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Google Plus the Giant Social Media Platform Is No More! This is in continuation of our previous post on Google Plus’s death.   As predicted months before by Google, the death of Google plus happened on April 2, 2019. Yes, one of the giant social media, a competitor to Facebook, Google plus is now no more.  See the below screenshot a search result of my G+ Account. Our good old activities with Google Plus

Google Plus

Last updated on February 6, 2019. Yes, You read it correctly.  The famous alternative of Facebook by Google the giant search engine The Google Plus is going to die soon.  I mean Google has decided to shut this platform forever due to some data breach.  But in this post, we present a few alternatives to Google Plus. Google announced this few months back that they are shutting their shop of

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My Most Relevant Circle. My #Circloscope   If you have an account in Google Plus you need to create a Circloscope!  Today I have received an invitation from Christine DeGraff about it and immediately I installed it and joined the community and created one with the help of Christine.  Circloscope is a circle management tool that allows you to manage your Google Plus circles.   Its advantages are tremendous. It  is an extension for


Google+ is now a fast growing platform. Many users are migrating to Google+from different other platforms. Here is an excellent video!!! Everything you want to know about Goolge plus and its applications. This tutorial will helps such users to know more about the usage of this platform. An informative and educative video. A complete guide to Google plus users!!! Source: Google+ YouTube by martin shervington Thanks for visiting. for Philipscom P V Ariel

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Pic. Credit: Facebook Vs Google Plus : Should You Leave Facebook for Google Plus? These days many are leaving Facebook to embrace Google plus. Why?  Ever since Google+ was launched back in 2011, it’s constantly being compared to Facebook. Anytime a new feature is introduced on either platform, they’re being accused of copying or competing with each other. It seems like users are either on one side of the