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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service Provider

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Last updated on April 13, 2019

Last updated on April 12, 2019.

The success of a project on the web always passes through the choice of the best web hosting service provider.

Being able to set up your site on a fast web server that offers an excellent performance by quickly handling requests represents a real advantage on the competition.

Choosing the best hosting service is not easy because the offer is wide and it is not rare to come across providers that promise a range of services apparently complete but that, in practice, do not offer performance up to expectations.

So, to help you choose, here are some points you should consider when searching for your best web hosting service provider.

1. Options for Personalization

The vast majority of webmasters today are using popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento and so on. They are often customized to deliver web applications for different personal needs.

Therefore, when choosing the best hosting service provider, it is important to check support for the most common CMS.

In fact, some packages (especially if you install plugins or make changes on your own), require the activation of server-side features – not always available by default – and the modification of the PHP.INI file to configure the settings of the various modules.

The success of a project on the web always passes through the choice of the best web hosting service provider. Says @ErikEmanuelli via Click To Tweet

The success of a project on the web always passes through the choice of the best web hosting service provider.

Providers that do not allow to choose the version of PHP to use or to intervene in the configuration of the PHP.INI file should be avoided.

The possibility of customizing the server configuration should not be limited only to Linux platforms or in any case to the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Those who, for the most disparate reasons, need a Windows Server hosting must always check what possibilities of personalization are granted by the provider.

2. Hosting Plans Offered

Pay attention to the hosting plans offered by the providers, as often what you will need is not supported.

For example, most users often find themselves in trouble when the website starts to make traffic and traditional hosting plans are no longer suitable for handling requests by all the connected visitors.

Here it’s not about bandwidth, for which providers generally do not place limitations on hosting plans at the individual customer level, but on computational resources, necessary on the server side to handle simultaneous requests for access to databases for reading and writing, as well as for the dynamic generation of the requested pages.

The success of a project on the web always passes through the choice of the best web hosting service provider. Says Erik Emanuelli via Click To Tweet

To address these needs, look for hosting packages that are considered as effective semi-dedicated solutions for high traffic sites. These plans have dedicated RAM and can be managed via cPanel.

These semi-dedicated hosting solutions allow you to have very high performance compared to any shared hosting solution, leaving the user the management of the website only while the server management is the responsibility of the hosting technical staff.

The dedicated server is the solution that offers the greatest “freedom of action” to the user. By activating a machine hosted within the infrastructure of the Internet provider, it is possible to configure it according to your needs and proceed with the installation of the software packages needed.

When choosing a dedicated server, it is essential to check which settings can be chosen. In fact, a dedicated server is preconfigured by the provider with an installation of a Linux distribution or a version of Windows Server.

3. Tools Available

Having the security of being able to respond quickly to any accidents is the key to sleep peacefully.

Having updated and easily restored backups on hosting plans, on VPS, or on dedicated servers is essential to avoid any problem.

It is not rare to find yourself without an updated backup of the web server and database contents. In these situations, the restoration of the full operation becomes extremely difficult: sometimes you experience data loss, sometimes the content of the databases is no longer aligned or the scripts that generate the dynamic pages are not updated to the latest version.

Other than backup options, consider the SSL feature. You will need it if you run a website that takes payments or personal information from customers.

4. Customer Reviews

Web host user reviews are a great resource for evaluating hosting providers because any cheap service can be set up with a professional-looking sales page (and perhaps making false promises).

You want to look for different reviews from current or past customers, as a single positive review could have been posted by hosting company’s marketing department.

With a little bit of research, you can be sure to stay away from problems and choose the most genuine and competent web host.

Don’t forget that nobody is really perfect, and it’s likely you will find a few unhappy customers, even for the most popular and reliable hosting providers out there.

5. Guaranteed Uptime and Technical Assistance

The service level agreements (SLA) are the service metrics that the provider undertakes to respect towards its customers. For example, they define the quality of the service that the customer must expect, the efficiency of the same and, above all, the availability.

Choosing a high availability host is important if you want your website to gain a reputation for reliability. It helps your readers trust you and is essential that your site is always online to make money and keep the services you offer available to customers.

First thing, look for a 99.90% guaranteed uptime, as well as fast customer support, whether it is via phone, chat or email.

The level of guaranteed technical assistance is always important. Choosing a provider with a quality support service can really make a difference when you have a problem and have to solve it quickly to minimize downtime.

Now, over to you.

Which hosting service are you using?

Have you done a lot of research before making your choice?

Please share your experience in the comments below, thanks!  ~ Erik

Editor’s Note:

This is a guest contribution from the well-known Professional Blogger and social campaigner and SEO expert from Italy.  Read more about this multi-faceted personality from the author bio below.


Erik Emanuelli Author Bio: Erik Emanuelli is an entrepreneur, Traveler, Pro Blogger, and social media marketer.  He manages six different web pages on different niches like Blogging, SEO, Social media, Internet Marketing and also shares small business tips.  He owns a fast-growing Blogging Community named Klinkk.   He is also an active associate on various top IM platforms like BizSugar, Inbound, Growthhackers,  etc.  You can reach him via his main blog NoPassiveIncome and Twitter,  Facebook


Disclaimer:  This is a guest contribution to Philipscom and the tips tricks, strategies mentioned in it does not reflect the view and opinions of P V Ariel or Philipscom blog. For More Information Read This

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  1. Hi Erik,
    Thanks for the wonderful contribution to the readers and visitors of Philipscom.
    I appreciate your valuable time over here.
    Keep sharing.
    Have a great time of sharing ahead.
    Best Regards.
    ~ Phil

    February 16, 2018
  2. Mounika

    Hi sir,
    Good article. This information is very useful for every one, You have explained very well. I am new th field.
    Thanks for sharing with us, this is very useful for me.

    February 17, 2018
  3. Soniya

    You have very well explained how to choose a web hosting service.
    This is indeed a very useful post to the people who are planning to start blogging of their own. I am bookmarking it for my further reference and share.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep Writing.

    February 17, 2018
  4. Sadhan Pal
    Sadhan Pal

    Hi Erik,

    Very good job you have done in this article, I also have written an arttcle on the same topic for my readers. Some concerns I have found new. Thank you for this article.

    Hello Philip,

    This is Sadhan Pal, your blogging fan. Go ahead with this nice blog. I hope I will be able to contribute in this blog with an awesome artcle. Thank you.

    February 17, 2018
  5. Imran Khan
    Imran Khan

    Hello Erik Emanuelli,

    To choose a best web hosting provider is market demand other wise can be in big trouble. Now days, we have seen so many webmasters who are facing huge problems from hosting end due to which their site goes down in result they loss their Search Engine Ranking.
    You have given one of the correct solution for the choosing best hosting provider.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

    Imran Khan

    February 19, 2018
  6. Hi Erik and Phillip, who you have as your web host provider is so important! I learned that early one, thank goodness. In today’s fast paced world no one has time for downtime online.
    I really got more complicated too the past few years with so many options. I still love Hostgator for their 24/7 service and support.
    Have a great week guys!

    February 19, 2018
  7. Hi Erik,
    Nice to see you here on Philip’s blog.
    The tips you shared in relation to choosing a web hosting service provider is worth following.
    I fully agree with you that, “The success of a project on the web always passes through the choice of the best web hosting service provider” Yes, they play a vital role in the success of a project.
    Thanks for sharing this information thru this guest post.
    Keep writing, keep up the good work.
    Have a great and profitable time of sharing ahead.

    February 20, 2018
  8. Mejbahul Alam
    Mejbahul Alam

    On web business, you have to decide which web hosting service you decide to use. It’s very important tough also. In this blog like other posts, it’s also very helpful as like Pathfinder.

    May 22, 2018
  9. Professor Nahabu
    Professor Nahabu

    Good article. This information is very useful for everyone, You have explained very well. I am new to the field. Thanks for sharing with us, this is very useful and informative post to us.

    June 28, 2018
  10. Great post as always Erik. As you said, web hosting is one of the biggest factors that can decide the fate of your website.

    Most people don’t realise the importance of getting a reliable and faster hosting service. Your website speed, security and every other major thing depends on the hosting platform you choose.

    So spending few hundred dollars on dedicated hosting sites like WP Engine, WPX hosting etc won’t hurt. In fact, it’s the right investment that you can make while building a profitable blog that makes money in the long run. I personally use WPX hosting (SSD storage, super fast customer support and so many other cool features) and so happy with it.

    As you said, it’s also important to know customer feedback and reviews about the hosting platform you want to choose. You can simply Google or directly connect with other people who are already using the hosting platform to get the real feedback.

    There are few hosting sites that say unlimited hosting, bandwidth etc but in general, there’s a cap they put which they mention their terms of conditions. So don’t fall for such gimmicks while picking a hosting.

    Thanks so much for the inputs Erik. Keep up the great work!

    June 30, 2018
  11. Sunil Gupta
    Sunil Gupta

    It varies from application to application.

    Whereas cPanel is concerned, it is very important for the website owner to have cPanel (or the control panel) access. With control panel access, the owner has authority over the backend of the website. This enables him to make changes, like, upload or delete files, change the outlook, make any kind of corrections, etc.

    A user needs to consider the points below before going ahead with a hosting provider.

    Data requirement: With any website, you need to roughly calculate the space required. More images, more text, more videos is directly proportional to more space. Therefore, make sure that the provider is capable of providing you with the required space and not over-provision or under the provision.
    Disaster management: Worst case scenario, website crashes. What happens after that? Whatever may happen, you don’t want to lose your data! Therefore, make sure that the hosting provider has an excellent backup service. If given an option, choose the plan which backups on a daily basis. This increases peace of mind.
    Secure server: The server should have layers of security on it. Firewall and antivirus protection are the two major measures which are taken to secure the server. This helps to reduce the chances of hacking and any kind of security breach which can result in major disasters and losses.
    Cpanel access: It is very important for the website owner to have cPanel (or the control panel) access. With control panel access, the owner has authority over the backend of the website. This enables him to make changes, like, upload or delete files, change the outlook, make any kind of corrections, etc.
    Top notch technology: The provider should be equipped with high-end technology so that there are least hindrances in the hosting process. Linux technology is one of the best when it comes to hosting as it is cost effective and very efficient.
    Uptime: One of the most common problems with hosting is – Server uptime. If the server doesn’t have at least 99.9% uptime, it’s gonna cause problems with your website. It is simple – if the server goes down, the site stops responding and the bounce rate(people existing the website) increases. In addition to that, it leads to dissatisfied customers, harm to brand reputation, lower search engine ranking, and so on.
    Hence, all the effort gone down the drain.
    Therefore, question your provider about their uptime & downtime and if possible, test it!
    I use Domain and Server.

    April 12, 2019
  12. Ravinand nayak
    Ravinand nayak

    When we are going to create a brand, we should be very careful about our audience. In my thinking, the audience is a companies bullseye. Dear Kevin, your writing is very informative. Thank you so much for giving a meaningful idea.

    April 13, 2019
  13. Ramjee Yadav
    Ramjee Yadav

    I truly like your written work style, incredible data. Keep posting such informative posts.

    April 15, 2019
  14. Hello Sir,
    Thank you for sharing this informative article. I learned a few new things from this post.
    It really helped me in my blogging activities. I fact the readers can pick a lot of tips in relation to web hosting and blogging. I am sure that you put a lot of input in this post to make things more clear to your reader. it will also be a great help to the newbies. I appreciate your efforts.
    Have a good day.

    ~ Vicky

    April 19, 2019
    • Hi Vicky,
      Glad to see you here.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post, keep visiting, keep sharing.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

      April 20, 2019

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