Are You A Blogger? A Night Owl? Then Take Back Your Mornings

Are You A Blogger? A Night Owl? Then Take Back Your Mornings

Take Back Your Mornings! Do This! Don’t Do That!


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If You Are A Blogger Then This Post Is A Must Read For You!  Of Course, This Can Be Very Well Relate To Others Too!  I am sure many bloggers who read this post may be a night owl.  But this infographic shows or gives some valuable thoughts for you to become a morning person.  Mornings are the vital part of the day and your productivity  begins from there! This infographic tells it all!

Follow these Tips and suggestions given in this post, that will make you a brand new person.  And your productivity too will increase.

Check out another informative post published elsewhere in these blog pages on Sleep And Productivity.  An interesting Roundup post published in this regard will give more value to your sleeping pattern and productivity. Check out these related posts on sleep and productivity.

Mornings are the vital part of the day and your productivity begins from there. via philipscom Click To Tweet

Get the most out of your mornings that can supercharge your productivity. Studies reveal that Morning people get more done, and they are friendlier and more reliable.  So don’t delay! Utilize your Mornings! Hurry up and get back to your mornings!  I am sure it increases your day’s productivity.  Though I am a night owl all these years I now want to get back to my old habit once I was following.

This infDale Patridge @dalepatridgeographic, posted by  Dale Patridge on the pages of  DailyPositive,  picture some dos and don’ts!

Follow them strictly!

Your productivity will increase tremendously.

Check out and do please share your experiences in the comment column below.

Thanks once again for your valuable time here.

Also please check out Dale’s another post under the title: 5 Steps To An Insanely Productive Morning

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Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’

Get the most out of your mornings that can supercharge your productivity Click To Tweet

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  1. Hi Philip Sir,
    Very Nice infographics. There are many things which I related to myself.
    But at the end thanks for sharing this. Have a good weekend.

    ~ Robin


    1. Hi Robin,
      It;s really good to know that the post was useful to you.
      I a glad that i shared Dale’s post here
      Keep visiting
      May you have a great week ahead
      ~ Philip


  2. I am basically a Night owl for years…. I had my most innovative ideas during night times between 11:30 to 1:00 pm. Also, night times are best for coders and bloggers like me to arrive at the best with no distraction at all. Usually, I will have 10 mins break for every 45 mins.


    1. Hi Annette,
      So glad to see you on my page for the first time. :-)
      Thanks for your visit and feedback, nice to know a bit more about you in this regard.
      Yes, I too was a night owl and but now I am trying my level best to shift that to the mornings. Of course, as you said night time is also good to work without any disturbances. I agree that, but I think the morning energy we get is really worth using. evenings, the whole day’s work will exhaust us in a way and we will be tired too and that really ruin our work too!
      Thanks again for your value added feedback
      Please do visit again, I reciprocate! :-)
      Best Regards
      ~ Philip


  3. Hey bro really its a fact that in early morning u charge up and get more energy to work I like that post thanks buddy


    1. Hi Bheru,
      Thank you very much for your maiden visit and for the feedback
      Yes, Mornings are really good we surely we get more energy whereas in the evening we get exhausted and in the night that leads more fatigue and other related problems, we can;t concentrate much on that time, of course, there are many who utilize that time to very valuable.
      Thanks again for your visit and share
      Keep visiting
      Best regards
      ~ Philip


  4. Hello Sir,
    This Infographic is very impressive and interesting.
    But, sad, I prefer to work during night hours.:-(
    Thanks for sharing this great information.
    ~ Arpit Singh


    1. HI Arpit,
      thanks a lot for your valuable time on my page, i agree with you , i too was a night owl, but these days i am trying to go back to the mornings. Which i feel is more comfortable and more resourceful
      Keep visiting
      ~ philip


  5. Hello Philip,

    Very well done schedule for a blogger, a new blogger often mixed up with their timetable, they just can’t manage so much at once. This infographic is very useful.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Priyam
      Good to hear from you,
      Nice to know that you liked this infographic.
      Keep sharing
      Have a great and profitable week ahead
      Season’s Greetings to you
      ~ Philip


  6. Hey Philip,

    It’s hard to manage the time while blogging. You have to work hard to boost the blog to achieve what you dream about.

    But the morning schedule should be a good one. Never skip the workout is must Start your morning with some energy.

    Dale has shared a great infographic.
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Ravi
      Season’s Greetings from Philipscom :-)
      Nice to hear from you again,
      I appreciate your continuous support to this page,
      Yes as you said, a blogger’s ultimate aim is to get the target from our hard work, for this the time zone is sometimes we feel not much important! But keeping a fixed schedule is good and now i feel that Mornings are really good than the nights, Note that I was a night owl!! :-)
      Thanks. Ravi once again for your value added comment
      May you have a great week ahead.
      Best Regards
      ~ Philip


  7. Hey Philip,

    Thank you for sharing such a cute infographic on your site! I like that your blog covers all the aspects of a blogger’s life. Other bloggers teach write about how to get more traffic, more subscribers or more money and that’s great. Your blog is better because you teach your readers all the things mentioned above and you also take care of their health. Your posts remind me that we have to be careful to not sacrifice our health in our lust for fame and success.

    Thank you, Philip! Keep sharing wonderful posts,


    1. Hi Minuca,
      What a joy to hear from you again
      I am sorry I am a bit late to respond to your feedback
      Thank you so much for the uplifting comment, you shared.
      Yes, as you said, Health is more important, that we should not neglect it for the sake of temporary other benefits as you mentioned!!
      I fully agree with you in this aspect, but so often we do neglect it for our peril!!! LOL
      Thanks for the wonderful reminder Monica
      May you have a great week ahead
      ~ Phil


  8. Hi Phillip,
    A nice infographic and all seems good advice to me .
    I am a night owl too,the best time to work on things is late and without distraction.
    Taking a Catnap in the afternoon does make it possible to do this and be up in the
    morning at a good time as well :)

    Minuca is right, it is great to read sometimes about other things than SEO plugins
    and making money. You are doing great on your blog with the variety of subjects.
    Good place for us to visit :)
    Thank you


  9. Hi Philip,

    Well, with a strap-line like mine…. I think you can guess what I’m going to say :-)

    But each to their own. It’s good we both have productive habits and routines, even if they’re so very different.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark


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