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Create Your Own Circloscope Free

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Last updated on August 7, 2022

My Most Relevant Circle. My #Circloscope


If you have an account in Google Plus you need to create a Circloscope!  Today I have received an invitation from Christine DeGraff about it and immediately I installed it and joined the community and created one with the help of Christine.  Circloscope is a circle management tool that allows you to manage your Google Plus circles.


Its advantages are tremendous.

It  is an extension for the Google Chrome Web browser.


Here is the one I created for myself with my friend circle in Google Plus.


For more information and help in creating this please visit and join the community or visit their home page.


Christine is the co-owner and she is now managing the page.  To visit her page please click HERE


You too can create one try, it out for free at!

Here is Christine DeGraff’s Circloscope(She is the co-owner and she manages the page)

Christine DeGraff’s Circloscope (She is the co-owner and she manages the page


To know more about  and how to create one please visit the page link given below.  

The pro blogger Ileane Smith very well explained about it.  

This is an informative, wonderful and educative video tutorial created by  Ileane Smith:

5 Incredible Ways To Master Google Plus with Circloscope


Christine DeGraff

Ileane Smith

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  1. Jessica Saikia
    Jessica Saikia

    I am not getting circloscope in chrome web store!!!

    July 15, 2017

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