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D is for David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Writing Services

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Last updated on November 13, 2019

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D is for David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Writing Services

Picture Credit: Gangadhar Kulkarni

I changed my mindset immediately after receiving a wonderful comment from one of my longtime friends and an online associate Professor Narayana Rao, A Professor at a Technology Institute in Mumbai.

He recently posted a comment in my first write-up on the series of A to Z Challenge, A is for Arlee Bird,

He said and I Quote:

“Your first post on Arlee Bird is an interesting way of starting the blogging challenge. Maybe next year, I shall take up the idea and write biographies one for each day. I do write many biographies of Indian achievers, scientists, engineers and management scholars.  This year my theme is various management concepts. All the best for your success in this year’s blogging challenge.”

Reading this I thought that it is a good idea to change the subject to a different line, thus in this series, I am projecting one of my online friend David Leonhardt a wonderful blogger and prolific speaker and writer.

He is the CEO and President of The Happy Guy Marketing Services. A Blog about writing and ghostwriting.

He is a published author, a “Distinguished Toastmaster”, a former consumer advocate, a social media addict and experienced with media relations and government reports.

He is one of the active members at an Internet Social Media Marketing service platform, A blogging community.

In fact, I met this wonderful personality on the pages of and our relationship developed in relation to online writing and it’s still growing steadily.

I am happy to note that he agreed to do a guest post for my page at Philipscom, keeping aside all his planned schedule he set apart some time to do this for Philipscom.  You can read that

The post here:  Productivity Hack for Bloggers and Social Media Addicts: Use an OpenURL Batch File 

He is also a social media propagator, and in recent times he shifted his social activities to different social media platforms like Tsu.

He is one of the prominent advocates for this platform and created several posts on this platform, I have created another post Tsu Is Not Just Another Social Site on this line with the help of David.


Also to know a bit more about his activities please do watch this Interview Video by Social Web Cafe


Thank you all for dropping by.

May you all have a great and joyous weekend

And Season’s Greetings to All Our Readers.

For Philipscom & Associates

Philip Verghese Ariel


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  1. Wow! What can I say? Thanks for all the flattery. I was not expecting Easter weekend to have such a thoughtful and generous event in it.

    God bless you, Philip.

    April 5, 2015
    • Hi Dave,
      I am really sorry, i forgot to attend this wonderful feedback.:-(
      Happy to see you around. Yes, its indeed a great pleasure to say something more about you to my readers! LOL Yes, I mean you are worth for it, or you deserve it!
      Hope you are doing fine,
      Have a great weekend.
      Keep sharing

      April 17, 2015
  2. Hey Philip,

    Good to read this about David. I second all what you have written about him.

    He adds a LOT of value wherever he goes. He’s the one on who has shared the MOST posts that were not written by him. When he sees high quality posts that would benefit others, he wastes no time in sharing them, even when he has nothing to gain from doing that. He just seems to have this strong desire to help others – without thinking of what he will get from it! That’s very rare in today’s world.

    Good to know you met him on and your friendship has even flourished way beyond That’s the beauty with connections like that and why we are always happy when that happens through our platform, :)

    Enjoy the rest of the week, my friend!

    April 14, 2015
    • Hey Kingsley,
      Thank you again for your relentless supports to your fellow beings! :-)
      Yes, David is not an exception to this. and his other name tells it all “Happy Guy” LOL, Yes, literally he is a happy man and Happy to help others too! Yes, may his tribe increase. We in this society need such people who help others without aiming or expecting any benefit. As you said we can see people rare in this category. Yes, nice to note again that I met Dave at Kingged for the first time and our relationship developed and he wholeheartedly accepted my request for a guest post. and you can read that here. that was indeed a wonderful and informative tutorial for my at my place.
      Thanks Kingsley and David for your help in this reagard
      May you have a wonderful weekend
      ~ Philip

      April 17, 2015
  3. Richard Martin
    Richard Martin

    Hi Philip.

    I like your A-Z type of thing, and it’s great that you are highlighting some of my favourite bloggers on the way. I see David everywhere, he really does go the extra mile in helping people and has added plenty to my blog comments over the last 12 months or so.

    Keep up the good work!

    April 17, 2015
    • Hi Richard,
      What a pleasant surprise!
      Thank you so much for your valuable time here again. :-)
      Yes, i fully agree that David make it a point to find
      sometime to visit his fellow bloggers, who are in touch with him.
      Yes, he goes an extra mile indeed!
      I really experienced this when i approached him for a Guest post for my page, and he wholeheartedly accepted it and that lead us to reach some other area too in the field of social websites.
      Thank Richa for your valuable presence in my page.
      Keep sharing,
      Hey, you have been mentioned in one of my latest posts. :-)
      Thanks again
      May you have a wonderful weekend.
      ~ Philip

      April 17, 2015

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