Health And Wealth Check Out These Impacts [An Infographic]

Health And Wealth  Check Out These Impacts [An Infographic]
Health And Wealth

Health And Wealth

 Taking care of your body impacts every facet of life, from your energy levels to your medical health, from your emotional condition to your mental state. We make dozens of small choices related to our health on a daily basis. Some good, others not so much.

These choices can cause us to gain or lose weight, to become ill or get better from illness, and countless other outcomes in both directions. Some have even had direct experience with a simple change in diet performing miracles like curing cancer. Science learns more every day about the way the hundreds of thousands of tiny components to the human body work together to influence our lives.

Your physical health reaches every part of your life, including your bank account. This might sound strange, but your health affects your wealth. A little personal betterment goes a long way toward thinner bodies and fatter account balances, both of which can significantly benefit your future.

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Obesity, for example, has become one of the top killers in our country, causing and correlating with countless illnesses and medical conditions. Along with its damage to your health, obesity also hurts your wallet. It goes along with higher grocery budgets, eating out more often, and inevitably higher medical expenses that can reach five- and six-figure annual bills. Obesity can also dramatically increase life insurance rates. Try getting up and walking for a few minutes every hour. Take a stretch break between shows. Small changes can create huge effects over time.

A few small steps to improve your life today can save you huge amounts of money down the road. It’s not the fastest way to make money, but a penny saved is a penny earned, as the saying goes.

Check out this infographic and see what small steps you can make today to improve your health and wealth tomorrow.

Have a Healthy And Wealthy Life Ahead.

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How Much Your Health Impacts Your Wealth



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  1. Hi, Very nice post, you shared a very nice information.


  2. Exactly right health is wealth very informative topic thanks for sharing such source of information


  3. Hi Philip,

    Nice Infographic!

    The link between health and income seems pretty uncontroversial. After all, healthy people can work longer and harder than sick people. Healthier children are likely to stay in school longer and learn more, earning more when they enter the workforce.

    Even across countries the relationship seems clear: those with better health are generally richer, and those that improve their citizens’ health grow faster.

    So the conclusions of two recent papers that improving life expectancy at birth (a common indicator of better health) can depress income per head for as long as two generations may come as a shock.

    I will tweet your post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.


  4. Glad to read your article.looks like an informative post.


  5. Great post, I loved the infographics. Just to expand on cutting out addictions, if you cut out addictions like alcohol, drugs, or tobacco entirely, you can save yourself thousands of dollars annually. Not to mention the healthcare costs associated with continuous use.
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