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An Alert To Facebook Users! Facebook To Charge $ 1.99 Per Month From January 1st! Pay Or Quit!

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Last updated on January 3, 2015

An Alert To Facebook Users!

Facebook To Charge a  Monthly fee of   $ 1.99 

From from its users from January 1st

Pay Or Get Out!

facebook_chargeFacebook the million dollar company is now going to charge you for their service!

A breaking news from the social media!

Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark ZuckerBerg said in a press release: “If we don’t do something about our rising costs now, Facebook could face an unrecoverable financial burden and become obsolete.”

He also added that it was a long pending decision, that was originally planned to implement by the end of 2014, but decided, not to disturb the holiday season.

Though its a pinch to the pocket of its users, the good news is that he and his team decided to spend half of the income via this new implementation will go towards Ebola treatment and research.  And this will ultimately benefit the well being of the planet.   The deadly disease Ebola is spreading like wildfire, and part of the new monthly fee will greatly benefit world health.

As of mid 2014 Facebook had a total users of 1.23 Billion and this new fee structure will add a boosting profit to the company even aftermark_zukerberg_facebook_ap keeping aside the Ebola donation.

It is said that if its users refuse to pay the monthly fee of 1.99 $ their account will be terminated and the content will be deleted after a notice of 30 days.

So pay and use facebook from January 2015.

Of course many may stick to it but a majority will surely leave the space!

Anyways, those who do not want to pay the monthly fee, they can migrate their contents, pics and other stuff to a safer place. Otherwise you may lose all your valuable stuff you placed at Facebook.  So take a quick decision to migrate your stuff to a safer place like G+ Tsu etc…

Anyways let us wait and watch the scene!

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