Our Roundup Post -130+ Online Experts Share their Secrets – Is Live On The Pages Of The Huffington Post

Last Updated On: August 14, 2019 Roundup Post! Yet Another Good News The Day After The BIG DAY! And A Thank You Note! Yes, the much-awaited post, the latest Roundup post of Philipscom  130+ Online Experts Share their Sleep and Productivity Secrets is now live on the pages of ” The Huffington Post ” in two-part […]

Advertising Opportunities At Philipscom – The Revised Offer

Last updated on August 13, 2019. Advertising Opportunities For All Big And Small Business Owners!    Advertising Opportunities At Philipscom.  Philipscom receives thousands of targeted unique visitors every day. It has a high rank in Google and other top search engines. Check out our latest Ranks on MozRank (37/100)  and Alexa (Global 194K  And in India 12K) […]

4 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Starting A Small Business

Four Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Starting A Small Business Starting a small business is one of the most exciting and terrifying things – except possibly getting married! – that anyone could ever do. On the one hand, you have the thrill of being your own boss. No more tweaking your personality to meet somebody […]

The Best Time To Write! Morning? Evening? Or Night?

Last updated on August 08, 2019. The Best Time To Write! Morning? Day? Evening? Or Night? When is the best time to write? The best time to write for some there are no fixed timings, but for others, there are specific time fixed. For some,  the writings or creativity flows at any moment of the […]

A Little Writer is Born – My Early Experience with My Writings

Last updated on August 07, 2019 My Early Experience With My Writings – A Little Writer Is Born (A Little Writer is Born) A writer is born here.  This is a note about my early experience as a writer. Some pleasant memories of my childhood days and my most valuable moments with my mentor, the […]

Rejection Slips – Don’t Worry – Don’t Give Up – A Note About The Sunday Indian Weekly

In a series of 7 for “7 Day Blogging Challenge for bloggers” from Jenson Taylor.   Rejection Slips, Don’t Worry, Don’t Give up Yes, “Don’t Give Up”  rejection slip is the success mantra or Secret for any upcoming writers.  These slips are part and parcel of any writer.  I am sure almost all writers went through such stages. […]

Few Amazing Facts About India! Is India Shining?

Last updated on August 05, 2019. Few Astonishing Facts About India! Is India Shining? Picture Credit. indiatravelclub.com The chaos and fear created by some about the End of the world just got subsided.  A sigh of relief spread among the people who got confused about the End of World phenomenon. It’s about my lovely country […]

A2 Hosting The Best Hosting Platform For Bloggers And Business Owners

Last updated on August 01,  2019 A2 Hosting The Fast And Best Hosting Platform For Bloggers And Business Owners After the shutting down of Google’s Knol page, we migrated our resources from the blogger platform to the WordPress platform.  With the help of my techie friend we migrated the resources to a shared platform and […]

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