Visual Design Plugins – A Must For WordPress Websites – [An Infographic]

Visual Design Plugins

Last updated on October 3, 2018.

Source: Visme

So you’ve finally created your own WordPress website, huh?
You’re probably done purchasing a plan and customizing the template you selected but have you installed some WordPress plugins yet?

They aren’t really necessary actually – just very important if you want your website to have more features or functions such as social media share buttons, image galleries, embedding tools, and whatnot.

Just in case you don’t know where to begin or what plugins you need for your website, here’s a great list of WordPress plugins for visual designing Visme provided in this infographic.

Happy WordPress-ing! :)

Thanks, Philip Ariel for the opportunity given to present these amazing infographic on your esteemed website.  I am sure your Philipscom readers will like this post and I expect your reader’s response to this post.  Dear Philipscom readers’ share your WordPress experiences via the comment box given below.


Belle Balace

This is a guest contribution from Belle Balace.  The growth specialist at Visme, an online visual tool where you can create engaging infographics and data visualizations in less time. Reach out her via


Source: Visme


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  1. Hi Balace, this is a very detailed article thanks a lot for sharing with us and keep sharing your amazing articles on Pvariel blog.


  2. Hi Philip Sir,
    I didn’t know that there are so many plugins which can be used to design a website visually. This post will surely be a great help in that aspect.
    Thanks for the share.


  3. That’s a wonderful post for a newbie like me, Thanks


  4. This is for the first time I am visiting your esteemed page.
    I appreciate your efforts to put in a lot of informative posts.
    Will visit again to read more such informative articles.
    Thanks for sharing such this informative article on visual design plugins.
    Yes, plugins are essential in blogging.
    Keep writing

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  5. So much good content here. This is going to take some time to go through. Thanks for sharing and for creating a tonne of fun work for me 😉


  6. Hello, Philip Sir.
    Thanks for sharing article this topic.
    I have received a lot of information about WordPress from your post. I hope you will continue to share such a post on such topics. I am sure that will be a great help to people like me. It is indeed a great help to me.


  7. Hello Belle,

    Nice to meet you here on Philip’s space :)

    These are some really beautiful info graphics over here. There are so many list of plugins which can be used to design
    the web site.

    This is an in depth post by your side which explains that there are plugins which can be used for every different aspect in the
    blogging field.

    Thanks for the share.



  8. Great post with a lot of useful information,

    I guess I’m gonna bookmark this page for my later reference. I learned some great points from this infographics.



  9. Hi Philip & Belle,

    Good choice for guest content, Philip.

    Thank you Belle for the links to an assortment of timesaving and useful wordpress plugins.

    I’ve been looking for an easy to use plugin for making tables. Gonna try the one you suggested: TablePress. Thanks,


  10. Hi, Philip, thanks for sharing such awesome stuff!
    The plugins look fantastic and I will surely check out.
    Keep sharing.
    Have a great week ahead.


  11. excellent post, thanks a lot. Incredible. Website experts would love this. Your points are well formed. Your website has a kind of feeling about it.


  12. Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ Sir, this is Seriously Big…
    I got to know some new plugins for designing, thanks…


  13. I am quite interested in the plugin which you have mentioned here. I am always interested in discovering the best of the best but also being very careful to not have too many plugins on my site due to concerns about slowing down the websites.


  14. Elementor is also a good plugin for creating front page.
    Thanks for sharing this informative post.


  15. I was on the lookout for such an information.
    This infographic said it all. Indeed a wonderful share for those who are eager to start their own blogs. Thank You for sharing this amazing article. I learned a lot from this post.


  16. You have shared a very informative post which I was searching for a long time.
    Yess, VisualDesign Plugins looks like a wonderful plugin. will try this out for my page and will come back to you for with my results.
    Thanks for helping us to improve our knowledge by providing such precious information.
    Keep sharing.
    This is my first visit to your page, will come back soon to read more.
    Thanks again for sharing.
    ~ Johnn


  17. Elementor is also a good plugin for creating front page.
    Thanks for helping us to improve our knowledge by providing such precious information.
    Keep sharing.


  18. Hi,
    Very nice article.
    Keep Posting Such Information…
    Good Luck..


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