India Is My Country All Indians Are My Brothers And Sisters, I Love My Country

Last updated on December 08, 2017

India Is My Country All Indians Are My Brothers And Sisters

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Picture Credit Arun Mathew
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When I was thinking about the next word for the A to Z Blog Challenge which starts with a big “I”.  My thoughts went on and on and on with many words, but suddenly it stopped at the word “INDIA” Yes, my own nation topped the list.  A beautiful country in the universe, we call it MOTHER INDIA. 

My memories went back to my childhood days.  In school we start our days with the following pledge which I still remember and sometimes whisper too.

Yes, it still lingers in our minds and on our lips.
Here is the pledge we make every day in the morning along with the morning prayer.  Yes we start our school day with this pledge.  It still continues in all the Indian schools.
A Scene from Thekkady, Kerala. Pic, Credit Shibu Thovala

is my country

All Indians are my
Brothers and Sisters

I love my country
And I shall always
strive to be

a loyal and worthy
citizen of it.

To my country and
my people

I pledge my

May God grant her
peace and prosperity. 
But Alas! 
When I look around,  this concept is totally changed
many look at each other in a different outlook.
golden old days are gone forever!
and politicians polluted the system
they created a kind of enmity
ourselves to
their vote banks/pockets. 
journey goes on!!!

Anyways  here

Brief Info. about my beloved country called INDIA:

My Country is the largest nation in
the southern Asia
And the second largest country in the

About one out of every six people in
the world lives in India
Its population is nearly equal to
that of all the nations of Africa a
nd South America together.

In Area, India stands at the 7th

The people of India belongs to
different ethnic groups.

And people speak more than 14 major
And more than 1000 minor languages,
And dialects.
(India is known as Republic of India,
or the Union of India)
New Delhi
Language: Hindi (National)
3,287,263 sq. km
Above 1,025.1 m.
Hindi(National), English, 
18 officially recognized languages
Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, 
Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, etc.
Rupee [ US $1 = Rs. 49 (approx.) ]
of State is President: Mr. Pranab Mukherjee
of government:  Federal Republic.
Minister: Narendra Modi

Song”  “Vande Mataram” (I Bow to The
Anthem:  “Janagana Mana”(Thou art the
ruler of the minds of all people”)

October 2nd is the Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi 
“The Father of the Nation”

A Brief Info. about my beloved country called INDIA Click To Tweet

Here are few links which lead to few  videos  which reveal the life story of Mahatma Gandhi

Credit: wichm.home
The birth and death anniversaries of Great leaders come ones in a year and on that particular day different celebrations take place in remembrance of such people with much enthusiasm and respect. But unfortunately in most cases that end with that. But here is an exception to this trend”Gandhiji” the Father of Nation is still remembered and his brand has grown stronger and stronger every year and every walk of life even the new generation giving a new vision to it and discovering him and adopting his policies with much enthusiasm. His birthday is also known as International day of non-violence.
Here are some rare videos from the life of Mahatma Gandhi — The first TV Interview and his speech at different places.

The first ever made TV interview with Mahatma Gandhi by Fox Movietone News.

Please Click on the below link to watch these videos. 

 P V Ariel’s Video Page 

To Read the few related articles Please click on the below links:
Few Amazing Facts About India

Missing Aspects

Few Lovely Scenes From India

Picture Credit
A Scene from my City (Secunderabad) Pic. by Ariel
The Blog Author P V, in front of Taj Mahal, Agra.


P V At Qutab Minar New Delhi


A side view of Qutab Minar Picture bye Charles Philip
Lotus Temple New Delhi Pic, By Mathews Philip
Taj Mahal Pic By P V Ariel
Rajghat, Gandhi Samadhi Entrance Gate P V and family members
P V’s Family Members Near India Gate , New Delhi Pic, by PV
A Scene From Thekkady, Kerala. Pic. by Shibu Thovala
India is my country All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters I love my country Click To Tweet


Published on: Apr 10, 2012 @ 18:59


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A Multilingual Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger, Roundup Expert, Translator, Internet Marketer And A Social Campaigner. Manages different sites in English as well as in Malayalam. Born And Brought Up In Kerala. Now Based At Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Facebook or Can Reach At: philipscom55(@)Gmail [.] Com twitter: @PVAriel Skype Philva6


  1. You wisely attributed India.
    I love my country.
    Whatever it be, it’s our responsibility to make it a perfect place to live.
    This land has given us a lot and now it’s our turn to pay back.
    We can’t return everything our motherland did favour to us many times,
    however, our small steps can also make huge differences. 🙂

    Nikhil recently posted…Join TeslaThemes Affiliate Program for Passive IncomeMy Profile

    1. Hi Nikhil,
      What a joy to hear from you,
      Sorry i missed this thoughtful feedback,
      Yes, our Motherland did a lot to us and now is the time to payback!
      I appreciate your valuable presence with a thought provoking comment.
      Keep sharing,
      May you have a great and eventful December. 2016
      ~ Philip

  2. This is an amazing post!

    The facts mentioned in this post are really new to me!

    Indeed I am surprised to note the fact that “About one out of every six people in the world lives in India.” This is really an amazing information!

    Oh that is true that our country is holding the position as second largest populated country in the world!
    What a Population explosion! Though in such a populated country, most of the Indians live in Unity! Though there are few isolated exceptions to this, by and large our country’s unity in diversity is famous and adorable too!

    Though there are few people among us who create trouble in the country, we can well say that our country is a peace loving nation.

    I like the way you presented the present situation or truth about our nation along with its amazing facts!

    Let our unity be famous among nations!

    Let others find some role models among us!

    May our country and country men live in peace and unity

    Thanks for the great share PV

    Have a great day 🙂
    ~ Ann
    Ann P V recently posted…A Forum For Bloggers And Marketers! Ask, Discuss Your Blog Related Doubts At Kingged.comMy Profile

  3. Hi Philip ,
    I am not Indian born but I love India as well and have many beautiful friends there.
    India is truly a great Nation and recognized by all the great thinkers of this world.

    Will Durant, American historian said: “India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways”

    “India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.” -Mark Twain

    “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”. -Albert Einstein

    “If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.”-Romain Rolland, French scholar
    And there are much more who praise India.
    Jai Hind ,Jai Bharat ,Vande Mataram
    Thank you
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted…Intention Is A Powerful ForceMy Profile

    1. Hi Erika,
      What a joy to hear from you again!
      It is indeed amazing to note your knowledge about the land called India,
      I appreciate you for quoting the wonderful quotes about the famous personalities about Indai.
      Thanks Erika for adding value to the post by your wonderful comment.
      Keep sharing,
      May you have a wonderful and eventful December 2016.
      Best Regards
      ~ Philip

  4. I love these places.
    Wonderful places indeed!
    One need to visit these places once in their life.
    I will visit these places once in my life for sure.
    Though there are some problems here and there, altogether my country is a beautiful land.
    Thank you for those lovely pictures.
    Share again such beautiful pictures of my country.
    I Remain, A Happy INDIAN.
    Ganesh Moorthi

    1. Hi Ganeshmoorthi,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback to this post.
      Nice to know that you liked the pics posted here,
      Sure will post more such posts in the coming days.
      Yes, though there are some difficult isolated situation as you
      said Our country is a beautiful land to live in.
      Thanks once again for your visit and thoughtful comment.
      ~ Philip

  5. What a share Philip! Thank you so much for creating such a post about our motherland.

    The mentality of people have definitely changed. We do not enchant the pledge like we used to. But we (atleast some) definitely realize that it is our responsibility to make the things better. The good thing is our kids are also being up-brought with the similar values. And we can only be hopeful about the days to come.
    Manidipa Bhaumik recently posted…Plugmatter Optin Feature Box Review – 20% Discount CouponMy Profile

    1. Hi Manidipa,
      What a joy to hear from you again.
      Thank you for the value added comment.
      Yes, how nice it would have been if we all realize the importance of these things, as you said it is really nice that our children too are brought up in that concept, we do not know about the future generation. Let us hope for the best.
      Thank again Manidipa for your feedback
      May you have a great week ahead.
      ~ Philip

  6. Hi Brother Phil,

    First of all sorry for being here at this page very late. Glad and thank you very much that you included one of my posts about India as a link in this post. Like you mentioned, I still remember the school days starting with the pledge “India is our country. All Indians are our brothers and sisters” and the national anthem “Janaganamana” as if it was few weeks before.

    Thanks for sharing this informative as well a nostalgic post (for me).

    Keep sharing.

    Have a great time blogging.

    Best regards.

    Reji Stephenson
    Reji Stephenson recently posted…Review of ‘Authority’ WordPress theme from MythemshopMy Profile

  7. No words for this post. Well you have covered almost all the important parts of India in one post. And indeed India is a great country.

    Loved it!

  8. Thanks for sharing us lots of beautiful pictures of Kerala the God’s own country.

    During these few years blogging and connecting with many Indie bloggers, I fund many beautiful places in India.

    Sometime I want to be in India for some traveling, but it might just in plan. I’m a less traveler, I travel less even in my country.

    You know? My dream is, I want to travel in different places around the globe. I don’t know, but I hope my blogging can help me to do so in next 5 or 10 when I become old. LOL

    Thanks for sharing…

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