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Make Your Links Clickable – The Best Strategies

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Last updated on September 4, 2023

Best Ways To Make Your Links Clickable

Make Your Links Clickable, yes, everyone wants their links to be clicked more. But, that doesn’t happen if you have not properly placed or optimized it for clicks.

Google can crawl as much as web pages, though links pointing from one source to another over the web. With linking, we are offering more relevant resources to the readers. That gives them added opportunities to learn more about the particular topic.

So, links are worth always.

In this article, let’s discuss the best ways to make your link more clickable. Indeed, taking some additional care.

Before that,

Why you’d want your links to be clicked?

As I said above, it helps search engines to crawl more web pages easier and faster. And, it offers more relevant resources to the audiences. Despite these two major reasons, there are even more fruitful things to happen when your links are clicked by more.

# Drives more traffic 

In case of external links placed on other high-traffic sites, people are likely to click on your link and redirect to your pages. So, as much as relevant and quality links you have, higher the organic traffic you drive.

# Content exposure

When you use internal links to connect your relevant pages, you are exposing more to the target readers. If they find one or other linked articles solving their problem, higher the chances they share your content.

# Indeed, more money

In the conversion standpoint, CTA’s have a greater role. The links in CTA’s must be spurring or triggering the users to click-through. Ultimately, that results in bringing you more money. The same applies to your email list building campaigns.

So, you must be cautious while placing links for more clicks.

Why your links aren’t clicked?

Have you ever measured it? How effective your links are convincing the readers to click-through it?

What’s the reason your links are less-bothered?

Obviously, knowing the reason, you can optimize those areas. Some of the factors that might impact your link performances are –

  • Anchor text – the words used for linking
  • Link position – where you have placed the link in a particular page
  • Link relevancy – the topic or content relevancy
  • Other link attributes like color, effect, etc.

Armed with this basic information, let me help you with simple ideas to boost your link’s click through rates.

Tips to improve your link CTR

Indeed, once you set a strategy, you shall keep moving forward with it. Concerning SEO and online promotions, links are valuable assets. Make it worthwhile.

# Important links first

We all know that the average page visit lasts for less than a minute. Many are even less than a few seconds. In such a case, you can’t make sure the links in the bottom of the page will get clicks. So, keep your important link first. Secure the links for which you need more clicks, above the fold. Say, in the first paragraph.

Even the visitors, who are less likely to read the entire content, will see your links in the first paragraph. Hence, you are improving the chances of getting more clicks.

It’s simple. Prioritize the link and bring it to the reader’s eyesight with proper placement. Consider this before publishing your blog post.

# Make anchor texts visible

Longer anchor texts are good to have. But, that doesn’t mean having a link for one whole paragraph.

Make your links –

  • SEO-friendly – you can include keywords randomly (not everywhere). At the same time, with appropriate anchor texts, you can make your links looking natural.
  • Descriptive – the anchor texts you have must be explaining about the article it links to. So, it can tweak the readers to click through it.
  • Penalty foolproof – It’s good to have exact keywords or even related keywords as anchor texts. But not at every instance. Keep your anchor texts natural that go with your content flow.

#Isolate Important Links

When you have more links, you are less likely to get clicks on your important links. You have to single-out the important links.Make Your Links Clickable In the above case, clicks will get distributed, and you don’t get enough clicks on any specific link. So, isolate the important links and give them space.

Like placing your important links above the fold, isolating those links is also a key. Single-out wheat from the chaffs!

To the bottom line, don’t put too many links confusing the readers. Keep it precise.

#Highlight Links

Color matters. When you have a white background, your link text color must be a solid color. It shouldn’t be in plain grey.

When the link anchors simply go with content text with no difference, users are less likely to notice your links. So, highlight the links with color variations.

Obviously, I always insist you use brand colors. I do the same.Make Your Links Clickable

The Best Ways To Make Your Links Clickable. A Guest Post by Jenna Ronnan via Share on X

# Provide a microcopy

Nikola Roza suggests leaving a few words beneath the link button explaining the link.

Here is how he practice it –

Though the anchor texts are descriptive, sometimes it might leave your readers lingering about taking any action.

Should I really need to click the link?

Even this little hesitation might make them go without clicking the links.

So, make sure to write a small description about the link around it.

Like how Neil Patel does for most of his linked resources.Make Your Links Clickable Writing so, you are attempting to kick off the reader’s hesitation and justifying what they would get clicking on the link.

# Boost with power words

When you take CTA’s in the landing page, you need more care to optimize the buttons. Make sure the CTA anchor texts are boosted with power or trigger words. Urgency is a catalyst.

Similarly, using words like today, now, a limited period, etc. would spur your readers not to miss clicking the link button.

Make Your Links Clickable – Final Words

Make Your Links ClickableNow, you have got some proven tips to make your links highly clickable. Mostly, these ideas are proven by various SEO experts with tangible results. Even I care more for links performance since it means a lot for me. Indeed, for you too.

Why don’t you try these ideas to get your readers to make use of the linked resources that benefit you both? The goals might be different, but everyone needs their links to be clicked more.

What for waiting then? It’s time to revamp your linking strategy. Go and get started.

But, before that, drop your views in the comment box given below!

Thanks a lot, Philipscom Associates for the opportunity given to share my thoughts to your esteemed readers.  All the best

~ Jenna

Make Your Links ClickableAuthor Bio:  Jenna Ronan – the blogger and outreach marketer at HiBlogging. Aiming to render valuable tips, resources, and strategies all about SEO and blogging, She strives to upgrade herself to learning stuff and sharing the knowledge.


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  1. Jenna Ronan
    Jenna Ronan


    Thanks for the opportunity! Hope your readers will find it helpful. Glad to contribute even more articles to PVariel blog.

    Anchor texts play a great role in making the links more clickable. Keep it natural, relevant and descriptive. Have keywords if it naturally fits.

    August 25, 2020
  2. Rayudu


    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
    I could learn the importance links and it’s placements. Very useful information.

    Thanks again for sharing the beautiful blog and it’s useful contents.
    Keep writing. All the best.

    August 25, 2020
  3. Sarah

    Nice article! It’s so much easier for the reader to verify your reference material, find related content, or answer a call to action when you’ve given them something to click on. People are lazy creatures. Hyperlinking to your contact page, your subscription form, or a landing page on your website nudges those prospects along the path of conversion.
    Great share.

    August 25, 2020
  4. Isaimin B
    Isaimin B

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    Link placing properly will bring in lot of benefits. The writer very well explained it for your readers.
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  5. radhaaariv

    I am really glad to say that you have done a fab-work and suggested helpful idea. You have explained each platform very well that is providing better knowledge and understanding. This blog post is exactly what i was actualy looking for. Very interesting and informative post. Good to know more about clickable links and it’s use.

    August 25, 2020
    • Jenna Ronan
      Jenna Ronan

      Thanks for stopping by, friend. Glad you found it helpful. Check out this blog more often to learn this kind of unique stuffs.

      August 26, 2020
  6. Rahul Arora
    Rahul Arora

    Thanks for sharing this amazing article. Now with this information, I am able to create the link which is visible to the people.
    This article guides me that how to create a perfect link which is clickable.
    and how to write a perfect CTR.

    August 25, 2020
  7. Ana Carla
    Ana Carla

    First of all congratulations on the article, everything mentioned in this blog is of immense importance, man I have been working with backlinks and seo on my blog for a while now, with your tips on clickable links it will help me a lot, because I will put it into practice now, I am very amazed by the content of this post,
    This blog post is exactly what I was looking for, very clear and smart post, the blog owner always has some good insights.
    Immense Gratitude for your work, and I will always share the content.

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    I’m guessing that when you were doing your research you found my article on Google?
    I know because I rank pretty highly for a couple of phrases.

    Thanks again and have a great day!

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    • Hi Nik,
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      ~ Phil

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    Kim shi

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    August 26, 2020
  10. Sam

    I never really given the links thought on where they should be placed and how they should be better seen. This is something I ream really going to consider now and do some rearranging of posts.

    August 26, 2020
  11. Jenna Ronan
    Jenna Ronan


    Happy that this article helps you to create or optimize your links for more clicks. The content marketing would be a successful strategy only when the links are clicked and users explore the linked resources. Thanks for your time and comment here.

    August 26, 2020
  12. Damon salvatore
    Damon salvatore

    This is what I was looking for! The placement of our links on our contents needs to do it wisely. The author very well put that together in this informative post. Though I have been doing this, there is a lot to change. Thank you so much for this great post.

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    jeffery steven stone

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    Jeremiah Agware

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  15. Hi Jenna,
    Great info here on how to make your links clickable, I really didn’t know that making your first one is the most important. Thanks for sharing that for us. I also love your recommendations for words with the links to get more clicks.
    Thank you Philip for having Jenna on this one!
    Lisa P. Sicard recently posted…How to Get Your Instagram Reels Moving and Generate More ActionMy Profile

    August 28, 2020
  16. Reji Stephenson
    Reji Stephenson

    Hi Jenna and Ariel Sir,

    Glad to be here after a long time. Thanks for introducing Jenna. She came up with an interesting and important points regarding clickable links in an article. This post is a timely reminder for me to check the link profile of my websites and make some changes if necessary.

    Hoping to come back and read more updates soon from this blog. Thanks once again for sharing valuable contents.

    Have a great time blogging and networking with fellow bloggers.

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