A2 Hosting The Best Hosting Platform For Bloggers And Business Owners

A2 Hosting

Last updated on September 20, 2018.

A2 Hosting The Best Hosting Platform For Bloggers And Business Owners

After the shutting down of Google’s Knol page, we migrated our resources from the blogger platform to the WordPress platform.  With the help of my techie friend we migrated the resources to a shared platform and later after one year on one black Friday offer, we shifted it to another famous hosting platform named Bluehost.  We opted for a 3-year subscription but sad to say just after one year the trouble started with some security issues and we opted out from that hosting platform and shifted to A2 Hosting.   Since then there was no trouble we faced and A2 Hosting is giving a wonderful service and I would like to recommend it to my fellow bloggers around the world.

Here below I am giving some of its wonderful features.

A2 Hosting Is Famous For Its Speed

A2 Hosting Famous For Its Speed: Image Credit: A2Hosting

Yes, the first and foremost part of this hosting platform is about its speed.

Speed is the vital part of any website or blog.  If a visitor comes to your page and the page loading is taking time the visitor leave that page and go to other places.  To avoid this tendency you must have a high-speed hosting platform.  A2 Hosting is the best hosting platform now with a high speed and you can go for it.

Your site speed definitely impacts your SEO rankings, bounce rate, visitor’s satisfaction and above all it lead your conversion rate.

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After the introduction of Solid State Drive (SSD) Railgun Optimizer and pre-configured server at its shared hosting plan A2 Hosting speed is not second to any other hosting platform.  Indeed for speed, it is the  number  one in the market.

From my own experience and some of the top online experts, testimonies reveal that it is one of the tops and best hosting sites in relation to speed.  Also, it has a lot of reliability in many areas of web hosting.

A2 Hosting Is An Established Platform

Many online users and top bloggers like Erik Emanuelli, Jerry Low, Lisa Sicard, John Paul Aguiar, and many others in the blogging industry are using this platform and recommend it to their clients.  It has a good standing in the industry from the beginning.

From my experience, I can very well say that it is a very reliable platform and  I always recommend this site to my clients as well as to my online friends and fellow bloggers for the smooth functioning of their website.

In the initial stage this was known as Iniquinet and later it was named A2 Hosting.  Since its inception in the year 2001, it is doing a tremendous service to the online community.

A2 Hosting Customer Service is Praiseworthy

A2 Hosting is well-known for its dedicated customer service team otherwise known as ‘Guru Crew’ Support Team.  Their relentless service in every area is worth notable.  Indeed it has a dedicated team for 24 x 7 service.  Their live chat session is really a high rated one and of course, follow up via email too is really fantastic and worth mentioning.

I have had some bad experiences with my previous hosting platforms, they do not even respond to our urgent queries via email and their support teams are really useless and boring.  But at A2 the support team is quick in replying or attending to your problems.

A2 Hosting Present Packages

There are many different wonderful options available now with A2 Hosting.  It has shared web hosting, or in other words known as virtual web hosting.  It is a web hosting where individual hosting accounts are stored on a single web server, all of which share the same system resources like disk, space, data transfer and server processing power.

Shared hosting offers an affordable option to run your website, and it all related server hosting costs is shared and distributed among other users on the physical machine.

A2 Hosting has three different options, they are LITE, SWIFT, and TURBO.  Like other hosting companies it focuses on unlimited options with this plan.

Its offer price this Black Friday CyberSale is INR 127.65 / month for Lite and INR  170.27 for Swift and for Turbo it starts with INR 362.o7. per month.

These plans come with unlimited storage and transfer, plus free SSL and SSD with user-friendly cPanel which any layman can operate.  In addition to this A2 Hosting other options like Swift and Turbo plans provide unlimited websites and databases.

It offers a wonderful option of Money Back policy too.

You can integrate A2 Hosting with Joomla, Drupal and WordPress irrespective of your present account.  Also, it can integrate basic shopping cart applications for a merchant website.

It has data centers in different locations in Asia, Amsterdam, Singapore and Michigan with the primary data center.

Philipscom is currently hosting a WordPress site on A2 Hosting’s  Server and with full confidence, we can say it is amazing and meet all our web needs.

In fact, we are thrilled with the pre-tuned performance and pre-configured site caching, both of which contribute to site loading times in high speed!

The Shared Hosting solutions are the perfect high speed and user-friendly solution for our website.

As the company claims, “Each Shared Hosting account is fine-tuned for the best performance and reliability.”

We experienced this and recommend this our clients and friends!

While shared hosting is the most popular option, there are other choices you can go with.  Yes, you can also go with Unmanaged or Managed VPS hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting with A2 Hosting.

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A2 Hosting BlackFriday Package

A2 Hosting Is An Eco-Friendly Best Hosting Platform

Last but not the least it is the best hosting platform with an eco-friendly system.

As we all very well aware of that our environment is getting polluted every day.   One of the major causes of this global warming is the excess usage of different gadgets and the usage of the Internet.  According to a recent survey, the Internet usage is fast growing at an alarming rate of 600% to 900% every year.  If this level continues no doubt the web hosting’s energy emission keeps on increasing an alarming rate and that will become one of the major pollution sources and will further damage our environment.

We need to concern about this alarming growth of global warming and should think and act seriously to curtail this consumption as much as we can.

We the online users can do a vital part in curtailing this alarming growth by using eco-friendly web hosting platforms and green web host services.

I am happy to know that A2Hosting is an eco-friendly web hosting and it also allows their employees to work remotely from their homes to avoid unwanted carbon emissions.

Their primary goal is to offer the blazing fast and ultra-reliable solutions which are an amazing thing to note in this time of Global Warming.

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I am so glad to say that Philipscom website is already a multi-niche site which gives much importance to Global Warming and Environment (you can read many such environment-related posts elsewhere on these pages)

I encourage my fellow beings to opt for such eco-friendly hosting sites.  I recommend you to join this cause of curtailing the global ommissions by buying this wonderful product from A2Hosting.

To order and know more about A2 Hosting Click on the image given below:

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  1. Nice Sharing…As you pointed out, “A2 Hosting is well-known for its dedicated customer service team otherwise known as ‘Guru Crew’ Support Team. Their relentless service in every area is worth notable. Indeed it has a dedicated team for 24 x 7 service. Their live chat session is really a high rated one and of course, follow up via email too is really fantastic and worth mentioning.” I fully agree with these statements.
    Keep writing such informative reviews.


  2. Hi Philip Sir,
    I heard many good things from you about A2hosting after you opted for it. It is glad to know that many other bloggers especially top bloggers like Erik Emanuelli, John Paul, Lisa Sicard and others are using this wonderful platform for their websites.
    I think I should give it a try.
    Thanks for the sharing such a lot of information about this hosting platform
    Have a good week ahead.


  3. Fully informative topics about A2 Hosting, A2 Hosting is very popular for cloud VPS, Price is affordable, the Support system is good as well as there live chat. For WordPress website’s hosting is the specialty of A2 Hosting. And yes I fully agree with these statements.


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    I am a new business owner. I love your article. This line sounds good (It offers a wonderful option of Money Back policy too.) I hope to see more useful information from you.


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