Two winning methods to become a money blogger – (A Guest Post By Mi Muba)

Two winning methods to become a money blogger - (A Guest Post By Mi Muba)

Two winning methods to become a money blogger

Greetings to all.

I am so glad to introduce Mr. Mi Muba my Guest Author today.   He is a blogger based in Karachi, Pakistan.  In fact he needs no introduction to the blogging community here, but as a Guest Author to my page today, it’s my bounden duty that I must say few words about this well-known figure in the blogging world.

He started his career as a high school English teacher and later to join in the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan and then he worked as an Assistant Director in Government of Sindh for 15 years.  Later he preferred to become a full time blogger.  To read more about his journey to blogging please visit his page.  He presently concentrate on 2 blogs:  Be A Money Blogger and another one is his environment blog, “Pollution Pollution” it speaks about the urgent and great need of a safer environment for our life and for the coming generation.

He is a prolific content writer especially on the subject ‘Money Blogging’ He presently works as a content writer, SEO and SMO for two blogs of a UK-based NGO.  He is in the field of blogging since 3 years, but within this short period he captured a whole lot of audience in this media, his posts and the comments he received will speak a lot about it.  One of his recent posts on blog comments (under the title 100 Seductive Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blogs) is an epic post and in fact it’s a must read to all bloggers including the Pro as well as the newbies.  This post can be called ‘A to Z on Blog Comments’  or it can call a “Manifesto on Blog Comments”

I am so privileged to have such a wonderful personality in my page today as my  Guest Author.  In this post Mi Muba reveals two amazing methods to become a successful money blogger.   I don’t want to drag much, please read on and find for yourself.

Thank you so much Mi Muba for accepting my humble request, and I am honored by your presence in my blog as a Guest author.

Dear Reader, Thanks a lot for your valuable time, please read and air your views in the comment box.

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Blogging is easy. But money blogging is damn difficult.

In blogging simply publishing contents without following SEO and SMO rules and without making efforts to earn money from your blog is like kids play.

For amateur blogging you just need to know how to write and how to upload your content on your blog. Free blogging platforms and domains make your task easier. This is the rosy picture of blogging.

Now come to the money blogging. It is not rosier. Here you have to be damn serious in your objectives of making money.

We all know making money is not easy. It needs a lot of hard work with consistency. You need to have a well-defined plan to set your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly targets. In short clarity is must in your plan, objectives and strategy to do money blogging.

Now it is not so easy to become a money blogger. Competition is very stiff. This field is now over-crowded and thousands of blogs are being made on every day. No doubt majority of them are purely amateurish but several of them are growing to be money bloggers.

Two methods to become a money blogger

During previous few years these two methods came to the fore to start a blog and earn money.

Common winning method

This is stereo-typed method where you follow all the tips and tricks you find at every second blog on blogging. Its formula is very simple.

  • Research to select your niche
  • Keyword research
  • Selection of your niche
  • Selection of your domain name
  • Picking a web hosting
  • Establishing your blog
  • Writing blog posts
  • Both on-page and off-page SEO including commenting on other blogs and guest posting
  • Social media optimization
  • Monetization of your blog
  • Taking your blog to the professional level

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It seems quite easy but for every above step you need to do huge hard work. It is must to draw a conclusion of every step to reach to the next one. In this way you manage to monetize your blog in one to two years. Even following all these tips, if you don’t follow a proper strategy it is not sure you succeed or not because of stiff competition.


Special winning method

This is quite new method and maybe no one has shared it with you so far. Those who usually follow this method mostly tried a lot earlier to be money blogger by following the common winning method. After knowing a lot about blogging they try this winning method. It has following steps.

Extensive Research

It needs extensive research to find a niche that should be your passion, you must have expertise in it, it must have advertising value and most importantly it must have potential to make you develop your own products and services.

Landing page

Research, selection and finally purchase of domain name, web hosting and premium blogging template to make your landing page with an impressive message that your blog is coming soon along with your detailed introduction.


You need to write an ebook on a topic that has money value and in hot demand. It must give practical solutions to your readers and put this ebook on landing page of your blog for free download with email subscription. Try to install a premium email builder for this purpose.


You should also develop another valuable resource like a list or handy guide book to offer free to your visitors in return of their like or follow on your selected social media.

Guest post

After that you need to write as much guest posts as possible on high ranking blogs and website of your niche to get high quality back links to send readers on your blog and then make them your subscribers by offering them your ebook. You need to publish at least 60 to 100 guest posts before publishing your first post at your own blog.

Start a blog like pro

As soon as you get at least one thousand subscribers, one thousand likes or follow and become well known in your niche now you can start your blog like a king. Now you already have 1000 subscribers, 1000 likes or follow and you are quite famous in your niche industry. You can start your blog like a pro and post quality contents to convert your visitors into your customers.

Earn money

After staring your blog like a pro you need not to focus on your contents only because you already have 1000 subscribers. You can monetize your blog with affiliate products to sell them to your loyal readers and earn money.

So these are the two winning methods to become a money blogger. Both have their own pros and cons. First one is a little risky because while following it you need to stay focused at following each step with lot of care. In second method you just have to move step by step with strict monitoring of progress of each step.

Now Your Turn

Which method you like most to become a money blogger? Do you think time has gone to follow common winning method? Do you see real earning potential in special winning method? Which method you followed to start your blog and which one will you follow to start your second blog.

Please do share your views with me in comments section below. I would also love to answer your any further query about the topic.

I will also appreciate your sharing this post at your favorite social media to let your friends know these two winning methods to become a money blogger.


Mi Muba r

Author Bio: Mi Muba has been blogging for the last three years.  He manages his blog Be A Money Blogger.  He earlier contributed more than 1,000 posts in two UK-based popular blogs as ghost writer. 

You can reach him via his Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to learn more on money blogging.


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