Last updated on July  15, 2019. A Migrated Blog From My WordPress Blog Pages…… Our Existence Depends on Trees: An Alert to the General Public and the Tree Fellers A Great Alert to the general public and the tree fellers First Published on August 24, 2011 Abstract In the modern world of ours, even the authorities are chopping down the trees in the name of development. This post pinpoints the great


Last updated on June 06, 2019. India Is My Country All Indians Are My Brothers And Sisters When I was thinking about the next word for the A to Z Blog Challenge which starts with a big “I”.  My thoughts went on and on with many words, but suddenly it stopped at the word “INDIA” my own nation topped the list. Yes, India is my country, a beautiful country in

Indian Cities boiling

Last updated on June 04, 2019. Indian Cities Are Boiling! How Can We Escape From This? Our State Telangana Touches 48 Degree Celsius Today May 28, 2019) Yes, the Indian cities are reeling under the scorching sun! A report from Telangana’s Mancherial District. Marked 47.8 degree Celsius. And also other 8 districts in Telangana touched the 47+ degree Celsius. See the below report. Read the full report Times of India,

Welspun Renewables: Green Heroes Awards

Welspun Renewables: Green Heroes Awards Here is a Breaking News! “The earth we live in is heading for a breakdown!” That may happen so soon! But our joint efforts can curtail or stop this great calamity! It is possible only by you and me! Your valuable Co-operation Can Do Wonders! Yes, it needs you now more than ever! Join in this cause initiated by Welspun Renewables!  And spread this news

"Let us save our trees and other forest resources." Please Join Me in this good cause. Thank You.

Pic. Credit. National Geographic Society Dear Friends, I just created a new petition and I hope you can join with me and sign in for this good cause — it’s called: “Let us save our trees and other forest resources.” This issue is very important to me, and I’m trying to get 100 or more signatures and could use your help. Read more about it and to sign in please

The Death of a Tree: Even In Death It Gives a Majestic Look

The Death of a Tree: Even In Death It Gives a Majestic Look We the city dwellers are mercilessly cutting down  the trees in the name of developments: But sadly, it is the other way round,  Yes, instead, we are putting an axe  on our own existence. Yes we are putting an axe for our own peril. Because Trees can extent human’s life…:-) To Read More on this line please click HERE   Here

മരങ്ങളില്‍ മനുഷ്യ ഭാവി: ഒരാഹ്വാനം Our Existence Depends on Trees: An Invitation.

Our Existence Depends on Trees. A poem narrating the consequences human beings face due to the felling of trees. An alert on Global warming Pic. by P V A ഇന്നലെ ഞാനാ ടാറിട്ട റോഡിന്നരികില്‍- കണ്ട ആ തണല്‍മരം ഇന്നെവിടെപ്പോയി മറഞ്ഞെന്റെ സോദരാ? റോഡു വിസ്തൃതിക്കെന്നും വീട് നിര്‍മ്മാണം- പിന്നെ പുരോഗമനം എന്നും പറഞ്ഞാ- രാഷ്‌ട്ര നിര്‍മ്മാണപ്രവര്‍ത്തകരും, നാട്ടുകാരും  ചേര്‍ന്നതു വെട്ടി മാറ്റിയെന്‍ സോദരാ! “ഹാ !! കഷ്ടം എന്ത് പുരോഗമനം ഇതു?” ഓര്‍ത്തു ഞാന്‍ മൂക്കത്ത് വിരല്‍ വെച്ചു പോയി! മാനവ ജാതി തന്‍ നിലനില്‍പ്പു

Trees Can Play A Vital Role In All Living Beings Life

Second Entry in a series of 7 for “7 Day Blogging Challenge for bloggers”  from Jenson Taylor Trees are an integral part of human beings as well as animals and birds. It can play an important role in the existence of all living beings. An average tree produces a good quantity of oxygen which is very essential for the existence of all living beings. The benefits we receive from a