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Productivity Hack for Bloggers and Social Media Addicts: Use an OpenURL Batch File

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Last updated on March 23, 2016

David Leonhardt

Our Guest Author Today Is David Leonhardt, from Chesterville, Ontario.    He is a Creative Writer, Editor, Social Media Strategist, and an online marketer. David has spent the last decade successfully promoting websites – content marketing strategies, blogging, SEO and social media.

Prior to that, he was a consumer advocate and media spokesperson, always writing press releases, reports and speeches.

He still writes, as that is so much of what is needed to promote websites in Bilingual (English and French).

David is a published author who has earned “Distinguished Toastmaster”. He is the President and CEO of  THGM Writing Services,  (The Happy Guy Marketing).   He has helped many budding authors and bloggers find their sweet spot. Whether it is writing a manuscript or marketing your book. He can help directly or find you the help you need.

His contact details are given at the bottom of this content. I am so glad that he find some time to prepare this post for Philipscom. David I express my thanks for your valuable time here with my readers. May you have a great and blessed time ahead.

As he is celebrating his birthday today we are very happy to extend our warm greetings on this happy occasion. Many Many Happy Returns of The DAY David. :-)

david's family
David with his family

We Wish you all the best for your feature endeavors.

Keep Going My Dear Friend. :-)

In this post he is introducing a new technique from his niches. Read on…

For Philipscom Associates

Philip Verghes’Ariel’


Productivity Hack for Bloggers and Social Media Addicts:

OpenURLforPhil (3)Use an OpenURL Batch File

I am going to share with you a very simple trick to boost your productivity. It won’t change your life. It is only a small trick, with a small benefit, but you will enjoy that benefit every day once you have set it up. Then I will suggest a couple ways you can use it to supercharge your social media productivity (but you can probably find any other ways to use it, too).

The concept is simple. Some social media work can be done simultaneously, rather than consecutively. (Do things in parallel, not in serial, for all you engineering and science types.)

Let’s take FaceBook as an example, since that is where most people spend the biggest part of their social media time. Oh, and you can spend a lot of time there. You can open one group, interact, then open another group, interact, then go to a third group… Stop! I find that just opening so many pages is a time barrier, and perhaps even more, a psychological barrier.

What if you could open all your FaceBook pages with one click? That’s exactly what I do. Well, not exactly. I don’t go on FaceBook every day. But I do it with Tsu and I do it with Google Plus, and I do it with my Triberr groups.

The trick is to set up a small OpenURL batch file in text format. It becomes a batch file when the extension is .bat. I have no idea if or how this works in an Apple environment, but on my PCs, it works like a charm.

Here is the basic syntax:

@echo off

sleep 1

start “NAME” “URL”

That is all you need in the file. You just keep adding the second and third line over and over, once for each page you want to open every time you go to do social media duties. To show a real live example, here is what is in my Tsu OpenURL file:

@echo off

sleep 1

start “timeline” “”

sleep 1

start “analytics” “”

sleep 1

start “stream” “”

sleep 1

start “family tree” “”

sleep 1

start “friend requests” ””

sleep 1

start “messages” ””

That’s it. Just write it in plain text, in a .txt file converted to a .bat file.

If you wish, you can create one file for each social network you are active in. Or, you might try a different strategy. One line opens your main page at FaceBook, another line opens Tsu, another line opens Google Plus, etc.

Here’s another handy use for this type of file. Are you trying to cultivate a relationship with a dozen other bloggers? Set up a file with those blog URLs, and once a week or once every two days just open them all up, read each one’s latest post and interact if you wish. This not only saves you time, it helps you remember which blogs you don’t want to miss. Or which news sites. Or whatever.

The best time to use an OpenURL batch file is when you fire up your computer. You can open the batch file, and while all the websites are loading, you can make yourself a sandwich. Come back, and all the sites are open and waiting for you and your sandwich.

Are you trying to cultivate a relationship with a dozen other bloggers at one go? Then it's 4 U! @amabaie @PVAriel Click To Tweet

I hope you find this trick helpful. If you do, you will probably have more time to spend on social media, so I look forward to seeing you on Tsu and Google Plus.

David Leonhardt is a social media addict. You can help him overcome his addiction to social media by sponsoring a one-year vacation somewhere with lots of great mountains for hiking.  If that is beyond your budget, why not hire him to ghostwrite your blog posts. He would prefer the mountains, but he also loves blogging.  

Thank You David for this kind share.





To know a bit more about David and his activities and passion in the field of writing please watch this interview he did on Social Media Café.

David recently posted and interesting post on social media on the subject of being everywhere: He says and I quote:

“Consider these two pieces of advice:

“Choose carefully your social media platform(s). You want to be highly active and well-known wherever you are involved, in whatever groups or communities on that platform. To accomplish that, you must concentrate your efforts. You can’t be everywhere if you want to make an impact anywhere.”

“In social media, your customers are all over the place, so you have to be everywhere. If you plan to be successful, you need lots of social signals and you need allies who will support you across a broad range of platforms. If you are not everywhere, you are failing to leverage anywhere .”

To read on please click HERE


Social Media Cafe

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    Rohit kumar

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  2. What a awesome tip to run all pages at once.It saves a lot of time.In the end, knowledge is knowledge…..
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    • Hi Alaister,
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