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Yet another Thanksgiving Day / Week is here again And Thank You, The Magic Word

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Last updated on December 6, 2018

Last updated on November 22, 2018. 

O Lord that lends me life, Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness!    – William Shakespeare

“Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.”
                                                                                              – Edward Sandford Martin

“Perhaps it takes a purer faith to praise God for unrealized blessings than for those we once enjoyed or those we enjoy now.”  A. W. Tozer

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Yet another Thanksgiving Day / Week is here again!

No doubt this week is very special to many, especially my friends in the western world very religiously celebrate this week with a lot of activities.  

Dear All,


I am so glad to update this post but sad, to note that I forgot to check the comment option which was closed, and I really did not notice this. Today one of my friends pointed out this lapse and to my surprise, I found the note “Comments are closed” below the headline.


Immediately I tried to fix this problem but I could not do and took the help of my techie friend Robin Khokhar, (a professional blogger from Amritsar) and with the help of Robin I fixed it and now the comment option is open to my readers.


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In fact, I was much worried about the disappearance of my comment box option from the website.  I cannot even think of a website which is not having the option to my readers to air their views in the form of comments.


Thanks, Robin Khokhar for your timely help.  Also thanks, Anish Thankachen for the timely alert about the comment trouble you faced. :-)


Sorry for the inconveniences caused to my esteemed readers and comment authors.


Hope you all will enjoy reading this note on this wonderful day.


Indeed this note is a serious one too!


Yes, we need to give thanks to the Creator God who sustains us in our everyday life.


Though some take it on a particular day to do this, it is better to be thankful always to our Creator God.


I urge all my readers to express your views in this regard, as I give much value to my readers’ suggestions and opinion.  Not only that it is an encouragement to me and my associates.


We Appreciate your valuable time and we invite you to share your views experiences in this regard.  As a token of our love and gratitude to comment authors, we publish a Thanksgiving note (Philipscom Comment Authors) every first week of the month on this page including their profile picture with their website link and the total number of comments they made on that month.


Our comment authors time over here is more precious to us and it means a lot to us.


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Let us have a great time of solid engagements ahead.


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P V Ariel
Philip Verghese Ariel


Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow via Click To Tweet
We Wish You All A Happy Thanksgiving Week.

Today while browsing through the pages of the world wide web I just happened to visit an informative page and found some wonderful quotes for the week called Thanksgiving day week, read on…


If you treat Thanksgiving Day as a mere custom, then you are missing out on the true meaning of the holiday.
As much as we enjoy Thanksgiving for the dinner and the festivities, we must also rejoice for our good fortune.
So, have fun with your family this Thanksgiving, but don’t forget to say ‘thank you.’ And if you are fumbling for meaningful words, read these thanksgiving inspirational quotes for a push in the right direction.
Click here for more such thoughts on  Thanksgiving  And some Trivia and history

Suddenly my thoughts went into a small incident happened a few months back and I have written a post in this regard, of course, a totally different Thanksgiving.  Please Read that piece here below.

Thanks giving day

Thank You’ the word we generally say to only those who went out of the way to do something for us and did not include those who were only doing their routine services. But an incident occurred the other day in my life, changed this thinking altogether. 
In my recent visit to my native land, I had a pleasant experience while I was traveling in a private Transport bus.
I just happened to say “Thank You” to the conductor when he issued the ticket. In fact, I had said it thoughtlessly, but the conductor was so happy that he nodded his head twice with a twinkle in his eyes.  
Perhaps I thought the conductor’s job was such a routine one that a little gesture like that could mean so much to him.
With this incident, I began to say “Thank You” to the people who serve us on a regular basis.  The apartment sweeper who collects the garbage, the postman who brings in letters, the maidservant who do the household works and the office boy who serve tea and snacks at my desk. I have noticed a great difference it made to them.  
Yes, generally we say ‘Thank You’ to only those who went out of the way to do something for us and did not include those who were only doing their routine services. They gave us what we take for granted and consider we have every right to expect because they are paid for their services.

Now I realized how nice and effective it would be if we could express our thanks or appreciation to those who are in our daily round, help our lives to run well and at ease. A word of ‘Thank you’ or a word of appreciation will definitely do some sparkle in their lives.


In short, is not the same reward the majority of us expect for our efforts too? Some may call it a human weakness, but in reality, we would like to know about our performance or their appreciation.
For instance, take the case of the above examples about the bus conductor, sweeper, the postman, the peon etc.  in the course of doing their service someone like me recognize them and their services and says, ‘Thank you’ it will definitely be a bonus on the day’s pay and I am sure it makes their day.
By this, I do not mean to say that we should go around thanking everyone who does the service to us for that they are paid for. But we can do it quite often, that may perhaps take only a few seconds, that shows we value their contribution in our daily lives.

It definitely gives a happy moment in the recipient’s life.  If we notice their lives, we will definitely take some enjoyment in all those little things that we have and should have. In short, looking for people to thank helps us to find people to be thankful.
We can express our thanks to our fellow beings in many different ways.  My online friend Lisa Sicard in her post, How Important is a Thank You in Blogging Today? explains this in an interesting way. A must read and a related post.

I am reminded of a quote of Abraham Lincoln, one of the Founding Fathers’ of America,   “I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day.”


May this be our motto too.


Thanksgiving day

And  Ha!  Thank you for your valuable time to read this blog on the subject “THANK YOU”  

Published on: Nov 28, 2013 @ 01:56 

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  1. Excellent post about Thanksgiving.

    Really appreciate you for the way in which you presented the truth. Yes, really we need to remember the Creator God not only on this day but on every moment of our life. As you said He is our Sustainer. A great truth you revealed via this post. Keep sharing this amazing truth.

    Thank you for the big shout out by linking one of our videos, it means a lot to me.

    Keep up the good work.

    All good wishes.
    – Anish

    November 25, 2017
  2. I love when people look at Thanksgiving as more than a Turkey and carb filled holiday and truly reflect on all that is good in their world.

    November 26, 2017
  3. Hi Philip,
    I like your story and I have to say that I usually say thank you, even if I pay for something :)
    or if somebody gets paid for what he does. If someone is friendly and there to interact with me in a good is a reason to be thankful, especially in our time. It makes me feel good as well :)
    Thanksgiving has not to be on a special day. Being grateful is uplifting us.
    Thank you :)

    November 27, 2017
  4. Hi Philip, thank you!! I think everyday should be Thanksgiving and we would all feel a whole lot better :) I think sometimes it’s a forgotten phrase for our youngsters and I am not sure why.
    I was always taught to send thank you notes and really appreciate what others do for you.
    It’s a great feeling to know someone thought of you and took the time to do something. Time is priceless!
    Thanks for the mention Philip and have a wonderful week ahead.

    November 28, 2017
  5. Justin

    Hello! I really enjoyed your article. I’ have subscribed so I can keep up with new posts!

    November 23, 2018
    • Hi Justin,
      Thanks for your visit and feedback. Good to know that you liked the post. Thanks for subscribing.
      Keep visiting. Please do have a look at the comment policy of Philipscom mentioned at the bottom of every post. I appreciate you follow the comment policy.
      Keep sharing.
      ~ Philip
      Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…Hostinger Black Friday Sale – 90% OFF For A Limited TimeMy Profile

      November 23, 2018
  6. Gaurav

    You are one of my fav bloggers. You always provide informative article. Thanks for helping us by providing very simple but informative and useful articles. Keep writing.

    December 1, 2018
  7. Jawad Abbasi
    Jawad Abbasi

    Very Nice And Informative Article. A must read to all for this season. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing. My season’s greetings to you and the readers here. Keep sharing.

    December 1, 2018
  8. Sarthak Kumar
    Sarthak Kumar

    This post is really an informative one, most of the things mentioned in it are new to me..
    Yes, expressing thanks to fellow beings for their actions is really worth notable and the receiver will really like or enjoy the actions. In some cases, it will give an encouragement to the receiver. Your articles are really cool. I will come again to read more.

    December 2, 2018
  9. Rohini Rai
    Rohini Rai

    A well-presented post. Thanks for sharing the information about November. The shocking incidents happened on this month is really breathtaking ones. Thanks again for the other compiled details given in this post. Keep writing such informative posts in the coming days. This is my first visit to your website. Yours is an information-packed site, keep up the good work.

    December 2, 2018

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