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Installing WordPress 8 Most Important Things to do

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Last updated on January 8, 2020

Installing WordPress – 8 Most Important Things to do when starting a WordPress website. When it is about selecting a web host then one platform is not enough to meet the need of all. In such a situation, the first important step is to conduct in-depth research and look for hosting providers that can cater to your site’s needs in the best possible way.

A qualitative WordPress web host provider must offer your site with the following features:

  • Optimal security
  • A powerful yet user-friendly control panel
  • Faster loading speeds
  • A robust support system that can be used to help
  • Eminent scalability so that your website can grow well over-time
  • Abundant of bandwidth and space

Installing WordPress The 000WebHost is one of the Best WordPress Site Hosting Solution

Installing WordPress








Out of various eminent options available online, the 000webhost is one of the top-notch servers offering your WordPress site the best solutions. Make sure you register a short domain and host two sites at almost no cost.

If you need more speed, disk space, bandwidth, or even additional sites to accommodate your increasing needs, we have offered you there too. There are numerous plans including numerous extended features such as resources and additional space. More importantly, it is possible to install WordPress on 000webhost easily and quickly.

Once you have installed WordPress, it is essential to configure it well so that it runs smoothly and is able to meet your requirements to the fullest. Some of the important things that you must perform after installing WordPress are mentioned below.

Adjust the Reading Settings of your Site

These settings allow you to set your latest posts on the front page or allow you to hold a static homepage with the latest posts showcased on a separate webpage.

Setting up your site title and TimeZone

It is essential to alter the site title, tagline, and user registration options from the default mode to the unique form. It is essential to alter the site title and tagline so that it resembles your website functionality in the Google search results. This is an important general setting that needs to be revamped.

WordPress settings
img: wpbeaveraddons

Equally essential is to adjust the Timezone of your site to your local time. This will enable you to schedule your posts as per your preferred Timezone.

Tutorial for wordpress
img: wpbeaveraddons

Another general setting is adding a Favicon to the website

A favicon is nothing but a small icon appearing next to the website title in the browser. The icon helps to gain recognition or identity of the website. It helps people to identify you whenever they witness this icon. It is great to build your brand image and trust among the masses.

Optimizing the Permalink Structure

Permalinks are web addresses that are related to the pages and posts, which directly link to the content. With a plain permalink structure, you would not be able to include any information relevant to the content. But, if you make some modifications in the permalink settings then you can set items you wish to display your URL. The information can be the name of your post, date, or a mix of both.

Screenshot for tutorial

Setting up Cache Site

A cached site takes less time to load and enhances the possibilities of more visitors to stick around. Caching helps to generate static versions of the website’s content pages and posts, which are served and offered to the browsers. So when you install any WordPress website with the 000webhost you are able to receive both the pages and browser cache plugins.

Delete Default Content Settings

When you install WordPress then there are some default content settings that are offered such as a default post, default page, and even default comments. It is essential to discard or remove all the default content before you proceed with other works on your website. You need to delete the default post, default comments, and default page with the help of the dashboard and create customized content in its place.

Installing WordPress – Select A Theme

The graphical interface of your website is enhanced by the theme you select. Hence, you would always wish to ensure that the content of your website pages is showcased in a way that best meets your needs. There are numerous WordPress themes available for selection and that can be selected in order to give your site a unique version. These themes cater to e-commerce sites, news pages, photography blogs, and about anything else that you can think of. Additionally, installing WordPress themes is usually a convenient process. Hence, this must be the next thing in your mind to consider.

Installing WordPress And Adequate Plugins

Plugins are installed in order to enhance the security of your website and protect the webpage from spam. There are numerous security plugins available for free.

These are highly rated plugins that place a firewall on your site and offer security alerts and other incident recovery tools. To better confirm that your website is secure from spam, you can consider some amazing options such as Akismet.

It is because it automatically filters the comment. Hence, if you want your WordPress website to be easily accessible and enhance the overall traffic rate then you must also consider including an SEO plugin.

Installing WordPress  – Optimize Images

There are high-resolution images that can create a huge impact on the load time. They reduce the page speed because of the big large file size. If the image size is reduced without losing its quality then this is not the case. Optimizing the images will help boost the SEO rate. The issues can be solved with image optimization plugins. These plugins can compress the images and hence optimize them. Some of the image optimization plugins are EWWW Image optimizer, Short-pixel Image Optimizer, WP-Smush, and Imagify.

If you are planning to build a website, you can go with a WordPress site and pick a host that is able to offer your site with a solid reputation, support, and performance, like 000webhost. Once you install it just ensure that pick the correct theme, plugin and configure all the settings.

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  4. Karthik Linga
    Karthik Linga

    Hey Naveen

    Good work. You have selected very important things to do while doing an installation of a new WordPress on your website. Listed all 8 things are most recommended activities should do on every WordPress blog and SEO by Yoast plugin is one of the popular plugins and it can manage few things on SEO platform. Installing a SEO Yoast plugin into your WordPress blog is major basic things to do.

    Thanks for sharing! Keep sharing !!

    February 27, 2018
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    Hardeep Singh

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    Nwoha Angel

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