Our Roundup Post -130+ Online Experts Share their Secrets – Is Live On The Pages Of The Huffington Post


Last Updated On: August 14, 2019

Pic Courtesy The Huffington Post
#Roundup post, Image Source The Huffington Post

Roundup Post! Yet Another Good News The Day After The BIG DAY! And A Thank You Note!

Yes, the much-awaited post, the latest Roundup post of Philipscom  130+ Online Experts Share their Sleep and Productivity Secrets is now live on the pages of ” The Huffington Post ” in two-part series. The links are given below:


This is a Thank you note to all my online friends who responded to my invitation to join me in this massive post as well as the one who helped me in making this post success in different ways!

Especially my thanks go to Lesly Federici of PAC Community, Robin Khokhar of TrickyEnough, Minuca Elena of MinucaElena, Lorraine Reguly of WordingWell, Sue Bride of SueBlimely, Brent Jones of BrentJonesOnline for their relentless support in various time in developing this post.

And, a  BIG thanks to my better half Ann for helping me out in developing this post in various stages and of course for her great patience!

I also extend my heartfelt thanks to M Ashraf of The Malayalam News of Saudi Arabia, who invite me to write a note about Roundup posts and the present trend in the internet world in the esteemed daily The Malayalam News.

Also, I extend my thanks to Zak Mustapha of FoolishnessFile who took the initiative to publish this on the pages of The Huffington Post.

In short, I am so glad to say that this is a great success, or let me say a triple success in my blogging journey!

final collage 1
One of the collages made for #Philipscom #Roundup

To clear this I must say: First, the responses and shares received for this post are tremendous, and an amazing one indeed!

The shares on the second day of the publication were 450+ Indeed, that was one of the greatest achievements!

And I express my thanks to all the dear ones who wholeheartedly accepted my invitation to join in this massive round-up post I ever made. And also for the support given me in sharing this on their pages as well as on their social websites with wonderful, touching and encouraging notes.

I am so glad to say that this is a great success, or let me say a triple success in my blogging journey! Click To Tweet
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#Malayalam News,  #Gulf Daily

Second, a note or a write-up about this post is published in one of the top dailies from Saudi Arabia, The Malayalam News. You can read the post’s PDF of the post in one of my posts  HERE. For this great help, I am indebted to M Ashraf of  KanaappuramBlog

#TheHuffingtonPost #Roundup #philipscom

And the third in line is the re-publication of the post in one of the prestigious online publications “The Huffington Post”  in two parts. For this, I am indebted to Zak Mustapha of FoolishnessFile. You can read that post PART I  HERE And PART II HERE

Yes, last but not the least is Mr. Robin Khokhar of TrickyEnough whose technical supports are worth mentioning in this Thank you note.

Thanks, Robin for your continued support in various aspects of this blog’s success.

I appreciate your valuable suggestions and advice.  Keep up the good work.

I once again express my wholehearted thanks to my regular visitors and readers for your support,  this means a lot to me.

Also please check out this related post, the seriousness or the importance of utilizing the early hours of the day. Read the post HERE

Keep visiting and keep sharing, I do sure reciprocate.

With All Good Wishes

For Philipscom Associates


Philip Verghese Ariel



M Ashraf   MalbuAndMalbi 

Zak Mustapha  FoolishnessFile 

Robin Khokhar  TrickyEnough 

Published on: Jul 12, 2016 @ 12:39


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46 thoughts on “Our Roundup Post -130+ Online Experts Share their Secrets – Is Live On The Pages Of The Huffington Post

  1. Hi Philip Sir,
    Thanks for the kind mention, that’s a lot of respect.
    Although I am always ready to help but more hard work is done by you alone.
    And secondly, I must say that your hard work is now going to help many bloggers
    because the post is now published in The Huffington Post the much talked about Online Newspaper.
    Very good job Sir. Keep up the good work.
    And thanks for sharing this post.
    ~ Robin

    1. Hi Robin,
      Thanks for the quick feedback.
      Yes, I am sure a lot of efforts are put in by me, but without people like you, this would not have been an easy go!
      But Robin, i have noticed a shocking thing in publishing posts on HP!

      I am sure, by publishing our posts on the pages of HP, it is much benefitted to the HP not people like us, This shocking thing I noticed today on the instruction of one of the top bloggers from India. Yes,
      I have checked and found that our original articles are getting pushed down by the search engines, and our post on HP is showing on top of the landing page. In such case, we will be the greatest loser, and instead, HP is the winner! Yes, our original page is getting pushed down by the search engines and our post on HP shows on top! Hey,
      tell me who is benefitted by this type of posting!
      Thanks and regards
      ~ Phil

      1. Hi Philip Sir,
        posting the same post on the other website is considered as duplicate content. Although if it’s content curation site it will be ok.
        But for posting the same content you use the canonical tag to keep up the original content owner.
        If it’s not a content curation site and not using the canonical tag then chances are that your site may get a penalty by google.

        1. Hi Robin,
          Thank a lot for your quick response to my anxiety!!!

          Oh my! if that is the case I must stop doing such activity at once! :-)
          My goodness getting a penalty from Google is unimaginable!
          Hey, but many are doing this type of posting, are they all getting warning or penalty from Google? I have noticed many people are doing this on the pages of HP and in fact most of the bloggers are really mad in getting a back link from HP! But, I am sure, they may not be aware of these type of hidden dangers! Thanks Robin for the value added reply to my feedback;

          Also to my surprise, my DA is dropped to 33 from 36. Is it because of this post?

          Thanks Robin

    1. Hi Abhishek,
      Good to hear that wonderful comment!
      Thanks Abhi for the uplifting thoughts!
      hey, but did you read the reply i made
      to Robin’s feedback? What should you
      say on this? or what is your take in this?
      As being an experienced blogger pl share your thoughts.
      Best Regards
      ~ Phil

  2. Philip Bro ! you are great !! Thanks for your powerful shout out for bloggers ! It’s really good & very hard work as Robin said, really it’s a very very hard work to complete the task on Huffington. This post is also a big success for every blogger. ! Once again thank you so much !!

  3. Awesome, Phil!

    I know how much time and effort you spent on this post and you certainly deserve all the shares and feature. :) Congratulations!


    1. Hi Anh.
      What a joy to hear from you again!
      Yes, as you know it’s indeed a tedious and time-consuming job,
      But the sad part is that even the people featured in the roundup most of them never turn back to the original page to say a word about the effort, instead the trend is that they all come on the pages of social sites and congratulate each other and go!! This is indeed a sad story of the Roundup posts!!! LOL
      No worries, but the satisfaction it gives only few people like you and me understand well
      Have good day
      Keep visiting
      Best Regarrds

    1. Hi Gabriella,
      Thank you so much for your uplifting compliments!
      And for the valuable time to visit again and of course for the valuable thoughts shared in the post. I appreciate your encouraging act.
      Keep up the good work
      Keep visiting
      May you have a great weekend
      ~ Phil

  4. What an excellent news. Well done, Philip. I’m really pleased your efforts have been noticed. You deserve it. Thank YOU for including my contribution. I now have a link on Huffington Post Hurray. :-)

    Being recognized like this is a great boost for you and your blog. Congratulations.

  5. Well the good thing about PV is that he know very well how to deal with blogging. Because of his hard work and dedication towards blogging he prove himself that he is a true blogger. The thing which i like the most is that he not only promote his own blog but they also take care of other bloggers. So, they give chance to those individuals who are struggling.

    Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful roundup :)



    1. Hi Mairaj
      Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments
      I am a bit elated by the words
      I fully agree with you that I find time to do help my
      fellow bloggers in whatever way i can. I am happy in doing those things
      I am glad that you joined me in the roundup too
      May you have a great time of interaction in the days ahead

  6. Hi Philip,

    I’m wondering, how much efforts you have invested to craft this post by consolidating all the replies of the experts with their image and blog link.

    This is really amazing! Hats off to your wonderful work.

    We are all glad that the round-up post got published in Huffinton post and yes, it is a great honor for all of us.

    Thanks for offering a great opportunity to reveal my sleep-productivity tips as well and you have nicely included in your post.

    Good to know that Robin had helped you a lot in making this post, regards to him as well.

    Keep your good work, Philip. It is really inspiring to blog with passion.

    1. Hi Nirmala,
      Happy to hear from you
      Sorry, I missed responding to this nice feedback
      Hope you are doing well
      Yes, it is indeed a tedious job to compile such a post
      Thanks for your uplifting words
      Keep visiting
      Keep sharing
      May you have a great week ahead

  7. Thanks a lot for this massive roundup blog post.
    Many different experts from around the world shared their experience.
    A layman can pick lot of do follow things from their shares,
    I appreciate your hard work in bringing out such an elegant post.
    Much thanks again for this great share.
    Keep up the good work
    Raghav Raaz

    1. Hi Raghav
      Good to see you on my page for the first time
      A warm welcome to you
      Thanks for your good words
      keep visiting’
      Hey please add a Gravatar picture on your profile how to do this is easy
      here is a guest post was written by an expert author on Philipscom
      follow the step so that you can do this and your picture too will appear along with your comments

    1. Hi Prince,
      Good to see you on my page for the first time,
      I appreciate your interest in creating a Roundup post on your page,
      though it’s a bit tedious job i am sure it fetches some extra traffic to your page
      Keep visiting
      May you have a great weekend
      ~ Philip

    1. Hi Hussain,
      What a joy to hear from you, its indeed a grat joy to meet you today and for the wonderful information shared. I appreciate your valuable time to drop in here and to share your views on this post.
      Keep visiting,
      I do reciprocate
      Have a great weekend
      Best Regards
      ~ Philip

  8. Hi Philip bro ,

    I am regular reader of your blog . But it’s the first time that I can’t resist myself to express my opinion . I can feel how much passion is needed to do round up post , then by editing and sequence it requires lots of time . And above all you have choosen excellent topics .Nice to read your roundup post .

    Thank you bro , wishing good luck . Have a great day . :)


    1. Hi Partho
      Thank you so much for your value added comment.
      I appreciate your time to visit my page regularey
      I was not aware about this since there was no feedback LOL
      Nice that you responded today
      Nice speaking to you this way
      Keep in touch
      I am sorry i really missed your feedback
      Hope you are doing well
      will surely visit your page soon’
      May you have a wonderful week ahead
      ~ Philip

  9. Great job, Philip.

    Great to see your hard work pay off.

    As to your ranking/duplicate content issue, I don’t know how this works exactly, but I’ve always been under the impression that the first to publish a content piece is the one that benefits from the ranking, and the others are penalized by Google for publishing duplicate content. So, if you published AFTER HuffPo, you would be hurt in the rankings, not HuffPo.

    Now, I also believe that if you put canonical link to the HuffPo article in your SEO by Yost, you are crediting HuffPo properly and therefore not punished, but considered a republisher of an original content… as Robin explained to my understanding.

    So, technically, even though you are the creator of the article, once you offer it as a guest post, you are transferring that right to HuffPo or any other site that publishes it initially. This may mean that you don’t rank as high for that post as they do, BUT, you also will get far many more and better backlinks by so doing than you would have by simply posting it on your own site.

    PS: you might also consider, in the future, reproducing such guest posts as pdf downloads to your email list, social site friends, and even include a banner link to such pdf within your own blog posts. That way, your readers get the original work from you, via pdf instead of published web content.

    Guest posting with roundup posts like this will help your blogging business vastly, but it’s not so much to get rankings, but more to get recognition, branding, backlinks and a general increase in traffic to your blog. As long as your blog is properly monetized either on site, or via backend email subscription sales funnel… it’s all well worth the effort you invested.

    Great job… I’d love to hear how you and Robin end up fixing the problem you had with Google. Maybe a follow up blog post :)

    1. Hi David,
      You are right that there may be a possibility that, instead of penalising HuffingtonPost this blog may be penalised by Google. that is because the reputation of the Huffingtonpost is much more than PVariel.com. But we can use the canonical tag to solve this issue.
      But only if the site is penalised but it is better to take precautions before anything happens.
      Or another thing that can be done to skip penalty is to remove the post from our blog or ask the Huffingtonpost to use a canonical tag or remove it.
      Thanks for the detailed feedback.
      May you have great weekend
      With Regards
      ~ Robin K

    2. Hi David and Robin,
      Thanks a lot for your wonderful observations and feedback.

      I appreciate David for the time you have taken for sharing your views. Thank you very much for the encouraging words. It means a lot to me, Sir!

      There are many who publish this way on the pages of HP, and the original publishers need not worry about a Google penalty.

      A good friend of me wrote a wonderful observation on this issue, that will give some weight to this discussion, so I am posting his observation here. He said:
      ” Bro. I Just visited the latest post you had there on your blog, and noticed your concerns regarding the weight of the Huffington Post roundup, and please accept my humble opinion as an SEO: All people you mentioned in your HP Roundup will win a great link from the reputable site, yeah the roundup links have no great weight as Google don’t like giving tons of link (outbound links) to people from one post and for the overusing of this technique lately, but still they have weight if the topic is great and if it is “Expert Roundup”, as lot of valuable inputs are there!! The point now is, which one will win?? the one in your site or the one in Huffington Post, as the experts quotes are the same?? HP is reputable site with a lot of backlinks and shares and no one can compare it to his site, so there is a great possibility that it will win, another reason is the social signals, people were motivated to share the Huffington Post one than sharing yours (everyone want to say that he was mentioned in HP), and the positive side is that people were so happy of the HP mentions, so I preferred to let them celebrate the moment.”

      That is his observation, and I fully agree with him, as everyone is interested in getting a backlink from Platforms like HP,
      And many celebrate their joy by sharing all thru the social sites and congratulate each other for being appeared on HP, the sad part is that many do this activity, fully neglecting the original publisher or his page! This is really frustrating! And a very sad thing to note!
      One way it is good to share the joy each other but at the same time, one cannot forget the original source or the real person behind their joy! Anyways it’s really good to see the happiness of others! :-)
      Nice speaking to both of you this way. :-)
      Keep visiting
      Keep sharing
      May you both have a great day.
      ~ Phil

  10. Hi Philip

    You certainly are inspiration and what an achievement. Thank you so much for featuring me in the post. I am so happy that this post is getting the attention it deserves.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    1. Hi Ikechi,
      It’s indeed a great joy to meet you again on my page
      I appreciate your valuable time.
      Yes,indeed the post is getting lot of attention by the wonderful shares of its participants.
      Especially shares and appreciation of few people like you are the secrets behind.
      Best Refards
      Keep sharing

  11. Hi Philip,

    I just reading your round up post & then this post. it is really amazing that your post is live in the HP & I also wish next time I also wanna part of your roundup post.

    I just reading the comments mentioned here & its true that many authors sharing their original post to HP & still I have doubt that how Google will see that type of post. Is really Google Penalising for posting original articles in HP?
    Need expert advice.

    1. Hi Pritam,
      Thanks for your valuable presence and the encouraging words and of course your anxiety in regard to Google’s look on such posts, I enquired with a good number of experts in this regard and they all in one accord says Goole never penalize such pages, but the thing is that in search engine our post posted on the pages of HP will show on the landing page and the original one will be down somewhere, thus we lose the real value.
      So one need to note this point when they pitch for the HP.
      But with my first post on HP was a different case, after publishing it on #Philipscom few months later only we published on HP and thus still my original post is on the landing page.
      Thanks Pritam for airing your concern here,
      Keep visiting
      Have a good day
      ~ Philip

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