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Last updated on July 14, 2019. Let Us Not Despise the Word of God: Let Us Heed To It It’s about the wonderful and marvelous Book (The Bible), the human ever received as a gift from God. The writer narrates its importance in an individual’s life. It also reveals the stability and accuracy of the Bible. We live in a world, which is subject to changes. Every moment changes are

The Story Behind the Christian Song - I Have Decided to Follow Jesus - From the Music Videos of Kaoma Chende

Amazing Christian Music Videos From Kaoma Chende And Team  “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” Anyone remember this chorus? This version Originally done by The Haven Quartet. It’s a song i grow up singing, still do and am so glad to have done this cover version. Blessings! The Story Behind the Song “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” About 150 years ago, there was a great revival in Wales, England.

We Are Living In A Peace less Society: Here Is A  Recipe For Peace  Try This Out

We Are Living In A Peace less Society: Here Is A  Recipe For Peace Try This Out!   We Are Living In A Peace less Society: Here Is A  Recipe For Peace Try This Out! “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts” (Col. 3:15).   To insure the success of this recipe for Peace, refer to the Instruction Book often and Recipe for carefully: “Study to shew thyself

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Warren W Wiersbe The Renowned Missionary Stalwart Passed Away At 89 Warren W Wiersbe the world-renowned biblical scholar and missionary stalwart is promoted to glory on Thursday, May 2.  He was 89. Warren W Wiersbe was indeed an amazing missionary stalwart of the century. Who was one of the founding directors of Back to the Bible ministry, Lincoln, Nebraska. US. His ” *Be Series”* Books (later published as ” *The


Last updated on July 5, 2018 READ AND SUBSCRIBE  CONFIDENT LIVING MAGAZINE (AN OFFICIAL ORGAN OF BACK TO THE BIBLE INDIA)  TO READ AND TO KNOW MORE ABOUT  CONFIDENT LIVING MAGAZINE  PLEASE CLICK ON THE BELOW LINK CONFIDENT LIVING MAGAZINE   Source: The Good News Broadcasting Society Back to the Bible India. Confident Living Magazine, Secunderabad, India Dear Readers, Your Attention Please! Thank you so much for your valuable time. I

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C is for Confident Living Magazine The Official Organ of Back to the Bible India A Bi-monthly magazine published from the capital of Andhra Pradesh, India You can have more information about this magazine and read a sample page      by clicking on the below link: CONFIDENT LIVING MAGAZINE   SOME OF THE COVER AND INNER PAGES OF THE MAGAZINE: t      SCANNED COPIES OF SOME OF THE INNER PAGES: (To Read