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Amazing Opportunity To Make Some Extra Money On A Daily Basis! Use Leafit. The BIGGEST Shift In Social Media History Is Upon Us! Here is an excellent opportunity  to make money  online.  Earn some extra income while you do your usual social networking like posting pictures and contents. Post your pictures, contents and monetize it and collect your commissions via leafit, now known as “it” We do spend a lot

An Alert To Facebook Users! Facebook To Charge $ 1.99 Per Month From January 1st! Pay Or Quit!

An Alert To Facebook Users! Facebook To Charge a  Monthly fee of   $ 1.99  From from its users from January 1st Pay Or Get Out! Facebook the million dollar company is now going to charge you for their service! A breaking news from the social media! Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark ZuckerBerg said in a press release: “If we don’t do something about our rising costs now, Facebook could face an

Productivity Hack for Bloggers and Social Media Addicts: Use an OpenURL Batch File

Our Guest Author Today Is David Leonhardt, from Chesterville, Ontario.    He is a Creative Writer, Editor, Social Media Strategist, and an online marketer. David has spent the last decade successfully promoting websites – content marketing strategies, blogging, SEO and social media. Prior to that, he was a consumer advocate and media spokesperson, always writing press releases, reports and speeches. He still writes, as that is so much of what is

Create Your Own Circloscope Free

My Most Relevant Circle. My #Circloscope   If you have an account in Google Plus you need to create a Circloscope!  Today I have received an invitation from Christine DeGraff about it and immediately I installed it and joined the community and created one with the help of Christine.  Circloscope is a circle management tool that allows you to manage your Google Plus circles.   Its advantages are tremendous. It  is an extension for

V is for Visitors:  Why I am Not Getting Visitors To My Blog Page?

V is for Visitors: Why I am Not Getting Visitors To My Blog Page? Why I am Not Getting Visitors To My Blog Page? This is a question I quite often get from my new fellow bloggers.   Indeed, this is a genuine question.  If we are not getting enough visitors to our page, we surely get frustrated.   And some even quit blogging.   But, Please don’t Quit!  Don’t worry!

R is for Report: Do You Want to Know Your Social Media Followers Analytic Report for FREE?

R is for Report: Do you want to know your Social media followers analytic Report for free? Here is a page to get your followers report free. Apply with your blog/web URL  You may get a chance to check out your Followers report of Facebook, Google + twitter, and other social sites. Based on your information in few days’ time they will send you a mail. If you are selected or eligible for

Twitter : What Is Your First Tweet? Did You Ever Thought Of Finding It Out?

 What is your First Tweet? Did you ever thought of finding it out? We all tweet! Some started this since its inception way back in March 21, 2006. ……………………….Few Screenshots of my current twitter page———————-   Since many years we tweet our thoughts, feelings or whatever comes to our mind in 140 characters.  Of course people like me used this platform to promote our posts we write.  Indeed, this is a


Last updated on August 2, 2018. Facebook! How much time you spent or wasted on facebook and few hidden secrets (FB tricks)                                      Some of my facebook friends. Time Magazine’s Techland.time brought out an article under the section  ‘Social Networking’ under the title: “How Much Time Have You Wasted on Facebook?” Read more: Facebook

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Blog Writers Your Attention Please!! Building an Audience: Making Social Media Work for You   Looking to grow online engagement with your users? Social media is a great way for you to build an audience and increase traffic to your website, which can ultimately help you earn more revenue. On December 12th, watch a Learn with Google Hangout On Air and learn how successful AdSense publishers and Wildfire users are using social