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Google Plus the Giant Social Media Platform Is No More! This is in continuation of our previous post on Google Plus’s death.   As predicted months before by Google, the death of Google plus happened on April 2, 2019. Yes, one of the giant social media, a competitor to Facebook, Google plus is now no more.  See the below screenshot a search result of my G+ Account. Our good old activities with Google Plus


Twitter’s  Ten+ Years Of  Tremendous Travel Twitter Turns Thirteen Today, Yes, The Travel Goes On…   The other day in my mail I received a “Thanks” notification from Twitter! They published an amazing video under the title Twitter Love Though Twitter has passed through different stages in the past 12years the tremendous travel continues! There are many who fall victim to its use, and even some of its users went

Twitter And It's Missing Button!

Twitter and its missing edit button Twitter is one of the fast growing social network in the internet world!  In fact twitter is fast moving towards the first position in the Social media sector. This micro sharing social site’s growth in the recent past is one of the frequent discussions in the technology world.  Yes, no doubt it looks like in the near future  twitter will achieve that.  But sad to

Google , Twitter and Publishers Seek Faster Web Pages. How To Check Your Blog Page Speed!

Google , Twitter and Publishers Seek Faster Web Pages. How To Check Your Web Blog Page Speed! New York Times in its recent post talks about the need of web speed. Mobile phones are much in use and almost everyone do browsing and reading through their cell phones. Then the loading speed of the site is an important issue.  The report says Google, Twitter and Other Publishers seek for faster

Twitter The little one??? Is going BIG!!!

Twitter The little one??? Is going BIG!!! Yes, you read it! That is true and its a Great News Too!!! Yes, the little one is going BIG!!! Yes, Now there is no limit to your Direct Messages! Yes, you can chat as much as you can through its message boxes!!! The Social Media Examiner in its latest post wrote this breaking News with the following title! Read it more by clicking on the below

How to Get More Blog Traffic Through Twitter: An Infographic by Rohan Chaubey

How to Get More Blog Traffic Through Twitter: An Infographic by Rohan Here is an informative post with lot of tips to get traffic to your blog pages. My online friend Rohan did it again with a wonderful Guest post at Harleena Singh’s AhaNOW pages. The infographic is embedded here below and you can read more on this post by clicking on the below link: AhaNOW Thanks Rohan and Harleena

An Alert To Facebook Users! Facebook To Charge $ 1.99 Per Month From January 1st! Pay Or Quit!

An Alert To Facebook Users! Facebook To Charge a  Monthly fee of   $ 1.99  From from its users from January 1st Pay Or Get Out! Facebook the million dollar company is now going to charge you for their service! A breaking news from the social media! Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark ZuckerBerg said in a press release: “If we don’t do something about our rising costs now, Facebook could face an

R is for Report: Do You Want to Know Your Social Media Followers Analytic Report for FREE?

R is for Report: Do you want to know your Social media followers analytic Report for free? Here is a page to get your followers report free. Apply with your blog/web URL  You may get a chance to check out your Followers report of Facebook, Google + twitter, and other social sites. Based on your information in few days’ time they will send you a mail. If you are selected or eligible for

Twitter : What Is Your First Tweet? Did You Ever Thought Of Finding It Out?

 What is your First Tweet? Did you ever thought of finding it out? We all tweet! Some started this since its inception way back in March 21, 2006. ……………………….Few Screenshots of my current twitter page———————-   Since many years we tweet our thoughts, feelings or whatever comes to our mind in 140 characters.  Of course people like me used this platform to promote our posts we write.  Indeed, this is a