9 Tips to get Traffic into your Blog Pages

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Pages Or How To Promote your write-ups (Blog Posts) to Get Traffic.


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At the outset of an upcoming great event called  A to Z Blog Challenge  I wrote an article a few years back.   This is an updated or refurbished version of that post.   I would like to share some of my experience as well as few of my friend’s experiences I learned from them and their blog pages, here for the benefit of newbies in the blogging world.  I am sure this will make some kind of encouragement to few of my readers those who are planning to enter into the great arena of worldwide web/blog universe. Especially the one who is planning and preparing for their new blog pages.

For a new person who is planning to start a blog or for that matter already started and eagerly waiting for the visitors (readers) to drop in, this post will be a help.
For the newbies, the obstacles, in the beginning, will look like a big hill before them.  Few may think that this will be a tedious job, and I will end it here and go back. But please don’t think that way, instead, your desire to reach people with your write-ups or the acquired knowledge will definitely take wings if you put little more efforts,  and firm desire in it.
In the initial stage there may not be any visitors to your blog pages, don’t lose heart, write again and write, and do the following few tips for promotion by yourself.  If you do not promote your creations who else will do for you, No, Nobody will, you must take the initiative and to do promotion to your pages. There are many ways to bring traffic (visitors) to your pages.
The sad part is that many of the newbies sometimes get very less response and they will go back, but as I said earlier please don’t lose heart. In this busy world people are held up with their own things and in the process may not get enough time to drop into your place, but again I say don’t lose heart, keep on approaching them or keep on posting your pages.
Please Note the following tips while you engage in preparing and promoting your blog posts:

1. Check out What Other Blog Pages are Saying

Open your eyes wide open and look at what your fellow bloggers, seniors, as well as the juniors, doing.  First, keep a watch on them, and,  learn few lessons from them, I am sure you can pick up one or two or even more lessons from them through their pages.  Check out what types of contents they are posting and who are the visitors and what are the comments they are posting there etc. Knowing such things will give an urge to go forward and follow or adopt a style of yourself.  So watch carefully, and evaluate yourself, can I do this as they do! or mold yourself and find out your ability or talent then utilize it accordingly.  Don’t just copy what they do, instead, create a style of your own!
To do this you can select a subject and do a searching in the web world by using Google search OR twitter search studying such search results will give you an idea to go forward.  Remember, as I said, please do not just copy or follow what others are doing, try to develop a style of your own, your deep desire and hard work will definitely work wonders, and develop a unique style of your own.  Good Wishes!

2. Post Your Feedback Regularly On Other Blog Pages. 

When following the point number one, try to air your feedback as comments at the bottom of the post after you finished reading.  This will definitely improve your ability to air your opinion on any subject you go through.  This will also enable you to get an interaction with the author.
Most of the content writers will respond to their readers’ comments.
Very few do not mind to give any response but, don’t worry, some are super busy and but don’t lose heart!
But you air your opinion, suggestion or whatever you feel if that opinion is a genuine one, definitely other readers also will respond to it and most probably soon they visit your page.
While posting a comment please note that you make the relevant comment on the said subject.
Irrelevant or meaningless comments will count as spam and no one will notice or respond to it.
Stick to the subject and point, don’t write an essay in the comment column.
If you want to say more write a separate post by linking back to the post.
Commenting on relevant comments at blog posts is no doubt a good start to get the attention of other writers as well as other readers/audience.
If you post an intelligent comment people will definitely notice your point and will rush to your page.
I have experienced this myself and also noticed in many such cases.
Don’t just say a one-word feedback like, “Nice” “Awesome” “Fantastic”, “Great”, “Super” etc.
Even without going through the post some readers posts, comments like this, avoid such practice.
Since most of the blog platforms have a provision to get back to your page you need not give a back-link in your comment.
It automatically takes them if they click on your username or avatar (Profile) picture.
Make this as a regular practice, or say or take a firm decision like:
‘Daily I will visit a minimum of 5 to 10 blogs, read well and post comments’.
In the beginning, you can start with less number and later if you can increase the number according to your time availability, I am sure that will not be a time waster for you.  
Instead, I am sure this will give an opportunity to get more traffic to your page, as well as it leads to many other benefits in a long run.
Read a post which explains some of these points in a bit more detailed way! A Great Strategy To Get More Traffic And Other Benefits! 

3.  Share your Post through Social Sharing Platforms



Social media like Facebook, Google plus, twitter, Linked-in, YouTube, Flicker, StumbleUpon, technocrat, Digg, and many others are now available to accept your links.  If you do not have an account on these popular sites, go and register your name (Open an account) there.  Then search for like-minded people and make friends with them, you can send your friend request to them, few may not accept at the initial stage, but in the process, as the time goes by, by reading your stuff people may accept you as your friend and they start visiting your pages. Continue this process of posting your blog links on these social websites.

add-to-anyProvide or embed a social sharing button like AddToAny on your blogger pages  This is a very popular share button and is very easy to install.  This site provides hundreds of social website links. You can visit and install this button on your page by clicking on this link AddToAny  Every time you post a content it automatically gets embedded in your page.  This button will enable others to easily post your page on their sites if they want.

Yet another wonderful share button you can use is AddThis share button, this is very useful for the WordPress users.  To place this button on your page please click on this link here:  AddThis.Com


4. Be Tactic While Sharing Your Links

Notice that, Most of the people at these social sites may not like to hear only about your products.

Many are there to just relax, hang out or have fun with like-minded people or to chat with jovial comments etc.  So be careful when you post your link sharing business at such places.

Don’t say that “New Post On My Page, Please Visit” or “Read My Blog” etc…  That is a dangerous trend!

I know a person in the Malayalam blogging community, where he visits almost all blog pages and say something like this:  “New Post is on my blog, Please visit”  seeing this regular comments at social sites as well as blog comments columns, people started abusing him regularly wherever and whenever they get a chance, few people, a ‘group’ decided mutually to  repeat the same words he posts and they posted in his pages as well as other social sites where he posts.  Seeing these postings he changed his tactics.

So be careful while posting your links in such places.

Be more tactics and talk about few things about the post and air your opinion and ask for their reactions etc and post your link. This may lead readers to visit your page and post comments.

There are few other ways to share your links to get noticed by the readers of your niche and they eventually will lead to your page.
There a good number of platforms (content curation sites) available for sharing our links for free as well as for a price.
Here below are given some of the platform details for your information and use.
Inbound.org Now Growth.Org

inbound-orgInbound.org is one of the best Internet marketing sites to share your blog posts details.  There are a good number of high ranking websites shares their resource detail.  In this platform, you can share your best resource detail and can have discussions with the top people from various fields.  Also, you can ask your pressing doubts in relation to your niche, it is mainly an internet marketing platform.

I am a member here and an active member for almost 2 years and am now a Super Power User there.  You can go to my profile by clicking on the link given here. Here is the home page link inbound.org/Now Growth.Org

bizsugar-1Another wonderful Internet Marketing site is BizSugar.  This platform too is an amazing place to roam around with your resources.  🙂  I mean you can share your post URLs with a brief description and can have a lot of interactions with like-minded people in your niche.  No doubt this too is one of the best resource sites to share your details and can obtain a lot of information on various related subjects.   Submit your site URLs and get noticed by the visitors there, I am sure this is another option to increase your traffic to your sites.   Here is the link to its page:  BizSugar  I have an account since few years on this wonderful platform.  To reach my profile page please click on the given link here.


My Profile Page On Klinkk

klinkkKlinkk.com is another wonderful site with the similar features.  Here you can share or submit your URLs with a short note about your resource. Submitting on this platform is very easy and it is one of the fast-growing community/platforms.  Big and small websites owners are utilizing this platform to share their latest status.  As I said here too you can have a lot of interactions with like-minded people in your niche and can join in different community forums within the platform.  I am sure you will enjoy joining in this site to share your views as well as your resource details. Yes, as said sharing your post details you will surely get a good response I mean Traffic to your sites.  Here is the link to its page:  Klinkk.com  Here also I am an active member you can visit and join me in this link: PVAriel

grow-1Growth Hackers. com is yet another Internet Marketing (IM) platform availablegrow-2 on the internet with a lot of high-quality marketing information.  You can find a lot of trending articles on these amazing platform on various related subjects.  Along with sharing your post links, you can have the discussion with the platform members on your marketing needs.   Here is the Home Page Link:  GrowthHackers    I am an active member here too by sharing my own page URLs as well as other trending posts from around the globe.  You can find my profile page here at this link: Philip Verghese 

Here is yet aboitdnother article submission directory I found recently.  This is yet another amazing site to get your submission known to the internet world.   Here you can submit your site URLs free as well as a better premium facility too is available for a quick submission.

Submit your site in cotid.org the best of internet directory for free! This site is listed under Archives Directory

5. Mind That Social Sites are not Your Market Places
Remember that social media sites are not a marketplace to sell your products.  It’s mainly a medium to build relationships. Remember when others see you at such place they generally want to know who you are and what you are etc… so give an introduction about you and your activities or invite them to visit such a post, an elaborated one to know more about you. That way build your friendship and enter into your business of selling your products 🙂

6, Be a good online communicator

When people comment return it in the same measure by visiting their pages and joining in their blog as followers, this will build a right relationship with them.  This can be a good opportunity to know people more closely and from there they may refer to their friends.  This way your social circle and the traffic to you post will increase.

7.  Utilize your time wisely when visiting the pages.  

If some pages are not appealed to your taste just skip it, don’t waste your time just hanging there. Select your social website wisely, some sites are filled with spam like things all over just skip and go for only the relevant ones, this way you can save a lot of time to visit other pages.

8.  Try to post regularly.  

This will enable you to improve your blog ranking, the search engine will find out your page and words in your blog.  Your regular readers will wait for your post, if you are not posting regularly they may not even come again to your page, so regular posting is a vital part of blogging.

9.  Remember to acknowledge or follow back.  

If someone joins in as a follower on your page, get back to  their page and be a follower there.  I am not talking about just to follow even if the page is not relevant to you.  No, you can tell this politely to the follower. But try to visit and acknowledge them as you can.
Here you must make note that when you follow a page make sure that when a reader clicks on your Avtar picture it should take them to your blog pages or other pages.  The sad thing is that many of the bloggers these days use their Google Plus page as their page, but unfortunately when a person reach there he can’t find any connected link or post to reach your page. In such cases, the reader or visitor will end his journey there and leave the place without reaching your page.  So make note of this and post your blog page links or other contact details at your G+ space to reach your blog.  Or give a brief description of yourself and your contact details at the “about” page space of the Google+.    Here you can give as much information as you can.  Please have a look at my About page at G+ at this link: About .   Or you can post a small note at the blogs comment box about your follow information, that will definitely help the blogger to know your presence at the follower’s space.  some bloggers may note find your presence at followers space, the reason may be when he visits his page your picture may have shifted to the inner space and many do not generally go back and check.

Image Credit: #Philipscom

Before concluding I would like to invite your attention to yet another related post on this subject.
Here in this post, an infographic the developer brings out some vital tips to get success in pulling more traffic to your pages!  
How are you doing your blog promotion?  
Are you getting enough traffic to your page?
Would like to hear your experience.
Apart from the above tips if any,
please share your tips, experiences 
at the comment box below.  
I am sure, that will be an added advantage, knowledge/ Information to me as well as to my visitors/readers here.  
Thanks in advance for your time.
Keep Informed.
Best Regards  
For Philipscom Associates
Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’
Post Script:
Wayanad Dec 27-0928- 241 sonia s v Dr.

Dr. Sonia S V

Here is yet another wonderful blog page which talks about Blog post photo tips.  A must read tutorial for all those who wanted to know the photo posting in blogs.  The writer, one of my blog friends, Dr. Sonia very well presented this tutorial with a lot of pictures, connected links and screen shots. Please Clink on the below link to read more. “All about Blog Post Photo Tips”

Thanks Sonia for the visit and link.
Yet Another Post Script:
Visit the following  pages to get more information  on Blogging, comments etc…

How to Become a Blog Commenting  Superstar

Read More From Harleen Singh’s Pages: AhaNOW Pages:


Harleena Singh

Don’t make these blogging mistakes AND For The Blog Beginners Here is an Informative Post:

Read yet another informative post on AhaNOW Blog Pages: A Guest Post by Manidipa of WP Blogging
  Yet Another Amazing Blog Page

gravatar-carolyn-nicander-mohrAnother Important  Blog Page  To Visit In This Regard Is  Carolyn Nicander Mohr’s  Or Let Me Put It This Way!  A To Z On Blogging!

Carolyn Nicander Mohr’s  is a well-established blog author, who writes on technical aspects of blogging and on various other blogging tools and gadgets.

Her page Wonder of Tech.  is, in other  words, I can you can find almost everything about blogging.  Or Let Me Put It This Way!   A To Z On Blogging!  Wonder Of Tech.com

  A Professional Blogger From India:

Anil-Agarwal rYes, Yet Another Page To Visit In This Regard Is Anil Agarwal of Bloggers Passion.  He is one of the top Indian bloggers, and he writes on various blog related subjects especially on how to make money online.

Check out one of his Guest posts on the pages of #Philipscom here in this link: 5 Proven Ways To Triple Blog Traffic In 30 Days

He blogs at BolggersPassion
 Finally A Give Away…
Finally A Give Away From Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe
Everything You Want To Know About TRAFFIC
Download this amazing eBook
by visiting Ana’s Home page by clicking on the below link.


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      Here is one of the latest information/notification received from Quora. Quora published a post on Inc about one of the answers given by Peter, He is one of the Top writer in Quora. Here is the article link published on Inc http://www.inc.com/quora/want-to-start-and-sell-a-hugely-successful-business-heres-what-you-need-to-know.html?

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    Keep writing such informative pieces.

  26. what a great post but i would say that my own case is a kind of different.Ever since i started my blogging career in late 2017, i did a lot of SEO optimization on my blog but i hardly get traffic to my blog. this is making me to quit but because of the passion i have for it, i stayed back. If you can give me clues on how to locate the genesis of the problem, that will be nice of you.

  27. Hi Philip,

    I just started a new blog and was searching the ways to increase traffic. Just got some great tips from here. Thanks a lot for sharing. It will help me a lot.

  28. Hi Philip,

    Thanks so much for the mention. Starting a blog is so easy but generating traffic to it and make money is really really hard.

    Making money from blogging is especially hard when you’re new to the field and don’t know how to promote your blog to get more traffic. The key here is to analyse your competitors to see how you can promote and make more money from your sites.

    Just make sure to stick to a posting schedule so you can consistently publish new content on your blog which helps you generate more traffic from search engines like Google. Also focus on SEO by doing keyword research if you want to generate thousands of visitors from search.

    As you mentioned in the post, being active on blogging forums can be a huge advantage especially for the new bloggers. Not only you can connect with other bloggers in your niche but you can also get new post ideas and drive traffic to your sites.

    Thanks again for the shout out! Keep up the great work.

  29. Utilize your time wisely while surfing the web-What an amazing hack. It might have overlooked by many bloggers but seriously it makes sense and improves a productivity a lot.
    Amazing share Philip…

  30. Great post. Your post helped me realize that I have not been using social media effectively at all. I think I’m going to have to up my game in this area!

  31. Great post, Philip. I like that you mention spying on other bloggers to find out the type of post they are publishing. This is great because your competitors already know the game plan and the best strategy to attract more readers and drive traffic. So watch what they’re doing and implementing it on your blog will surely improve your traffic. Blog commenting is also remarkable in driving traffic.

    Thanks for sharing.

  32. Wonderful article sir,

    I left blogging because of my office and unmanaged time and busy schedule but now trying to get into this again. It very helpful article for me.

    As you have mentioned the regularity and consistency that the main thing here in blogging.

    If we can’t deliver on time and consistent manner that will create a problem;

    Thanks for sharing.

  33. These tips are really great to attract the traffic to the blog. Will defintely implement this in my blog to avail the traffic

  34. Having read this I believed it was extremely informative. I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this content together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

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