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Blog Followers Your Attention Please!!!

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Last updated on April 4, 2018

Last updatd on April 04, 2018


Thanks, Alex Cavanaugh, the Captain/CEO of IWSG for the reminder!


I just missed it last time!


This is the right time.

I was thinking about to bring out a serious point/problem which many of the bloggers face in blog writing. I wanted to share the same with you all in this post.

blogging is no doubt a group effort. Unless there are people who help each other, no blogs will grow. via pvariel Click To Tweet

Indeed, blogging is no doubt a group effort.  Unless there are people who help each other in blog writing by reading, commenting, sharing and promoting through social sites by posting and discussing their blogs, no blogs will grow.

No doubt we have many groups around us to help out in blogging and related activities.  This group “Insecure Writers Support  Group”  itself is an example to this.  Alex started this venture keeping this in mind to help out the bloggers around the world and many joined in and helping each other by solving different issues.

IWSG Site Banner

And HA!!! Now a new site for the IWSG group. I appreciate Alex and his wonderful team for this initiative.

OK, let me come to the point:   We the blog authors quite often read a good number of posts every day and surely most of us do comment and if like, we join in the blog as followers by pressing the follower button.

Here is the click, when we join other blog pages, please check back your avatar picture is functioning properly or not, and is that taking you back to your page.  If it’s not reaching your blog page something is wrong, and you need to fix it.  Otherwise, suppose the person wanted to join back to our page he cannot do that because of the non-availability of link there.  So if you use as your page please give your blog name, URL etc there, so that people can visit your page and say a word of thanks.

These days many are utilizing the Google+ option for posting comments that is a good idea because if somebody posted a comment on your Google+ page it immediately appears in your blog page’s comment space too.  But here too there is a problem if you are not giving the contact details there. Unfortunately the newly joined people at Google+ just ignore to post their contact details or their blog or web page URLs there in the “About” page.  Here are some screenshots to show it clearly please check it.

For example, see the above screenshot of CAROLYN’s page, she joined my blog a few months back but still, I could not reach her blog page. The reason is there is no information about her blog, instead of few blogs names are given where she joined. In such situation, the visitor may go back without trying to find out your whereabouts.  Of course, few may go to their “Post” page and check what they posted there and may try to come back to your page.  This is very rarely taking place since people are so busy with their own activities.


In such cases, the only remedy is to place your contact details like your web/blog URLs at the “About” page of Google+. Or another way to fix this problem is to post a comment in the comment box of the blog you visited and joined so that by clicking on your name at the comment they will reach your page.
Some bloggers just press the follower button (Join this site) and join in and leave the place. Here are some screenshots (which are self-explanatory) where I could not reach their pages to join in or to comment on their posts. So please note these points while joining in a new blog page.


Also please make it a point to say a word of thanks to the person who joined in your blog by visiting their pages and if like join in their page as a follower, if don’t like their page that too say it politely,  this way you can increase your traffic flow to your pages.

To read a similar post in the Malayalam language”ബ്ലോഗ്‌ മിത്രങ്ങളുടെ സത്വര  ശ്രദ്ധക്ക് ” please click HERE


Have a Good Time
Ahead!!Happy Blogging !!
Till We Meet Again Next Month!!
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