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Let Us Celebrate A Green Diwali! Have A Look At These Pictures

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Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrated all over India in October-November months.

Also known as Festival of Lights. Or literally it means “Row of Lights”

It is associated with goddess Lakshmi symbolizes prosperity.

It is also known as the beginning of the financial year in India.

It signifies the victory of light over darkness, or good over evil, righteousness over treachery,knowledge over ignorance,and hope over despair,truth over falsehood.

One of the major festival celebration  in India,

People express their joy by bursting crackers, In some places this happens in a competition spirit.  Of course in the joyous mood this may happen quiet often!

But in this post I would like to bring out a serious thought on this celebration, let us celebrate it without hurting the nature, let us make note that how much damage we are adding to the nature by bursting crackers.  Our natural resources are perishing due to already existing heavy heat which we ourselves produce in different means which in most cases we can control or can  avoid.  One such thing is bursting crackers on this season. Let us celebrate without it and save our environment and save ourselves and our future generation from that alarming calamity called “Global Warming”!  Hope my celebrating friends will take this seriously in its sense and enjoy the festival without bursting crackers. :-)

Also why can’t we think on these lines:

Why can’t we share that money we are spending for crackers to a person who is struggling for a day’s meal.  When many around us are suffering for a day’s meal how can we spend such a lot of money for just buying crackers!

This Diwali, the other day  I received a wonderful gift (A Photo Album)  from one of my friends’ and I found a great truth in it! thus this Post  here!

In fact these pictures speaks volume!!!

Have a wonderful and joyous time ahead in this week of celebration ahead!

Let us keep our environment neat and clean without polluting the air!  In this way we will be saving our future generation.

Read an article on protecting our natural resources by clicking HERE  and HERE

Season’s Greetings to All my fellow citizens.

Have a Great Time Ahead!

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* Chemical fireworks have impact on human health and cause all kinds of breathing difficulties.
* The residue from these crackers seep into the ground water contaminating it.
* The white smoke that emanates from the fireworks circulates in the air.
* The noise associated with bursting crackers can cause neurological disorders especially in the elderly and infants.
* Pets like dogs, cats and even birds are adversely affected when we burst crackers.

Courtesy:  A TOI Report, New Delhi

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