eyes. To overcome these problems one must get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours sleep.

As far as my writing is concerned, the most appropriate time for me is when I am totally free from any sort of distraction. As we all know that “Sound mind resides in sound body”. As far as time is a concern I would like to say, I do not have any specific time for content writing. I gather ideas in my mind anytime and then I start assembling all my thoughts in the form of articles.   ~Muhammad Mairaj ~ EtutorialBlog


cutmypic(100)Sleep is important but at the same time so is our online reputation and keeping it optimized. Even if sleep must be sacrificed, cause us to work long hours, over weekends or into the wee hours of the evening what matters is persistence and making it happen. Don’t get me wrong, I like to sleep just like the next guy but as long as I get 5 hours of shut eye I can always make it up during a cat nap or over the weekend.
Most of my writings are technical in nature being that I’m a Google Rising Star, Google Small Business Advisor in the Google Small Business Community and Google Partners Badged Agency and Ambassador in the En Advertiser Community among an assorted number of projects. My objective with my writings is to translate something difficult into something that can be understood. The best time of the day where I write best is late evening after all the daily distractions are gone and can focus on my writing. What separates those who want from those who do is a person with persistence, focus, and the ability to being uncomfortable including lack of sleep.

~Molly Youngblood Geiger  ~ DesignRight4U



If I’m to say lack of sleep can get one’s brain knocked, I should be correct. Considering the fact that I’m a student as at now, who combines schooling with blogging. Lack of sleep has been one of my major problems, I at times experience a migraine, due to the fact that I barely sleep 3 hours a day, though I’m used to it already.

Lack of sleep has in no way affected my productivity because I have a schedule of how I run my day to day activities. With the limited time I have in a day, I still update my blog, communicate with clients reply my mail and follow up any trend on the internet.

Is there really any best time for me to write? Hell NO, I feel comfortable writing at any time, except for the fact that my schedule mostly leaves the night for blogging, so writing more at night on my blog isn’t a choice, it’s something I’m been forced to do regarding my schedule.

~  Larry Frank  ~  TechRibs


cutmypic (2)

If you are chasing your passion, less sleeping hours can never influence your productivity.

Even when you get success by working extra hours by cutting the time of sleep, you get more inner satisfaction and motivation.  I know bloggers are dreamers so they prefer to chase dream rather than sleeping even at late nights. Most of the bloggers do not sleep for long hours due to their unconscious mind working for their blog progress. However, at least 4 hours of sound sleep is always necessary.   Sleep and Productivity are an interesting subject to talk about. 

My best time for writing my blog posts is morning hours ie between 9 AM to 12 AM, the time when I am ready with fresh ideas.

~ Sharad Gupta  ~  CreativeBlogThinking


cutmypic(33)Every one of us knows that it’s hard to work when we can barely keep our eyes open. Apart from making me feel sluggish, lack of sleep affects my productivity at work. I need at least 7 hours of good night’s sleep to work properly and with full concentration the next day. After a good sleep, I can do more than expected. Being a health blogger, I know that lack of sleep can affect my health adversely. I also affect my productivity, my performance, and my learning capability. So to avoid this I try to stick to a proper sleep schedule.

I make a schedule for doing different things at different times. I prefer to write in the morning with a fresh mind. This helps me come up with a lot of ideas and keeps me focused.   ~ Sonal Talwar  ~  HealthFundaa


Naman finalAccording to me, a great night’s sleep is one in which you wake completely revived. A great sleep, which is about 8 hrs, have an incredible impact on my metabolism and digestion system. As we all know, if you don’t take a good nap, then you haven’t given your brain or your body the time it needs to repair itself. Night’s sleep is one of the key variables which decides, your day will turn out to be good or bad; productive or unproductive.

I aim at taking a 8 hrs night’s sleep but usually end up having a 6 hrs sleep only because of my busy schedule as I have to manage both studies and my blog. I spend around 2 hrs/day in a week and 4-5 on weekends, on my blog, which I feel is sufficient to keep it active and updated. I work from 4 to 6 PM on my blog but don’t have any proper schedule for weekends. Sometimes due to disturbances in my schedule I have to compromise my morning walk and have to sleep little longer or it will affect the next day, making it less productive. So friends sleep well and stay productive.   ~Naman Kumar ~  UnZipLife


I am a teen techie who loves experimenting with new sorts of stuff every day like, setting up blogs, developing web applications, tools, and widgets. I am juggling with “e” world to make a living out of it!

To be more productive I’ve reduced social activities and gaming to outsource my time. I make sure I take 6 cutmypic(91)hours sleep do stretches and cardio workout daily in the gym to keep myself healthy. I frequently update my content to make sure I am providing the exactly knowledgeable content to my readers.  I do these things within this time limit and as I said I make sure to get a minimum of 6 hours sleep.  If I miss that sleep time the productivity goes down.  ~ Issac Paul  ~ ERobber



cutmypic (19)When I first started, I was so fascinated with blogging I spent 90% of my time doing things that went towards my websites.

So sleep for me was like the solar eclipse…only happens once in a while.

Seriously, I had so much fun working on my blogs, I still do, I probably only slept every 2 or 3 days on average.

You would think I’d be the most successful blogger right now with all that time spent, right? Yeah. But a good chunk of my time and efforts went to stuff that didn’t work. So that was time wasted.

So eventually, the lack of sleep caught up to me.  After some months, I started getting headaches. My eyes were always red with black circles around them (like a raccoon).    So I needed to change the way I was working. I hated that I had to because my online earnings weren’t where I wanted them to.    But thanks to blogger outreach and influencer marketing, I was able to grow my main blog and brand to a level I’m happy with.  Now I work on a simple work schedule.

I write content when I get up in the morning, work on my website in the afternoon, and do whatever I want after that (sometimes play, sometimes work).   ~ Julian Sakanee ~  BloggingAid 




sleep and productivity



*SAP India CEO Ranjan Das Died After A Gym Workout*

Ranjan Das, CEO, and MD of SAP-Indian subcontinent died after a massive cardiac arrest in Mumbai recently.
One of the youngest CEOs, he was only 42.

*What killed Ranjan Das?*

He was very active in sports, was a fitness freak and a marathon runner.

After his workout, he collapsed with a massive heart attack and died. He is survived by his wife and two very young kids.

It was certainly a wake-up call for corporate India. However, it was even more disastrous for runners.

The question arises as to why an exceptionally active, athletic person succumbed to a heart attack at 42 years of age.

*What is the real reason?*

Everyone missed out a small line in the reports that *Ranjan used to manage with 4-5 hours of sleep.*

In an earlier interview of Ranjan on NDTV in the program ‘Boss’ day out’, *Ranjan Das himself admitted that he sleeps less and would love to get more sleep.*

*Short sleep duration (<5 or 5-6 hours) increases the risk for high BP by 350% to 500%* compared to those who slept longer than 6 hours per night.

*Young people (25-49 years of age) are twice as likely to get high BP if they sleep less.*

*Individuals who sleep less than 5 hours a night have a 3-fold increased  risk of heart attacks.*

Just one night of sleep loss increases very toxic substances in the body such as Interleukin-6 (IL-6), Tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and C-reactive protein (CRP). They also cause cancer, arthritis and heart disease.

Sleeping for <=5 hours per night leads to 39% increase in heart disease.
Sleeping for <=6 hours per night leads to 8% increase in heart disease.

*What is ideal sleep?*

In brief, sleep is composed of two stages: REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and non-REM. The former helps in mental consolidation while the latter helps in physical repair and rebuilding.

*No wonder when one wakes up with an alarm clock after 5-6  hours of sleep, he/she is mentally irritable throughout the day (lack of REM sleep).*

And if somebody has slept for less than 5 hours, the body is in a complete physical mess (lack of non-REM sleep), the person is tired throughout the day and immunity is way down.

Barring stress control, Ranjan Das did everything right: eating proper food, exercising, maintaining proper weight. But he missed getting proper and adequate sleep, minimum 7 hours. That killed him.

*We are playing with fire if we are sleeping less than 7 hours even if we have low stress.*

Do not set your alarm clock to less than 7 hours.

Ranjan Das is not alone…

Please Do Share it with all the Good People In ur Life…

DR.N Siva
*(Senior Cardiologist)*

We are playing with fire if we are sleeping less than 7 hours/day even if we have low stress! A post for all busybodies via Click To Tweet



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    sanjay jain

    Hi P V,
    This is really a piece of amazing information to me. The secrets sleeping pattern of different experts from around the world is really wonderful to know.
    I appreciate you for compiling such a feast for your readers. It is really interesting to know the sleeping plans of some of the experts.
    Good to know that most of them utilize their prime time as the morning time. Yes, our sleep will affect our productivity too
    I am bookmarking it for reading fully as it is a big post it takes lot of time to read fully.

    December 12, 2018
  2. Muhammad Afzal Yasin
    Muhammad Afzal Yasin

    Sleep and productivity is interlinked!
    Our sleep method have to do a lot of things with our productivity. No doubt if we do not get enough sleep our body will not helps to move forward and thus it results in less productivity. It is really interesting to note about to find ourown sleep time with the platform link you shared. Anyone can find their sleep time by using our twitter handles. I found mine, it is exactly the same as I do, that is really amazing!
    I am sharing this with my friends and families.
    Keep sharing such informative posts in the coming years.

    December 26, 2018

    Thanks for bringing all the expertise on the subject on one-page great package information love it.
    Good to know the different sleep pattern the busybodies are following. Indeed there are lot of things to pick from this awesome post.
    keep sharing
    Best regards

    December 31, 2018
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    jef marshal

    Hi Philip,
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a mammoth post for your readers.
    The influencers/experts who shared their experiences are really worth notable and follow.
    It is really good to know the different personalities lifestyle and especially their sleep schedule and writing time etc,
    Indeed a very well compiled roundup post.
    Keep sharing such posts for the information of your readers.

    December 31, 2018
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    This is really interesting.
    Good to know the secrets and sleeping pattern of experts from around the globe.
    Your website is very interesting and informative
    Great share.
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  6. Sonali Jha
    Sonali Jha

    HI Philip,
    This is indeed a massive post with a lot information to note and follow.
    I am so glad that I found this today while searching for something on the net.
    Good that I landed here to follow some sleep patterns for my life. As you mentioned sleep is very essential to keep up to control our productivity, yes, these two are interlinked.
    Thanks for sharing this very impressive and informative post.

    January 4, 2019
  7. Hello Philip, how are you?
    Thanks for you, for writing this type of article. We work in our workplaces on a daily basis. Where we put out much of our efforts.
    But I confirm maximum employee couldn’t be taken easily. The sad part is that the companies don’t try to understand an employee, and how can possible squeeze more work or productivity through the employee’s efforts. The companies should note the importance of giving more facilities to their employees so that they can get more productivity. For this, I think everybody needs sufficient rest to provide good work. I am sure this innovative new thinking should make a note by the employers.
    Yes, sleep and productivity is interlinked, an employee need sufficient sleep to

    January 5, 2019
  8. Michel forst
    Michel forst

    Great info here!
    Wonderful testimonies shared by the experts from around the world.
    Really a wonderful post on sleep and productivity.
    I am bookmarking it for reading fully on a later stage as it is a long post.
    Thanks for sharing this great information.
    Keep up the good work.
    Will come again to read more such posts, keep us informed.
    Good one.

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  9. Francis

    Hello Philip,

    This is indeed an awesome collection of short quotes on the importance of sleep. Sleep is indeed very important for one’s productivity on the long term.

    Its very nice to hear so many influencers posting their thoughts on sleeping which translates to a lot of benefits.

    Thanks for the article

    I will share this to my friends

    January 16, 2019
  10. Nancy

    This post is really informative one. The experiences shared by the experts are really interesting and worth notable.
    I need to pick some of their sleeping habits. Thanks for sharing.

    April 30, 2020
  11. Dex

    I’m a bit skeptical when someone says “sleeping increase productivity”. Because for me, sleeping just makes decreasing my productivity. I tend to sleep a lot, and sometimes sleeping leads me to procrastination.

    May 13, 2020
  12. Dorse Griffin
    Dorse Griffin

    Hello, Philip!
    This article is good. The impact of sleep to people is potential. I am very happy to see so many experts share their views on sleep. I will share this article to my friend and let them pay attention to sleep.
    Thank you for your article!
    Keep writing.

    July 21, 2021

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