What is women?

 What Is Women? What is women?  Though this post is published on an International Women’s day it has got a lot of value and meaning for all time.  Yes, I am sure we cannot just keep these amazing human beings just for that day.  Instead, they will be remembered and appreciated every day! In fact, that should be done at every moment of our life. Yes, they are to be

A Mother Who Left Behind an Exemplary Foot Prints to Follow

A Mother is remembered on this wonderful day called Mother’s Day (A Migrated Knol) A brief memoir of my mother Saramma Verghese (85 years) Promoted to Glory on July 8th, 2008 Contents July 8th 2011.        Three Years Just Passed By… Pleasant  Memories  of  My  Mother  is Still Lingering… My Beloved Mother Saramma Varughese A Photograph with her sister,sister-in-law, children & Grand Children  Screenshot of Google’s Knol Page July

Amazing Artists Arifa And Jumana, The Keralites From A Desert Land

Last updated on August 30, 2018. Amazing Art Works by Arifa And Jumana, one of my friends’ daughters. Arifa, Jumana, Your works are amazing !!  Keep it up!  Keep up the good work! We Wish You Both All Success in All Your Endeavors. May God Bless. with Love & Regards. Philip Uncle & Team Secunderabad Telangana State India. Amazing Artists Arifa And Jumana, The Keralites From A Desert Land An Oil Painting

N is for Nisha Pandey The SEO Blogger

N is for Nisha Pandey The SEO Blogger The next in line in the series is yet another wonderful blogger from India, she is none other than Nisha Pandey the SEO Expert! I met this amazing blogger via a social community platform and as I mentioned in my previous post – M Is for Mi Muba Our blogging relationship developed from that wonderful community and it’s still going on with


Last updated on November 7, 2018, LOVE YOUR MOM – EVERY ONE SHOULD READ THIS…………….. Your mom carried u in her womb for 9 months stretch & tear. She struggled 2 climb stairs, she got breathless quick,…She suffered many sleepless nights. She then went through excruciating pain 2 bring u into this world. Then, she became ur nurse, ur chef, ur maid, ur chauffeur, ur biggest fan, ur teacher, &

'Eesha Khare' The Indian Girl Who Invented a Device to fully charge a phone battery in one minute

Now No Worries!!! You Can re-charge your cell phone battery fully  in one minute. An India born girl Eesha Khare invented a device for this.  She bagged the Intel Awards for 2013 for this invention. Let us hope that the device will soon come to the market. Congrats Eesha!!! Keep it up! Keep Going! Good Wishes. Watch This Video. To Read More Please Click On The Below Link: Digital Trends

International Women's Day - Happy Women's Day To All Our Friends

Last updated on May 28, 2018 Pic. Credit. unwomen.org,au Pic. Credit. 123greetings.com Today (March 8th) Is A Wonderful Day, The World Over Celebrate This Day As Women’s Day I Wish All My W. Friends A Great Day Today As Well As The Days Ahead, Visit Site I Can Remember of Many Women in my life especially on this day, but I am reminded of the first woman in my life that

Disability is not a liability - Helen Keller The Conqueror of Physical Handicaps

Helen Keller The Conqueror of Physical Handicaps Helen A Keller “Disability is not a liability” This adage is proved by many in the time immemorial.  Yes, History is filled with such people who conquered physical handicaps through their life.  Among such wonderful and great people “Helen Keller”  tops the list.  She is an outstanding personality who lived a life worth the living. Helen Keller was born as Helen Adams Keller

lighter vein

Last updated on December 26, 2017 Lighter Vein, Few Jokes For The Day Picture Credit: surfkid74 SXC A Bit Delayed Jokes For The Day (Women’s Day) Have A Happy Cracking Weekend A Special Package for Business Men. An Airline Introduced A Special Package For Business Men. Buy Ur Ticket Get Ur Wife’s Ticket Free. After Great Success, The Company Sent Letters To All The Wives Asking How Was The Trip.

Women Leadership in Christian Churches - A Rejoinder

Last updated on July 27, 2018. Women Leadership in Christian Churches – A Rejoinder, A Thought (A Rejoinder to a Content at Associated.com) By P.V. Ariel, published Mar 22, 2008 Women Leadership in Christian Churches – A Rejoinder, A Thought”  This refers to an interesting article appeared on the pages of Associated Content (AC) under the caption, “What Role Can Women Play in Leading Worship? Under the sub head, ‘Exploring