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A Little Writer is Born – My Early Experience with My Writings

Last updated on August 07, 2019 My Early Experience With My Writings – A Little Writer Is Born (A Little Writer is Born) A writer is born here.  This is a note about my early experience as a writer. Some pleasant memories of my childhood days and my most valuable moments with my mentor, the […]

Amazing Artists Arifa And Jumana, The Keralites From A Desert Land

Last updated on August 30, 2018. Amazing Art Works by Arifa And Jumana, one of my friends’ daughters. Arifa, Jumana, Your works are amazing !!  Keep it up!  Keep up the good work! We Wish You Both All Success in All Your Endeavors. May God Bless. with Love & Regards. Philip Uncle & Team Secunderabad Telangana State […]

Matphil’s (My Son)Page In My Blog. Art works by paper toys

Matphil My Younger Son Mathews Verghese Philip (Matphil/Ashish) My younger son’s arts, crafts, and pictures in my blog.   This school vacation he found out some new page on the internet and started making paper toys. Here are some paper toy’s he made and photographed by himself.   More to follow…. Please Wait…. Thank you […]

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