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Why Do You Blog? Some Serious Thoughts on Blog Writing.

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Last updated on May 06, 2019


Why Do You Blog?

My Sixth Entry (for Saturday)  In a Series of   7 for “7 Day Blogging Challenge for Bloggers”
from Jenson Taylor

The other day while browsing through the net  I  noticed an interesting notification from Blogger Buzz on their blog page.    “Why do you blog?  was the title given to that content? That title attracted my attention since I too belong to the blogger community.

Omana 2010
Omana (Ann) My wife

I was going on thinking for quite some time about the non-responsiveness of Google’s Knol pages.

Since The response from the Google’s Knol page platform was so dull and discouraging these days, I was concentrating mainly on my blogging.

I was spending much time on blogging and blog related matters like reading followers’ blogs and posting comments and attending responses to my blog posts etc.

I was actively involved in these activities, even neglecting the household things, sometimes even to the dissatisfaction of my beloved ones, especially my better half’s.

I really appreciate her patience towards me even when I neglect most of the household chores and sitting in front of the computer.

When I was thinking on this line for quite some time, and immediately when I saw the said blog, I thought this was the right time to do some jottings on this line, thus this small note or blog.

Why do you blog? Why do you blog?   This question was lingering again and again in my ears. Yes, the question was buzzing around and I got a ready-made answer to it and following few lines flowed from my thoughts.

Why do I blog? I asked myself and I wrote:

“Yes, I do blog mainly to express my love towards my fellow human beings, and to share my happiness and my blessings I received through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  And also to make aware to my fellow beings through my blog posts about the great calamity the human beings going to face if they neglect the God’s Word mentioned in the Holy Bible.

And then also I do blog, to make note of or share the important and helpful news and tips I learned on the journey to my fellow beings around the world.   I firmly believe that this will in some way helpful to some needy out there.

Why do I blog? I asked myself and I wrote... @philipscom Click To Tweet
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin

One of my favorite quotes:  As I quite often repeat and quote in my conversations or writings is one of the founding fathers of United States of America, “Benjamin Franklin”  He once said and I repeat:       If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.”     

And last, but not the least I am reminded of Apostle Paul’s words when he was writing to the believers at Philippi:

  “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.  The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.” (Philippians Chapter 4: verses 8 and 9 – Holy Bible).  


I want to really stick on to these words and to do something worth for the entire humanity as long as I live.

Please read a related thought expressed in one of our blogs 3 Blogging Lessons Learned from my world travels
With Kind Regards
for Philipscom Associates
Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’
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A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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  1. Jenson Taylor
    Jenson Taylor

    interesting thinking.

    March 24, 2012
    • Hi Jenson,
      Thanks a lot for the kind words.
      May you have a great and prosperous New Year 2017
      ~ Philip

      December 31, 2016
  2. ajith

    Good to read. Best wishes

    March 24, 2012
  3. P V Ariel
    P V Ariel

    @ Jenson
    Thanks a lot

    March 24, 2012
  4. P V Ariel
    P V Ariel

    @ Ajith
    Thank you very much Sir for your relentless support to my writings
    Hey, Whats new?
    Keep inform
    Best regards

    March 24, 2012
  5. P V Ariel
    P V Ariel

    @ Sarah. Thanks a lot.
    It’s good to know that you liked it.
    Keep up the good work
    Whts up now?
    Keep Inform

    March 24, 2012
  6. Nice post. One should have a reason for anything.
    Thanks Philips Sir for sharing your wonderful experiences with blogging!
    This is something really worth notable
    Keep writing
    Keep posting
    ~ Naman
    Naman Kumar recently posted…Wings Of Fire: Motivational SeriesMy Profile

    August 5, 2016
    • Hey Naman,
      Thank you once again for your valuable time on my page and for the valuable feedback
      Keep visiting
      May you have a great day
      Bet Regards
      ~ P V

      August 8, 2016
  7. I love the quote by Benjamin Franklin. I shall have to add it to my favourites.

    August 5, 2016
    • Thanks Sarah fro your valuable time on our page.
      Nice to know that you like the quote of Benjamin Franklin.
      Yes, indeed this is an uplifting quote to me as well as many.
      May got inspired by the words he quoted.
      Keep going. Let us strive to reach that level.
      Keep sharing, keep visiting
      May you have a great New Year 2017
      ~ Philip

      December 31, 2016
  8. Hey PV,
    Good one.
    As Benjamin Fraklin said: “Write something worth reading.”
    Keep writing
    Good Wishes
    ~ N Rao

    August 7, 2016
  9. You know? if I were asked this question in last few years, I will immediately say that I’m doing business with blogging. However, I change my mind since 2013 when I was jobless.

    At the year, I divorced, quit my job, and wasted all money I had. I didn’t what to do anything and nowhere to go. I was extremely down in my life.

    Every day, in the morning, my mom give $2.5 for coffee. You know? What was the feeling of 30 years old who gets money from his mom! Was it complete and utterly terrible?

    Okies! Let me tell how I spent that $2.5. It cost me $1.25 for a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarette. The rest is for internet fee. At that time, I only want to make some extra money for paying my daily expense. I worked over 15 hours a day with blogging and MLM company.

    The hard working gave me a good result, I could monetize my blog and have some money for paying stuff such as hosting services, blogging requirement, and other fees. I don’t need my mom’s money in the morning. I have money for travel in the local country, but I didn’t.

    However, I dream about to appear in somewhere of the globe with my old friends.

    You know? only 2 places you can find me in Cambodia. My home and at a coffee shop as I don’t want to go anywhere. It seems other than blogging make me isolated, but I didn’t think i am isolated, instead i was surrounded with lots of bloggers, and they motivate me to move on and I enjoy that environment, spending time with those people.

    I firmly believe that one day, I will meet up with some of them.
    Thanks Philip for sharing your experiences.
    Have a good day
    ~ Kim

    August 8, 2016
    • Hi Kim,
      Thank you so much for share some of the life experiences you encountered in relation with blogging.
      The real life experience you shared is really interesting. Yes, a kind of isolation we all feel sometimes, but on the other side in the virtual world, it is no doubt we are surrounded a big group of friends.
      that itself is indeed a real joy to many of us.
      May your dream come true in the coming days.
      I am so sorry for the delay in responding to this wonderful feedback.
      May you have a great time ahead.
      Keep sharing
      Season’s Greetings to you and yours. Have a Prosperous New Year 2017.
      ~ Philip

      December 31, 2016
  10. Hi Brother Phil,

    After reading the thought provoking post, I came across two things that is happening in my life too. Blogging takes up a large amount of our free time and most of the time we even forget to do certain household things that are also very important. It will definitely a little bit annoying to other family members when we sit for a long time before the computer. I think we should try our level best to manage time for everything to be done in proper time. Also, I agree with you that blogging is also a good tool to spread the word of God that we forget to do many times in life.
    Thanks again for the wonderful post.

    Have a great time.

    Reji Stephenson

    August 8, 2016
    • Hi Reji,
      Happy to see you here again.
      Thanks for sharing your related experiences in this regard.
      I appreciate your relentless support showing towards philipscom
      Keep in touch
      May you have a wonderful day of sharing and caring

      August 11, 2016
  11. Sir
    What a great experiences you shared.
    I could very well relate some of the areas/experiences you shared in this post.
    Sharing blogging experiences is really good to the newbies to pick some points/tips.
    I like it. Good post. I really loved the way in which you presented in this post.
    Keep posting such posts :) Though i do not post comments regularly, I’m a regular visitor of your site.
    Keep sharing, will come again to read.

    August 9, 2016
    • Hi Wiki Hi,
      Thanks a lot for your valuable time on our page.
      I appreciate, keep sharing

      Have a great New Year 2017

      Best regards
      ~ Philip

      December 31, 2016
  12. Hi Philip Sir,
    This is really a great post.
    There are a lot of things to learn.
    Mainly I liked the quote by Benjamin Franklin and the Bible verse you have shared.
    I fully agree with your idea! Yes, as long as we live on this earth, let us do some good to others.
    I appreciate you for this advice and you do practice literally.
    I am sure many will agree with me in this regard.
    Keep up the good work Sir,
    Keep going.
    All good wishes!
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Robin

    August 15, 2016
    • HI Robin,
      Sorry for the delay in responding to your kind words.
      I greatly appreciate your valuable time here on our page.
      Yes, in fact Benjamin Franklin’s those words are really an inspiration to me as well as many.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.
      May you have a great time of sharing and caring.
      Keep visiting
      With best regards
      Season’s Greetings and New Year Wishes. :-)
      ~ Philip

      December 31, 2016
  13. Wow! Very inspirational!! I have been fully inspired by your post, the post contains the pros and cons of blooging and at the moment i have made a promise to myself to become a writer in order for my legacy to outlive me when i shall have left this planet.

    August 15, 2016
    • Thanks Annette for your valuable feedback.
      I am so glad to know that you got inspired by these experiences shared.
      Keep going.
      Wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.
      Best Regards and New Year Greetings.
      ~ Philip

      December 31, 2016
  14. Great piece.
    I just wanted to know, this information you’ve accrued, have you come to these realizations as a result of your writing /blogging?

    Also. I have been toying with the idea of starting my own blog a few years ago since then I have a feeling that I will never express my thoughts fully. I have a feeling that I could always add something. I have so much I would like to share as well as converse about. I have so many questions of like to put….

    August 15, 2016
  15. Hey Philip!
    I just keep coming back to your great blog. For me blogging is my life, I can’t imagine my day without writing!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences in relation to blogging. Keep sharing. :-)
    All the best!

    ─ Ahmed Elgameel

    August 26, 2016
  16. Hi Philip,

    What a great answer of that question, why do you a blog?
    Most of the bloggers used to earn money they don’t pay attention towards their readers.
    Their main aim is only to get some click or traffic etc. but they forget about their readers or followers.
    Maqbool Azam

    October 26, 2016
  17. For most of us, blogging means, to make money online. Many of the bloggers start their blogging journey to make decent money online and to leave the 9-5 private jobs. For me, blogging is the way to make money online and it opens many doors for doing this.

    Thanks for the nice post, Sir.

    December 14, 2016

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