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13 Important Things to do Before Publishing Your Blog Post

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I know that you’re a blogger. That’s why you came here.

Writing a blog post is not an easy task. It goes through several processes and a number of tasks to be performed to craft a perfect post that readers will love.

As a writer, you are aware of the fact that no one can publish the content without completing the essential SEO steps. Our post should be SEO-friendly in order to get regular organic traffic from Google, Bing and other similar sources.

This post shows 13 important things you need to do before publishing your blog post. Feel free to leave your suggestions, ask queries through comments.

1. Title

Start with the post heading. It should be natural, attractive, and keyword rich which can bring massive traffic to the post from both searches and social sites. Several studies say that titles with keywords like how to, top 10, 10 best will get more user clicks than others.

Give an interesting title to your post.


2. Paragraphs

Divide your content into short paragraphs and assign headings to them. Write short, simple sentences. So readers can read and grasp them quickly. If you are a WordPress user, check the Readability section of your SEO plugins. The plugin will analyze your texts and will inform whether the content is easy to read or not.

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3. Keywords

Don’t forget to add relevant keywords in different parts of the post. The search engines will read and list your articles in the search results based on the keywords you use.

You should write for the humans and not for the bots. So don’t use the keywords unnecessarily and place them as natural.

4. Image size

Check your image size before uploading to the site. A heavy image may create a slow speed issue on your site and the readers will leave the page if it takes a long time to load. Use online image compression tools like Tinypng to reduce the size of the images without losing their quality.

5. SEO friendly images

SEO friendly imagesImages are the main source of traffic to your contents. They can bring visits from Google and Bing image searches. Give a keyword specific heading to your image and place the keywords in alt texts to inform search engines what kind of image is it.

6. Categories and tags

Add categories and tags to your post. With both of them, readers can quickly find a post that falls under a specific topic.

7. Internal Linking

Connect your posts to each other with keywords and normal links. This helps you to grow the traffic, reduce bounce rate, and boost the rankings.

Suppose, you are writing common blogging tips and mentions about ‘free blogging sites’ somewhere in the content on which you already made a post. Connect your ‘free blogging sites’ post here and the people will love to read it as both are mutually related.

8. Outbound links

Connect relevant posts on other sites to give additional information to your readers. The pointing link should be of high-quality and unique.

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9. Proofread

Have you finished? Check whether you made any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors anywhere in the content. Use online tools like Grammarly to ensure that it’s free from any mistakes.

10. Meta description

Enter a brief description of your posts. It will appear in the search results along with the content title. Make it simple and attractive. Write in such a way to encourage the search engine users to click on your link after reading the description.

11. Focus keyword

SEO for beginners

Set a focus keyword for your article. It should have a minimum density of 1% or higher and should appear from the very first paragraph.

The post should cover the main keyword in detail and give in-depth information to the readers. Google rank your page for the main keyword. So use it wisely.

12. Slug

The page URL or slug should be simple, short and keyword specific. Try to insert your focus keyword in the post slug. Using it in the slug, image alt texts, and titles will increase the chances of ranking your post higher in search engines.

13 essential things to do before you publish your blog post, a guest post by Manoj via Click To Tweet

13.  Featured image

A featured image is important for many reasons. When your contents are shared on social, bookmarking sites and communities, which will fetch your URL data and display posts with default thumbnail images.

If you are using a featured post slider or recent post widget on the blog sidebar, they will also appear with the featured images. Add a featured image of at least 600 x 400 px dimensions to enable social media posts with large images.

As mentioned in the beginning I once again urge you to share your blogging experiences, suggestions if any in the comment box.  We will promptly attend your queries, doubts if any.

Also, if you like the post please share it with your friends by using the social share buttons provided on the website.

Thanks for your valuable time.


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  1. Hi, Philip Sir,

    Thanks for providing an opportunity to publish my views on your esteemed site. It was a great experience to work with you. I do believe that Philipscom readers will like my post. :-)

    Best wishes,

    August 28, 2018
    • Hey Manoj, great tips and I really loved your tips

      And that’s a great topic to cover on your blog Philip as most people think that their job is done once they publish a blog post. In fact, their real job starts after publishing. If you build it, they’ll come is just a myth when it comes to building a profitable blog online.

      You need to go out, promote your content like anything, network with other bloggers to be able to capture more eyeballs to consume your content. As you said, on page optimization is crucial for boosting your search rankings.

      Just make sure to come up with a primary keyword and few relevant LSI keywords for every post you write and use those keywords in meta tags such as title, meta description, URL, image alt tags, sub headings etc to properly optimize for your keywords for search engines like Google.

      Thanks so much for the write up, keep up the great work.

      September 29, 2018
  2. Hi Philip Sir and Manoj

    Thanks, Philip Sir for introducing Manoj through this blog post. Even though he has been in the writing and blogging field for a long time, this is the first time, that I am getting in touch with more details about Manoj, I just checked his blog and hopefully leave a comment on that soon.

    Regarding this post, he came up with everything we need to do before publishing a post. Online image compression tool is new to me. I used several others. Still, I am on the lookout for a better one. So, I might try Tinypng. All the 13 points are equally important to follow before we hit the publish button.

    Hoping to see Manoj here again. Have a great time blogging.

    Thanks once again for the good share.

    Reji Stephenson

    August 28, 2018
    • Hi Reji,

      Glad to know that you liked my post. Tinypng is an awesome tool to reduce the size of your image and I use it for a long time. I too hope that we can meet again soon.

      Keep in touch,

      August 29, 2018
  3. Julius

    I am employed in an Outsourcing Agency and we’re building strategy and gameplan to do some major make over on our website to attract and gain more traffic. I have read in some web-blogs that doing blog and incorporating it on your website is one of the most effective way to boost your SEO and rankings. I have scraped the internet for every techniques possible to build an effective blog page. This is the most relevant article that I have stumbled upon. Very constructive and informative. Thanks for your article. I will surely adapt your insight in regards with blog.

    August 29, 2018
    • Hi Julius,

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  4. Tushar Dey
    Tushar Dey

    Amazing article. Thanks for sharing such a great information about blogging with us. Now I have to change a few things on my blog post after reading your article.

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    • Hi Tushar,

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  5. Hi
    Blogging is not just about writing a 1000+ words article and publishing that article after including few relevant images, it is more than that. You have to do a lot of things before and after publishing blog posts and this list of important things to do before publishing blog post is surely going to help us.

    Short paragraphs are easy to read and understand. So, it is very necessary to divide the content into short paragraphs to grab reader’s attention. Image optimization is very important and it helps in increasing website speed. Here, great to know about “Tinypng” tool and I will give it a try.

    Here, you have provided great list of must to do things before publising a blog post.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Praveen Verma

    August 29, 2018
    • Hi Praveen,

      You are right. Blogging is not just writing a lengthy article. It should be simple, easy to read and search engine friendly to get organic traffic to them. Thanks a lot for leaving your valuable feedback with us.

      Keep in touch,

      August 29, 2018
  6. Azad Vamic
    Azad Vamic

    Thanks for this great information, You gave me the best things to do for my blog. A very timely post. Keep writing.

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  9. Hi Manoj, This is an awesome guide. As a beginner, it is always challenging to spend more time reviewing the written content. Due to which we mostly ignore very basic things which are actually effective. I am sure this article will help beginners a lot. Keep sharing such info.

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  11. Hello Manoj and Philip Sir,

    Well I believe every blogger must make a note of these important points in a text file so that we can use it as a checklist before publishing a post.

    I think I’m just gonna bookmark this informative post.

    Thanks for share.

    September 1, 2018
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    That is a very nice check-list, which I need to print out. I sometimes really miss one of these :-| Thanks!

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    i am a new content writer your this information will help me more and improve my content quality
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      September 27, 2018
  15. Wajahath Ali
    Wajahath Ali

    Thanks Manoj for all the wonderful tips.

    WordPress has made the job of many website owners easy with so many plugins in their repository.

    I also think one of the most important things is to reduce the size of the images because big sized images take a lot of time to load and hence reduce the chances of our website being on top of SERPs.

    September 11, 2018
    • Hi Wajahath,

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    Saikat Samanta

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    December 22, 2018
  18. Great tips Manoj,
    all or them. I especially lie the internal linking technique. For two reasons. First- it works very well..
    Second- most blogger don’t have an internal linking strategy, and those that do- it’s bad and ineffective.

    June 23, 2019
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    rishab kapoor

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