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India Is My Country All Indians Are My Brothers And Sisters, I Love My Country

Last updated on June 06, 2019. India Is My Country All Indians Are My Brothers And Sisters India is my country All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters… This is the pledge the school children make in the schools.  My memories went back to my childhood days.  Yes, In school, we start our days with […]

Kerala (God’s own Country) Then And Now – A Photo Feature

A Photo Feature on Kerala Then And Now. The word Kerala is so famous for its lush green beauty.  It really attracted the whole world. A season (September – October) for the tourists to visit, especially this was the season Neelakurinji (Strobilantheskunthianus), the lovely flowers bloom once every twelve years on the hillside of Munnar. […]

The worst flood disaster in decades – Kerala needs your URGENT HELP

Last updated on August 22, 2018. Kerala needs your URGENT HELP!  The worst flood disaster in decades. Dear friends, Please listen, take a couple of minutes and read the following few lines.   Kerala is reeling from one of its worst flood disaster in decades.  The latest report says: Due to this flood disaster one million people are now […]

Keralites – Malayalees and Their English Accent Few Jokes For The Day

Last updated on August 6, 2018.  Few Jokes on Keralites and their English accent –  A Migrated Knol Post. There is a common belief that Keralites (Malayalees), English accent is very poor and others laugh at them when they speak English. This is a joke made on that line… Hope my fellow Keralites will not […]


SOME SCENES CAPTURED FROM KERALA THE GOD’S OWN COUNTRY  (FEW MOBILE UPLOADS) Last updated on Sep. 29. 2016 Kerala, one of the southern states in India is famous for its eye capturing lovely nature.   It is one of the major attractions of tourists from different parts of the Globe, especially from the western nations. Here […]

21 Aspects Any Indian May Miss While Living In London

Greetings to all, I am so glad to introduce Reji Stephenson, an Indian born London blogger. He is an engineering graduate working in London and is one among the top expat Indian bloggers in London. He is actively involved in blogging since two years, and am sure Reji needs no introduction to Philipscom readers as […]

K is for Kerala, My Native Land – The God’s Own Country

K is for Kerala, My Native Land kerala-back-waters bharatdarshan.info The next letter for the day at A to Z is “K”.   The Word Kerala came first in my mind when I thought of the letter ‘K’   Map of The Tiny State of kerala with its districts. Pic. Credit.  veethi.com I can very well […]

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