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Blogging Tips For Newbies – How To Succeed When Most Fail?

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Last updated on February 15, 2023

So you’ve sat down, fingers itching, brain on fire, mind focused, no, mind focus itself!

Soon the keyboard will feel the mighty heaviness of your fingertips as you type and type away. It will have to endure because a brilliant idea has just collided with you.

You’d be a fool if you let it slip through your fingers.

QUICKLY, write it down lest you forget!

In your mind, everything is fine and dandy, but before you start I need to warn you, to ask you…

Have you thought about:

  • The three questions that need answering,
  • The two principles you must adhere to,
  • And one plea from me to you (I know you are clueless about that one)?

I know you haven’t and I write this for your benefit;

You’ll thank me later. :-)

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Let’s go!

What Are the Three Questions?

Before starting to write, you need to ask yourself:

  1. What do my site’s visitors want or need?
  2. What do I want to accomplish with my article?
  3. What is the end result for me?

#1- What Do my Visitors Want?

They have a problem. Your website can be an integral part of the solution.

Here is the process in a nutshell:

People face problems»they look for answers on the web»you land many of them on your page through excellent SEO.


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People need help with something. Your job is to help. But to do that, first, you must understand them.

How to learn what troubles your audience? What pains them? What moves them? What their desires are, fears and hopes?

You do it by associating with them, both online and offline. You do it by joining related forums, by reading other blogs and comments people leave there, by browsing through questions on Quora, Yahoo Answers and Stack Exchange.


Now that you know what your visitor wants (based on the typed keyword and your own knowledge in the area) here are the steps for you:

Step #1– Peruse the web, gather the info

Step #2– Assemble it into a readable piece of content-Be thorough and try to help by answering every possible question.

Step #3– Publish and be prepared to help further by answering questions in the comments section.

Remember that you create an experience which is your website. You are the person whom your visitor trusts on everything pertaining to the niche.

You’re a helper. That is your job and nothing else.

You are not:

  • selling,
  • promoting,
  • leading people on,
  • giving any false promises.

No, you are simply delivering helpful information in a truthful manner.

A written word is a mighty tool- use it wisely and people will recognize and reward you for it- I guarantee that.

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#2- What do I Want to Achieve With my Article?

You will always want to help, to solve the problem, or at least to ease it.

Once again, to do this properly, you need to be well versed on the subject.

This means constant learning, constantly improving, and perpetual communication with your audience.

I tell you now, it isn’t going to be easy. Sometimes you will feel like you are all over the place and not getting anything done.

Moreover, the feeling you get when a reader tells you they found value in your writing is a joy beyond the power of words to describe (sorry my precious words- you lack sufficient expressive power).

I think this is the most important question out of the three and the one that makes me spend hours researching writing and editing, and editing and some more editing…

Here an easy to remember the mantra that keeps me motivated when plowing through the endless web (feel free to borrow it):

“I want to help my readers by solving their problems. They HAVE to leave my site satisfied and inundated with useful and applicable knowledge”.

#3- What is the end result for me?

For every blogger this is different.

The end result is the action you want your readers to take after they have finished reading the article. It could be to read a review of a product you are promoting, to follow an internal link to some other page on your site, even to click on an external link…

No matter, as long as it’s something you want them to do.

Two Blogging Tips For Newbies

This is something I do when approaching any new subject to write about.

  1. Research. Research. Research
  2. Don’t publish until you are satisfied

#1-  Research, lots of research

All your success depends on how much you know and how much you are passionate about your niche. It really does.

Do your due diligence.

You are gathering and presenting the info gathered from twenty different websites. The goal is to save precious time of your readers.

Yes, I know it is hard, all that researching, on top of writing, and let’s not forget promotion arguably the hardest part of internet marketing…

But it will pay off in the end, trust me.

It pays in the medium, and especially the long run, and really great pieces of content can pay you for life. Isn’t that something worth buckling down for and nailing it just right?

For example, take a look at Philip’s monster roundup post.


Blogging tips for newbiesIts topic is  “biggest blogging failures and successes” and holds the answers of 69 big-name bloggers.

Do you know how much work and preparation went into this?

I haven’t asked Philip, but I know that to get 69 responses, you have to send a tonne more emails (because not everyone responds); and to assemble the answers, to format the post, to remove, trim, update, preface, update…

Oh man, it’s hard work just writing about it, let alone doing it.

It’s a true nightmare of a post to create, but a true joy once it’s published and sees the light of day. And I know Phil is really proud of that guide- as he should be.

And it helps his blog a lot. Because when people see all those famous bloggers and influencers on his blog, they know that Phil himself is an esteemed blogger, so they trust his opinion more.

That BIG roundup is a HUGE credibility booster for Philipscom.

Bottom line

Help, educate, answer, support and genuinely care about the folks that ask for your help.

When you’re a genuine article like that, people will recognize it, trust you and be more willing to subscribe to your list, and to buy from you too.

BIG roundup posts are a HUGE credibility booster for any blogger. says Nikolas the pro blogger @pvariel. Click To Tweet

#2- Don’t Publish Until Fully Satisfied

You’ve done it. You’ve finished writing. It goes without saying that you learned everything you could about it beforehand.

Snapping your fingers, stretching your arms, I hear a sigh of relief, with a smile on your face, you reach for the blue”publish” button… But wait. You still need to do one crucial thing.


Edit and improve.

Hemingway once said, “the first draft of anything is garbage”.

You want to show your best face to the people, and this means lots and lots of labor editing.

Don’t publish until you’ve reached the point where your brain itches to go over it again; because your article is so damn good that you want to bask in joy some more.

Don’t publish until you feel you’d read this article if it were written by someone else.

Don’t publish until the piece meets your highest standard of excellence.

One Plea- Give it Time, Trust in the System

Blogging takes time

I want to say something awfully important.

Blogging. Affiliate marketing; internet marketing. Each is a business; Real business that takes time to develop and flourish.

Once it does then it easily trumps any “normal” type of business, but it does take a while to get there.

I am saying this over and over because the Internet is full of “credible” offers for instant riches, where you just have to pay to be accepted to the exclusive club of the lucky few.

That, of course, is a bunch of lies stringed together and designed to look genuine enough until they liberate you of some of your hard-earned cash, and then PUFF, they are gone, and you are left discouraged and disappointed.

I want to tell you what I’ve seen many times happen.

Folks start enthusiastically with affiliate marketing. They build a website, publish a dozen or two dozen articles, work real hard for two months, and then… give up in their third.
This is just sad because usually, the first tiny results come in the third month and then continue to grow exponentially from there.

Google and other search engines don’t trust brand new sites, and for three months make it jump around in the SERP’s. This is a standard testing time set by the engines, to weed out the opportunist folks who’re building a fly-by-night operation, instead of a real business.

Unfortunately, many don’t pass this time test and give up just when things are getting interesting.

There is a way around this.

Write an excellent article, publish and move on. Forget about how it’s supposed to rank right away. Publish another one, and another one…

Don’t expect anything in the first three months of blogging, and when you enter your fourth suddenly your traffic will explode, and in your second trimester, your sweet baby will have already formed inside the internet belly all read to grow and… oh you get this apt metaphor of mine… :-D

I want to say that even when you write an excellent article, don’t expect results in three months but expect them in six.

Stick it out the first few months, and you’ll end up with a veritable business for life, and a dream job of it.


Folks, I hope you found these blogging tips for newbies value. My little article is now finished, thank you for reading, share with friends, leave a comment and see you around.

But before you g do all those things,  I have something to say: If you can take just one thing from this article, let it be this:

Have faith in the system- but more so in yourself.

Don’t let fear beat you, but beat it by doing exercises in futility for the first three months.

Plant the sterile seed for the first three months.

In your fourth month that “sterile” seeds of yours will turn into green grass, in the sixth into fruit trees, and in twelfth into a forest. Wood for you to forever cut down and live like a king.

You want that, don’t you?

Thank you for reading, you are wonderful! :-)

Your friend, Nikola

PS: Thanks Philip for giving this opportunity to share these blogging tips for newbies.

~ Nik

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  3. Hi Nikola and Philip, great tips here for newbie bloggers and even seasoned bloggers alike! One thing I may disagree on is that you should not always wait until you have fully satisfied with a post – you may never be and the publish button will not get used! I’ve seen and heard of that often. Just remember one thing, you can can always edit an old post and it’s recommended!
    Have a great day Nikola and Philip!
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    March 18, 2019
    • Hey Lisa,
      you’re right about eventually having to ship the post, Otherwise you will never get results.

      But I meant more that people tend to slack off on post quality, and think that as long as they’re publishing regularly, it doesn’t matter that their posts are not up to snuff.
      Something will eventually stick, right.?

      The web is full of content and Google has a choice; so you either stand out with quality or become just another article among thousands of similar posts.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Lisa:)
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  8. Hi Nikola & Philip,

    This article is indeed an exciting guide for beginner bloggers. Your tips are profound, and if used correctly one will make significant progress. However, I would say the first step for me is to identify what you want to achieve with your blog. Then set attainable goals to accomplish your objectives.
    Create a content creation and distribution strategy to enable you to maintain consistency. Consistency will help you build trust with your readers and target market. Develop a blogging calendar, and use the best blogging tools o streamline your work/life.
    The tools will help you with regular blog topic ideas to write for your blog. Learn from other bloggers and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    March 20, 2019
    • Hi Moss, what a joy to see thou here again. Thank you so much adding more value to Nike’s as share. Yes, I agree with you fully that, Consistency is the key here.
      Thanks once again for your time here.
      Keep sharing.
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      ~ Phil

      March 21, 2019
  9. Jignesh

    1. Don’t stuff keywords
    2. Focus on content
    3. There’s no shortcut
    4. Focus on content
    5. have knowledge of Meta description, alttext, H1, h2,h3 etc.
    6. Did I say focus on content ?

    Content is King !

    March 21, 2019
  10. Kaushal Dhawan
    Kaushal Dhawan

    Hi Nikola,
    This beginners’ guide is so detailed that there is I think no need of clarification for this article.
    You’ve written edit over and over and over again. I must say edit until you reach the level of this type article. This is called pure satisfaction. I really liked how you have explained.
    Thanks for sharing these tips.

    March 23, 2019
  11. Hi Nikola,

    Excellent tips for bloggers. There are a ton of bloggers who start their blogs on WordPress and quit within a few months. The #1 reason most beginners quit blogging is: they think blogging is a get rich quick scheme.

    Once you change your mindset and look at blogging as a business, you’ll really start putting extra efforts to make money from your blogs. I’ve been blogging for more than a decade and we made over $100,000 in income last year from Bloggers Passion and I can say that, blogging works well if you’re consistent.

    It took us almost 9 years to go from 0 to making $100K and all these years, we’ve worked really hard to create great content, adopt to latest SEO trends and techniques to see better results.

    My two cents for new bloggers is: find a niche where you can stand out from the crowd instead of blogging about too many topics. You should become an authority no matter what niche you are in and that’s how you’ll be able to build a blog that makes a ton of money in the long run.

    Thanks for your tips Nikola, keep posting more.
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