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Multitasking on Android 8 Great Tips on How to Master it

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Last updated on September 5, 2021

Android phones have stepped up their game in recent years, especially in these pandemic times. Recent versions are inclining towards adding more user-friendly features. Build to make the user’s life easier; androids indeed stick to their motive.  Here in this post, we share 8 great tips on how to master multitasking on Android.

Phones are no longer considered a luxury. It is impossible to function without one. So why not up the productivity level a notch by multitasking on your android phone?

The millennials prefer to overcompensate for their lack of attention span by multitasking their way through life. The advancement of technology has made it seem possible for mobiles to come packed with abundant features. One such feature to applaud android for is its ability to multitask.

Be it phones over 50,000 or smartphones under 20000; multitasking has now been a quite clear built-in specification available. You might wonder what nitty-gritty androids are giving out that makes them extraordinary? Let’s dive in know more about them.

  1. PiP Mode

    An intelligent built-in feature introduced by android is the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. It allows the users to continue watching the video in a small window pinned to the bottom corner of their phone screens while continuously navigating between other applications.

    What you can do is watch your favorite Netflix show while scrolling through Instagram and other social media channels. Not just that, you can even shrink your navigational apps.

  2. Split Screen

    Like PiP, the split-screen feature allows you to (literally) split your phone screen in two and function with two different apps simultaneously. Quit juggling.

    Some apps might allow you to split-screen, while others won’t. Chrome and YouTube will allow, while Facebook will refuse.

  3. Lynket Browser

    Lynket is the ultimate browser that enables you to transition to a website efficiently. It loads web pages into the background and adds them as a floating bubble on your screen. This helps you to have multiple floating bubbles at once and smoothly multitask between the webpage and other apps.

  4. Taskbar

    With taskbar, you can enable a PC-like taskbar widget on your android phone. Capable of running half-dozen apps, it will turn for android phone into a primary multitasking machine.

    Pinned to the bottom left of the screen and easily accessible, you can jump between apps. It holds in as many widgets as you prefer and hides under your navigation arrows for an unobstructed view.

  5. Cutting and Pasting

    Unfortunately, cutting and pasting images are not available on android; instead, you can share them between various apps. Long press on an image will provide you with the option of sharing it with different apps.

    While cutting-pasting a text, all you have to do is long-press on the text, and a pop-up bubble will appear with the options of copy, select, and select all. Toggle between another app, and simply long-press again and choose the option of paste.

  6. Sharing Between Apps

    Sharing data between apps is relatively easy on androids. User satisfaction is the primary goal of all android phones, and hence they make sure their users have quick access to every functionality.

    There is a share button available at the bottom of most apps. While on chrome, long-press the URL and find a pop-up on your screen.

  7. Customize Quick Settings

    As the name suggests, quick settings allow the user to arrange system settings like turning Wi-Fi on/off and activating battery-saver quickly, without opening the app.

    Slide down till you see the settings toggle. Click on the edit button. Drag and drop the tiles wherever you want them to be.

  8. Direct Reply and Expandable Notifications

    Multitasking on Android
    Image courtesy unsplash and canva

    Do you feel too lazy to switch apps to reply to notifications or text messages? Android has your back and provides you with the perfect solution. Direct reply and expandable notifications features save your time while playing games or watching movies on your phone.

    To direct reply, slide down on the notification bar when a message pops up. Swipe again with your fingers on any notification you want to reply to. To expand any message, you have to press the tiny grey arrow on the right side of your notification. It lets you see the rest of the message from the notification bar.

    Author Bio: Shiv Nanda is a financial analyst who currently works with MoneyTap, India’s first app-based credit line. He is a finance geek and has made it his life’s mission to help and educate people on various financial topics.

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