Amazing Bloggers Who Feature Me In Their Posts

Amazing Bloggers

Last Updated On March 22, 2018 Amazing Bloggers Who Mention Me In Their Posts Since my blogging journey, oh NO, let me put it this way, my Internet journey started way back in 2007 I met a good number of Amazing Bloggers from the internet world.  And I went through various aspects of this wonderful […] Read More

8 Tips To Make Perfect Content for Your Blog / Website

perfect content

8 Tips To Make Perfect Content for Your Blog/Website Having a perfect content is the most important part of any business in this modern era. However, especially if you’ve already attempted to create your own content in the past, you’ll know how time-consuming and overwhelming it can be to develop a perfect content. On top […] Read More

The Must Have Style Guide Every Brand Needs

Style guide

The Must Have Style Guide Every Brand Needs The importance of a comprehensive style guide is never said enough. A comprehensive style guide makes it very simple for your stakeholders to use it for various marketing materials.  The brand style guide of every company is basically a set of elements, rules, and considering that it […] Read More

5-simple ways of how college students can earn money while studying

make money while studying

Earn Money While Studying. College students across the world have bright aspirations for the future. However, they want to enjoy the present; for life gets tougher with every passing year of growing responsibilities. Striving to do everything, allows them limited opportunity to maintain a good financial balance. The harder they try and budget their limited […] Read More

Can We Make Money Through Our Blog Posts?

Make money

Image Credit: Created by #Philipscom Can we make money through our blog posts? Make Money for our livelihood is an essential part of human life, and there is nothing wrong with it.   Though I fully agree with the Bible verse, one of the basic principles or lessons we all know,  “The love of money […] Read More

The Power of Blog Comments

Blog Comments

Last updated on March 22, 2018 The Power Of Blog Comments! A Great Strategy To Get More Traffic And Relationships. Blog Comments can play a vital role in our blogging journey.  A ton of material has been written on Blog Comments by many expert authors on the pages of the internet.  But still, different experiences of bloggers […] Read More

Philipscom Comment Authors In The Month Of January 2018

Philipscom Comment Authors

  Hi All Philipscom Readers, I am so glad to present Philipsom comment authors for the Month of January 2018 It is indeed a great joy to present our comment authors every month. Due to some technical error in the plugin, we could not continue the post for some time. I am so glad to […] Read More

A Loving Mother Is Remembered On This Day Called Women’s Day

Women’s Day

A Mother is remembered on this day called Women’s Day (A Migrated Knol) My Beloved Father P T Varghese and My Mother  My mother Saramma Verghese (85 years) Promoted to Glory on July 8th, 2008.  I am so glad to present a brief memoir of my mother on this women’s day.         Screen shot taken […] Read More

How to Install WordPress on Your Hosting Server?


WordPress is simply the most widely used content management system. You can create almost any type of website on it – from blogs to the most sophisticated sites. Simplicity is what defines it. When you want to create your website using this platform, you will have to install it. There are different ways of installing […] Read More

8 Most Important Things to do After Installing WordPress

Installing wordPress

When it is about selecting a web host then one platform is not enough to meet the need of all. In such situation, the first important step is to conduct in-depth research and look for hosting providers that can cater your site’s needs in the best possible way. A qualitative WordPress web host provider must […] Read More



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