Last Updated On June 11, 2019. What Others Say About Philipscom: Few Testimonials Receiving good testimonials from other fellow beings is a good thing to be proud of and is natural to be happy too. Yes, indeed, I am so happy and much elated by the loving words of my fellow beings.  Of course, that is a good sign to move forward with all vigor and strength.   Yes, yet

My Interview with Sheryl Young

Last updated on February 24, 2019. Intervie  With A Jewish Writer – Sheryl Young. Happy Birthday,  P.V. Ariel – My First International Writing Colleague Sheryl Young,  Yahoo! Contributor Network Happy Birthday to Associated Content Writer P.V. Ariel on Monday, June 22nd! P.V. was the first international friend I made while writing online. Although I’ve been abroad three times, he has given me further insight through his writing into the thoughts of people

Philipscom Comment Authors

I am so glad to present our amazing visitors and comment authors on the pages of Philipscom in the month of April 2018.   This is a monthly series we publish every month with the blog comment authors of Philipscom with their name blog URL and the total comments they posted on these pages.   I extend my heartfelt thanks to all who shared their valuable time on our pages.

Philipscom Initiatives - Blogger Of The Week

 BLOGGER OF THE WEEK FROM THE PAGES OF NEWS AND VIEWS FOR YOU Post updated on 10th April 2017 Happy to announce the new initiatives from the portals of Philipscom. We have just started a new series on the pages of News And Views For You. In this weekly series, we will be projecting bloggers from around the world those who are excelling in the field of blogging!  In this

Bloggers Do You Know These Secrets! 15 Secrets About Your Blog Page

Bloggers Do You Know These Secrets!  15 Secrets About Your Blog Page! (My IWSG Post for October 2014) Last updated on October 1, 2017 I am sure many bloggers do not know most of these secrets about their own blogs!  I mean, I am talking about some of the hidden facts about our own blogs which we quite often do not notice or do not know! Read these facts and some suggestions along with

why do you blog

Last updated on May 06, 2019 Why Do You Blog? My Sixth Entry (for Saturday)  In a Series of   7 for “7 Day Blogging Challenge for Bloggers” from Jenson Taylor The other day while browsing through the net  I  noticed an interesting notification from Blogger Buzz on their blog page.    “Why do you blog?  was the title given to that content? That title attracted my attention since I too belong to

March Month (2016) Comment Authors Of Philipscom

March Month 2016 Comment Authors Of Philipscom   Greetings to all from  Philipscom. April month starts with a sad note, due to unexpected heavy rain and wind in the summer the total net connection got disrupted. But I cannot stop, but to post this from my mobile! I am so thankful to all my beloved friends who could make their presence on my page in the month of March 2016. 

Philipscom's Esteemed Comment Authors In October 2015

Philipscom’s Esteemed Visitors / Comment Authors In October 2015    Dear Philipscom Comment Authors and Visitors, Our Heartfelt Thanks To All The Dear Ones Who Could Make It this time! Please Do Keep Visit And Air Your Valuable Feedbacks  I Promise!  I Do Reciprocate!!! o0o Total Comments on this blog in October 2015 45 comment authors with 88 comments in the month of October 2015 A Special Thanks to Erika

Comment Authors At Philipscom  In the month of September 2015

Total Comments on this blog in September 2015 Hello, My name is Donna Merrill. I dropped 5 comments. Hello, My name is Erika Mohssen-Beyk. I dropped 4 comments. Hi, My name is Rachel. I made 3 comments. Hello, My name is ikechi. I dropped 3 comments. Hello, My name is Gurunath Nakka. I dropped 3 comments. Hello, My name is Chery Schmidt. I dropped 3 comments. Hello, My name is

Comment Authors Of Philipscom - July 2015

Total Comments on this blog in July 2015 Thank you very much to all my comment authors I appreciate your time to drop in May you have a great August 2015 A Special Appreciation To Vashistha For Being Top Of The List! PS: I am sorry something wrong with the plugin   the avatar pictures are not showing informed the developer!  Total Comments on this blog in July 2015 Hello,