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Last updated on August 2, 2018. Facebook! How much time you spent or wasted on facebook and few hidden secrets (FB tricks)                                      Some of my facebook friends. Time Magazine’s Techland.time brought out an article under the section  ‘Social Networking’ under the title: “How Much Time Have You Wasted on Facebook?” Read more: Facebook

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Blog Writers Your Attention Please!! Building an Audience: Making Social Media Work for You   Looking to grow online engagement with your users? Social media is a great way for you to build an audience and increase traffic to your website, which can ultimately help you earn more revenue. On December 12th, watch a Learn with Google Hangout On Air and learn how successful AdSense publishers and Wildfire users are using social

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Last updatd on April 04, 2018 OMG!!! Thanks, Alex Cavanaugh, the Captain/CEO of IWSG for the reminder!   I just missed it last time!   This is the right time. I was thinking about to bring out a serious point/problem which many of the bloggers face in blog writing. I wanted to share the same with you all in this post. Indeed, blogging is no doubt a group effort.  Unless

Facebook, Teenagers,  and Self-esteem

Facebook, Teenagers,  and Self-esteem Social Sites are eating away the major time of most of our teenagers.  Here is an alert to all, a Christian perspective on this subject written by Berni Dyment, the CEO of Christianity Works.  Hi Berni,  I am so glad and thankful to you for the kind consent you extended to me to  re-post this esteemed content in my blog.  Keep up the Good Works. Best

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Philipscom & Peeveesknols Blogs listed in the top Indian Bloggers’ list by the Indiblogger:   Here are some of the screenshots from the web:       To View More Please Visit Indiblogger Thanks to all. With Kind Regards, Yours Sincerely for Ariel & Associates web counter A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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Pic. Credit: Facebook Vs Google Plus : Should You Leave Facebook for Google Plus? These days many are leaving Facebook to embrace Google plus. Why?  Ever since Google+ was launched back in 2011, it’s constantly being compared to Facebook. Anytime a new feature is introduced on either platform, they’re being accused of copying or competing with each other. It seems like users are either on one side of the

F for “Facebook” Oh No! “F” is for “Faithbook”

F for “Facebook” Oh No! “F” is for “Faithbook” Picture Credit. F for “Facebook” Oh No! “F” is for “Faithbook”   Facebook is one of the famous social networking website.  Here one need to register and can upload photos videos and send messages to their friends by posting it on the wall as well as one can send private mails too. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with