130+ Online Experts Share their Sleep and  Productivity Secrets

Last updated on December 10, 2018. Sleep is essential to keep a healthy body. Sleep and Productivity are well connected each other.   In this massive roundup post, various experts share their sleep and productivity secrets.   130+ online experts from various fields from around the world share their experiences. The time required or allotted for sleep is most of the time insufficient!  There are only 24 hours in a

Do Plants Have Sensitivity? A Pumpkin Mourned a Death and Similar Other Incidents

Last updated on December 6, 2018. An Open Blog to Share Your Views and Suggestions This knol (post) is about some unbelievable incidents happened a few years back. This is also a call for an open discussion on this subject.  Do plants have feelings? I believe that the community of knol writers here can bring in some solution or answer these questions. Here below I am giving an incident happened

PhilipsCom Comment Authors

Total Comments on this blog in November 2018 I am so glad to release the list of Philipscom comment authors in the month of November 2018. I appreciate and thank all the dear ones who could make it possible to post their views in the comment box here in November. This is a monthly series published every first week of the month by including the comment author’s name, websites address

Hostinger Black Friday Sale

Hostinger Black Friday Sale – 90% OFF For A Limited Time Hostinger Black Friday Sale:  Hostinger web hosting platform comes with a wonderful offer for the website users around the world for this season of Black Friday Sale.  This platform is one of the high-quality web hosting platforms having some wonderful features inbuilt. • High-quality web hosting. • All the tools to get you noticed online • Powerful, user-friendly control panel.


Last updated on November 19, 2018. Webtalk – A Social Media Platform Which Shares Their Earnings With Its Members Yes, it’s true and you read it right! A platform which shares its profits with its members in a unique way.  Read on… There are multiple numbers of social media platforms out there which works for their profit and earn millions by the activities of its members, but never share an iota

Advertising Opportunities

Last updated on November 14, 2018  Amazing Online Advertising Opportunities For All!  Philipscom receives thousands of targeted unique visitors every day. It has a high rank in Google and other top search engines. Check out our latest Ranks: MozRank  and Alexa Rank. Sponsored Posts: Philipscom accepts Sponsored posts from individuals as well as organizations subjects to verification. We can also create sponsored contents and reviews about your products and resources. More details in this

SEO friendly URL structure

An SEO friendly URL structure can bring in more traffic results to our websites Yes, creating an SEO friendly URL is the key here. It gets more navigation to your website with much ease.  But the question now is how to develop such SEO friendly URL structure.  Yes, creating such URLs are a bit difficult and also a bit confusing one.  To put an end to this Backlinko Founder Brian Dean